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02 June 2006 @ 01:39 pm
[drabble; kangbum]  
Title: Sheets
Author: Mica
Rating: R
Pairing: KanginxKibum
Summary: Kibum looked good in green.

Kibum looked good in green. Kangin noticed this most especially during one of their ‘Miracle’ performances. It wasn’t a colour that could suit everyone, but Kibum carried it off so well. And if anything, it made that beautiful, white smile of his even brighter.

But the green that suited Kibum best, Kangin decided, was the deep forest green of his bed sheets. Nothing looked better lying across those than a naked Kibum, the dark green highlighting perfectly the paleness of his bare skin.

Kangin liked nothing better than to fuck Kibum against those sheets, because nothing ever looked so good in green.

* * *

I love crack pairings :D
Current Mood: excited
Current Music: H.I.M. // Love You Like I Do
Little Miss I Must Have an Opinion on Everything: a-okevil_zucchini on June 2nd, 2006 02:40 pm (UTC)
xDDDD Okay. That just made me think naughty thoughts. 8D

Kibum thinks that being fucked by Kangin is a-ok. ^^
luminous being: donghae - sexy blondtaylormercury on June 2nd, 2006 03:48 pm (UTC)
Success! I have done my job then :DDD

Of course he does~! ^^
Talianajinjja on June 2nd, 2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
I have this awful urge to make childish jokes about anuses and the a-ok finger sign.

luminous beingtaylormercury on June 2nd, 2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
I think everyone can guess just what kind of jokes you want to make, so please, for my their sake, don't XD