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HeeChul fic: Blackmail

Title: Blackmail
Author: Redeim
Rating: PG-13/R for sexual suggestions and talk
Pairing: HeeChul just being his gay self in general. =.= <3
Summary: HeeChul’s past. The reason he never lets anyone get real close to him is because of a bad past experience: blackmail
Not his real past. =/
Chapters 2 and 3, 4 plus a Chapter 1 recap
Not beta'd . ^^;;

Oh MinRi held up his camera to the blue sky as he passed by the abandoned areas of his high school. He glanced into one of the windows, only to notice a movement from the out of corner of his eye. He went up to the window as his eyes adjusted to the light. He grinned maliciously as he took pictures. It was his ultimate rival, Kim HeeChul, with another man. MinRi had hated HeeChul since they had met in middle school, and they instantly became rivals as he learned the feelings were shared by the other man. MinRi watched as the two men in the building performed sexual acts with each other, as he took pictures. ‘I bet HeeChul had never told his family about this side of him.’  He thought with a grin.

A little while earlier-

“HeeChul hyung?” The man turned around when he heard his name called, smiling as he saw his lover-A boy only younger by a few months with hair about the same length as HeeChul’s but with a more manly figure, named SangHyeon. “What is it?” HeeChul asked as he glanced around before giving the boy a quick kiss. The other teen blushed as he looked at the ground. “Well… I was wondering… My parents aren’t going to be home for a while, and I really don’t want to study alone…” SangHyeon started. HeeChul leaned against a desk, listening. The boy straightened up. “I really don’t want to study at home, but…”
“I don’t want to go home yet either… I think I have to baby-sit my brother.” HeeChul replied with a grimace. He thought of something. “How about that building no one uses?” He asked, a smile growing on his face. “I hear if you stay until dark, ghosts appear.” SangHyeon laughed, nodding.
“That’s just a silly tale to keep students away. But alright.”
“I bet if we stayed there until night time we’d see ghosts.” HeeChul told the other boy excitedly. The teen nodded again, “We’ll see… I don’t know when my mother is getting home.” HeeChul shook his head playfully. “No sense of adventure.” He teased.
The two boys walked over to the abandoned building, easily finding an entrance. Setting down their books in the sunlight, they studied for a little bit. HeeChul quickly got bored and rested his head on the other man’s shoulder.
“You should study…” SangHyeon pressed him. HeeChul shook his head no, muttering an “I don’t want to…” before giving the man a kiss on the neck…

The Next Day at school-

HeeChul glared at the pictures placed on his desk by an all-too-excited MinRi. HeeChul tried to keep his heart from jumping out of his chest as he looked up at the other boy with a glare. “What about these?” He asked, covering the pictures as the teacher walked by. MinRi grinned. “Do your parents know?” He asked. HeeChul swallowed, not sure of what to say. If he lied and said yes, MinRi might try to check. If he said no… “They don’t.” He replied quietly. MinRi’s grin widened as HeeChul looked up pathetically. “Don’t tell them?” He tried, knowing it wouldn’t be that easy. MinRi chuckled a bit before replying, “Do what I want and I won’t.” HeeChul slid down in his chair. He knew it. He nodded slowly, MinRi taking the photos up in his hands as HeeChul reached out for them.
“I’ll keep these.” MinRi said with a taunting smile. HeeChul let out a frustrated breath. MinRi smiled more and pinched HeeChul’s cheek teasingly. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to make copies and save these on my computer. And a CD.” He said with a laugh as HeeChul forced back a growl.

At lunchtime, HeeChul sighed as he stepped into the cafeteria. He never knew school could get any worse. He looked over at his lover longingly as MinRi called him over. “What do you want?” He growled once by MinRi’s side. MinRi patted the area right next to him, “sit,” he demanded. HeeChul made a face as he sat down next to the other teen, who promptly put his hand around the other man’s waist. HeeChul stared at the hand for a few minutes before looking back over to SangHyeon. He cast his eyes downward after seeing the look on the boy’s face.

“HeeChul hyung?”
HeeChul flinched at the hurt drenched in the words, turning to face his lover. “Yes?” He asked, his voice going hoarse. “Are you dating MinRi hyung?” HeeChul let out a small laugh. “Are you kidding me? You know I hate him.” He responded. SangHyeon looked to the ground. “But you were sitting with him at lunch… He had his arm around your waist.” HeeChul sighed and brushed some hair out of his face. “It’s… nothing…” He replied.
“HeeChul. Come here.” Another man called. HeeChul looked over menacingly at MinRi. HeeChul hung his head as he followed after MinRi. “Don’t talk to him anymore.” MinRi demanded. HeeChul’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the stronger man. “What?” He half yelled. He crossed his arms. “And if I don’t?” He asked stubbornly. MinRi held up the photos. “These get exposed to your parents. And to the entire school.” HeeChul felt his heart drop to the floor as he held back from punching the other teen. “You didn’t say the whole school the first time.” HeeChul finally replied, defeated. MinRi smiled. “I know… I changed my mind. I mean… If I put these up in your name, you could get put in jail for exposing minors to porn… Can’t you?” HeeChul hung his head, knowing MinRi was right. The other man laughed. “You’d so be jail bait.” He snickered. He paused a moment, pretending to realize something. He looked at HeeChul maliciously. “Oh wait… You’d probably like that though…” He added to his prior statement. HeeChul remained silent, not knowing what to say. MinRi laughed at HeeChul’s silence and put his arm around the thinner man’s waist again, HeeChul once again letting his eyes drift to the hand.

At home-

“Honey… I told you to watch your brother today, didn’t I?” Mrs. Kim asked her oldest son. HeeChul sighed and nodded. “I’m sorry omma… I forgot.” His mother put her hands on her hips. “You mean like yesterday?” She growled at him. “You were gone for almost five hours after I got home! What were you doing until 10 pm?” She asked him. He leaned against the doorway. “I was hanging out with friends…” He lied. His mother laughed at him, replying, “and you expect to get into college with your grades?” She pressured. HeeChul looked up at her. “I still did my homework! I study for tests!” He fought back. His mother pointed up to his room as if saying she wouldn’t hear it. HeeChul picked up his backpack and trudged up to his room. Laying on his bed, he shut his eyes tight as a wave of emotions engulfed him. So much happened in one day. He curled up on his bed, burying his face into his pillow.

“HeeChullie, dinner’s ready…” His sister HeeJin gently shook him awake. HeeChul stirred. “I fell asleep?” HeeChul muttered. HeeJin giggled and nodded. “You didn’t realize?” She asked, pushing him playfully. He shook his head and sat up. “Will mother actually let me come down?” He asked sarcastically. HeeJin frowned. “I don’t see why not…” HeeChul smiled and laughed a bit. “She’ll probably pester me about not doing homework until after dinner.” He got up and went into the kitchen with his sister.

After dinner, a knock was heard on the Kim’s door.  Mrs. Kim got up to answer.
“Can I help you?” She asked the teenaged boy standing in the doorway. The boy smiled politely. “Hello Mrs. Kim. I’m Oh MinRi, one of HeeChul’s classmates… I know he was having some trouble with some homework, so I thought I’d come over and help him study.” He lied fluidly. Mrs. Kim smiled and welcomed him in. “Heaven knows that boy needs a tutor.” She said with a laugh. MinRi smiled and gave a small laugh.
“HeeChul, your friend is here for you.” Mrs. Kim called. HeeChul frowned, staring at his dessert. “Can’t you tell them to wait?” He called back. His mother appeared in the doorway, once again not happy with her oldest son. “That’s no way to treat a guest,” she told him, then added, “tell your dessert to wait. It’ll still be here when you get done studying.”
HeeChul sighed and got up. Going into the other room, he had to hide his surprise. “MinRi?! What do you want?” He asked, crossing his arms. MinRi smiled, faking sincerity. “I came to help you study.” He replied. HeeChul muttered something under his breath as he led MinRi to his room.

Once inside the room, HeeChul turned around as he heard his door lock, a wicked smile growing on MinRi’s face. HeeChul put up his defenses as MinRi advanced on him, leading him to his bed. “What do you want?” HeeChul asked once they were at the edge of the bed. He sat down on the bed, feeling himself unbalanced while he was standing up. MinRi grinned at him. “Show me what’s so great about gay sex.” He replied with his malicious smile still plastered on his face. HeeChul stood up quickly. “No!” He yelled, trying to push MinRi away but only managing to get him to move a few steps back. “You’ve gone too far! I’ll sit with you at lunch, do your homework, whatever, but I won’t do that!” He half-yelled. MinRi smiled. He pulled out his wallet. “I’ve got the photo’s right here.” He reminded HeeChul with a small laugh. He pulled out a photo to prove his point, and HeeChul felt his heart drop to the floor. MinRi turned to the door, making to walk out. “I could just go downstairs and let your parents know while they finish their desserts…” He rambled, glancing at the frozen HeeChul by the bed. Suddenly, HeeChul pulled MinRi and turned him around, giving him a deep yet obviously reluctant kiss on the lips.

Chapter 2

“I’ll come back tomorrow to make sure you understand the material,” MinRi smiled at the exhausted HeeChul, smiling as Mrs. Kim watched him leave. “We have a test on Friday, but I’ll do my best to make sure he gets it all.” He smiled at the woman. “I can come back everyday if you like.” He gave a quick glance to HeeChul, who had straightened up but still didn’t reply to any of it. Mrs. Kim smiled and gently shooed him out the door.
“I’m going to sleep.” HeeChul told his mother quietly. He pulled a hand through his hair as he looked over his room, cursing it already for just smelling like MinRi instead of him. He went into the bathroom and sprayed perfume through his room. He laid down on the bed, shifting to get comfortable. MinRi did help him homework… After… HeeChul shot up, taking faint notice of the clock on his dresser flashing almost midnight before picking up his cell phone.
“Please be awake please be awake please be-”
“Hello?” A voice answered. HeeChul let himself fall onto the bed with a sigh of relief.
“HeeChul hyung?” The voice asked curiously.
“Sorry… I’m here…” HeeChul took a breath. “Listen… I’m sorry about today. But… We can’t be seen together at school anymore.” He tried to think of an excuse, but couldn’t come up with one. “MinRi… Caught us… In the abandoned building.” He explained. The boy on the other line remained silent, but HeeChul swore he felt the heat from blush on the other line. “It’s why I was with him at lunch. And in between classes. He says I can’t see you anymore.” He told SangHyeon.
“What?! Why?” The other boy asked angrily. HeeChul let out a breath. “He has pictures. I know you were able to tell your parents, but mine aren’t so flexible. My brother just mentioned possibly liking another guy and they flipped. I’m sorry… I can’t let MinRi tell them.” He told the younger man, his voice cracking. He hated feeling helpless. He also hated the sound of a phone line going dead. Of someone hanging up on you.

Over the weekend-

HeeChul danced around the kitchen floor, listening to music while sweeping. His brother watched television in the living room nearby. His brother, HeeRae, got up to grab a drink.
“Yah… stay off my floor. I just cleaned it.” HeeChul growled playfully. His brother smiled tauntingly. “It’d be my floor since I was the one who was supposed to clean it until you got in trouble.” He slid his sock to move the broom, messing up the neat pile of dirt his older brother had made. HeeChul frowned and stared at the dirt, muttering “It not my fault I failed that stupid test,” before sweeping the dirt back into a pile. HeeRae laughed slightly, patting his brother on the back and then returning to his spot in front of the television. HeeChul let out a breath as he finished sweeping the floor, going to get a mop. While HeeChul was in the hall closet, he heard someone at the door.
“Is HeeChul here?”
HeeChul clenched tightly onto the mop as he went back to the kitchen. “I’m here. What do you want?” He growled. The visitor stepped in. “I was hoping we could have a little sleepover tonight?” He cooed, getting close to HeeChul to whisper that in his ear. HeeChul did all he could to stop himself from swinging the mop around and hitting MinRi over the head. He took a few calming breaths before replying, “I can’t. I failed the test and now I’m in trouble.”
MinRi took out his wallet, giving HeeChul a smile. “Well gee… Maybe I should go ask your mother myself… Maybe she’d let you then?” He taunted. HeeChul growled before shoving MinRi out of the kitchen. “I’ll ask her once I’m done with my chores.” He replied, defeated. MinRi grinned and sat down next to HeeRae. “So… You’re his little brother huh? You seem too old to need a babysitter.” He told the younger boy sweetly. HeeRae nodded slowly. “Our mother’s a bit anal… She thinks I’m still too young, but HeeChul hyung stays out late anyways, so I end up watching myself anyway…” The younger boy explained. MinRi nodded as he pretended to be interested in what was on TV.

“Hey mother? Can I spend the night at MinRi’s house tonight?” HeeChul asked, MinRi only a couple feet behind him. His mother glared at him, but nodded nonetheless.
“Let him teach you some manners and study habits too.” She replied coldly. HeeChul sighed, he had really hoped she would say no.
While HeeChul was trudging into his room, MinRi all but skipped into the other man’s room, watching as the smaller man packed a small duffel bag with clothes for the night. With a sigh, HeeChul picked up the bag and followed MinRi out.
“What are you going to make me do tonight?” HeeChul growled on the way over. MinRi grinned at him before stealing a kiss. “Well… I chose tonight because my parents won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon.” He smirked. He wrapped his arm around the smaller teen, and HeeChul looked at the hand yet again… It just didn’t feel right…

MinRi moved some clothes out of the way to make room for HeeChul to sit somewhere. HeeChul slowly sat on the chair to his desk, scanning his surroundings. MinRi took no time to remove HeeChul’s shirt, the smaller man’s face turning red. MinRi gave HeeChul a deep kiss on the lips, bringing his tongue into the other’s mouth forcefully. HeeChul let out a breath as the other man rubbed his hands over his chest. “Why are you doing this?” HeeChul breathed, a look of sadness enveloping his face. MinRi grinned at him, but it was quickly replaced by a rather sappy looking frown. “Don’t you like this?” He teased. HeeChul looked down at his hand in his lap, swallowing a sob. MinRi flipped open his wallet, placing the pictures just out of HeeChul’s reach. HeeChul let out a sigh as he stared at the pictures.

MinRi pulled HeeChul out of the chair and flung him onto the bed, a twisted grin on his face. “All these years of being treated like nothing because you always did better than me.” MinRi started.
HeeChul laughed. “It’s really not hard to do better than me.” He replied. “I usually manage those grades by pissing off the teachers and acing the finals.” He added, waving his hand uncaringly. MinRi growled and pinned HeeChul against the wall, the smaller man’s head hitting the wall forcefully. HeeChul let his head fall forward, wincing in pain. MinRi lifted his head up and gave the younger man another kiss, all the meanwhile shoving his hands down HeeChul’s pants. HeeChul’s eyes widened as he tried to squirm away, only to have MinRi pull the teen down onto his back. HeeChul winced as the other man took off his own pants and soon after, HeeChul’s. This would not be a fun sleepover.

Chapter 3

It had already been a month since HeeChul started getting blackmailed by MinRi, but he didn’t think he could take being the other teen’s personal slave any longer. He stretched out on the couch, enjoying the peace of Friday afternoon as he took some of his milk to wash down cookies. He turned on the television, only getting through half a program before the doorbell rang. HeeChul readied himself for an argument he hoped would involve tearing MinRi’s wallet into pieces as he opened the door.
“MinRi.” HeeChul replied, as dignified as he could manage these days. MinRi grinned at him.
“Come with me and my older brother on a ski trip.” He wasn’t asking, he was demanding.
“Now?” HeeChul looked at a clock on the wall with a frown. “My parents won’t be home until at least 8 pm.” He told MinRi as he turned back to the older male, a sarcastic grin on his face. “Don’t you want to wait until they’re home so you can show them the fucking pictures?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
MinRi smiled and gave HeeChul a kiss before the other man knew what was going on. “I think a call will suffice.” He answered. HeeChul wiped off his lips as he took his cell phone out of his pocket.
“Hey… Mom… umm… MinRi was wondering if I could hang out with him this weekend… Uhh… No… He and his brother are going on a ski trip and they wanted me to come. I… yeah.. Awesome.” HeeChul clicked his phone shut, turning around with an annoyed look on his face. He held out his arms, “I’m yours for the weekend. What horrid things are you going to do to me now?” His voice was dripping with sarcasm. MinRi chuckled as he stepped inside. Shooing HeeChul to his room, he told him, “Well, go on.. We want to leave as soon as possible…”

Half way to the ski resort, HeeChul finally felt himself getting uncomfortable against MinRi’s lap, forced there by the stronger man. He sighed and shifted his head. MinRi leaned down to him. “By the way… My brother’s only staying tonight. Tomorrow night we’re on our own.” He teased. HeeChul shot up, slight blush apparent on his face.
“You lied to me?” He hissed. MinRi shrugged and nodded.
“Are you going to complain?” He asked. HeeChul let out a frustrated sigh and rested on MinRi’s shoulder instead.
“Can I complain?” HeeChul whined.

Saturday Night at the Ski Resort-

HeeChul felt himself shaking, not from the cold, as he watched MinRi’s older brother leave. He let out a sigh before returning back to the cabin, taking his time by pretending to avoid slipping on the ice (he really wasn’t pretending because the porch had gotten rather slippery, but it was a great way to stall time). Once inside, he took off his coat and gloves.
“You’re brother left.” He replied simply, softly.
“I know.” Came a malicious reply. HeeChul froze to his spot, knowing he didn’t want to turn around.
MinRi wrapped his arms around the smaller framed boy as he began kissing his neck. HeeChul felt himself reflexively lean into each kiss as MinRi dragged him over to the couch, pausing his kisses only momentarily before resuming. HeeChul let out a half-reluctant moan as MinRi took off his shirt, bringing his lips to HeeChul’s chest and stomach. HeeChul cursed himself for letting MinRi know he was liking it. The stronger man grinned, ‘soon,’ he thought to himself.

HeeChul trudged through the doors of his house, thoroughly exhausted, but happy to be done with the trip.
“How was your ski trip?” His sister asked him. HeeChul looked over at her, rubbing an eye for the third time that morning in trying to wake up more. He let out his best smile, responding, “It was fun.” The woman looked at him curiously. He glanced away, eyes gleaming with tears that wouldn’t fall. HeeJin furrowed her eyebrows worriedly. “HeeChullie… Are you alright?” She asked him, putting her book down on the coffee table and looking over at him. HeeChul nodded, “I’m just tired…” He muttered, his voice cracking. He rushed to his room before his sister had the chance to say anything else.

HeeChul tossed the bag into a corner as he collapsed on his bed, grabbing a pillow and holding it close to him. He picked up his cell phone.
“What do you want?” It came out as growl, HeeChul flinched.
“Where’s MinRi hyung? Does he know you’re talking to me?” Hurt. Jealousy. Anger.
“I’m sorry, okay?!” HeeChul yelled, wanting him to stop. He felt a tear fall and he quickly wiped it away. “I didn’t want to do this,” he continued. He stared at a spot on his wall and took a breath. “I don’t know how much longer I can do this…” He admitted. The other teen fell silent.
“Escape him.”
“What? How would I do that?”
“You said you were going to the SM auditions, right?” SangHyeon reminded him.
“Yes…” HeeChul replied, not sure of the relevance of his auditions. He quickly added, “but not for another year! I’m not ready yet.”
“I can’t deal with him for another year.”
“You’ll have to, unless you’re willing to fight him.”
“Fight him? Are you crazy?! He’s stronger than me! By a lot.” HeeChul crossed his arms over the pillow and let out a sigh. SangHyeon did the same.
“I don’t know. If you’re not going to try… Don’t call me though. Since you can’t.”
Another hang up.
HeeChul wiped away another falling tear.
He didn’t cry.

Chapter 4

    So close… HeeChul subconsciously reached a hand out to the desk where the computer was taunting him by showing a scanned image of the pictures MinRi had shown him months before. MinRi had gone to the bathroom and left HeeChul in the bigger man’s room. He slid down in the desk chair more and let out a sigh. His crossed his arms over his bare chest. I’m tired of this. He growled in his mind. Give me five minutes and I could burn all the printed photos and delete the ones on the computer. He growled softly as he heard the door open, but didn’t turn to the other. MinRi pulled him around, spinning the chair and a listless HeeChul with it. The younger man looked up at MinRi using only his eyes, a strange mixture of defeat and challenge in the boy’s eyes. MinRi smiled at him. “What’s wrong princess?” He cooed. HeeChul let out a louder growl at the other’s nickname, wondering if he’d ever get used to being called “princess” again.
    MinRi smirked at the other man. “You’ve given up already?” He teased, a finger gliding down HeeChul cheek, giving the smaller boy chills. HeeChul slid further down in the chair to get away from the touch. “What choice do I have?” HeeChul whined, and MinRi’s smile widened and he pat the other on the shoulder, “you don’t,” he replied maliciously. HeeChul sunk further in his chair, his bottom half way off the seat.
MinRi looked to the computer screen and smiled. “Ah… That’s what you were looking at,” he teased, going over to the computer. “Do you miss him?”
“You’re ex-boyfriend.” MinRi replied.
“We stopped talking a few months ago, like you wanted me to…” HeeChul replied evenly. MinRi’s smile widened even more, and HeeChul couldn’t help but be reminded of the Cheshire Cat form Alice in Wonderland.
“Good boy,” MinRi replied, ruffling HeeChul’s hair. The younger boy pulled his head away as if to say “don‘t touch the hair”.

As the hours dragged on, HeeChul let his mind wander and he came to realize something…
“MinRi?” He asked, making the other pause from his actions.
“What is it?” MinRi replied, annoyed.
“Why do you have sex with me every chance you get?” MinRi pulled away, looking at HeeChul curiously, and the teen felt a sudden unfamiliar control against his enemy.
“Do you like me or something? Is this your way to try to get me to like you?” HeeChul laughed as he felt himself gaining the upper hand. “No one who hates someone as much as we hate each other would want it so much from them.” He growled, a small laugh escaping his throat.
MinRi’s face was filled with anger as he smacked HeeChul across the face. “Don’t even dare accuse me of liking you!”
“Or is it that you’re gay also, and can’t bring yourself to cope with it? So you take it out on me?” HeeChul pressed on. MinRi slapped him again. “Shut up!” He yelled. HeeChul let out more of a laugh. “It stopped hurting MinRi. I’m done with you. You made me break up with the love of my life, I’ve been lying too much to my family, I’m not the same. I’m done being vulnerable. Tell my parents, but you have to beat me to it.” He told the other, the old fire back in his eyes, plus some more.
HeeChul pulled his clothes back on, leaving a stunned MinRi, and taking the photos off the computer desk.

Once outside and away from the house, HeeChul crouched down, numbly flipping through the photos. Taking out a lighter, he lit the pictures and put it onto the cement. There were still the digital pictures, but that’s okay. HeeChul had been researching, if worse came to worse, he’d tell the principal to look at the source of where the pictures were printed. The fire slowly died down as the wind blew the ashes around.

Opening the door to his home, HeeChul was immediately confronted by his older sister.
“W…What is it?” HeeChul asked nervously.
“I’m beginning to wonder myself… HeeChullie… You haven’t been the same. What’s wrong?” She asked sincerely, putting an arm on her brother’s shoulder. HeeChul gave her a sincere smile, “Nothing. Everything will be better now.” He told her. She sighed, but gave a small smile.
“Hey sis?” HeeChul started, letting out a nervous sigh. “Where’s mom?” HeeJin pointed to their parents room. “Why?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows. HeeChul shook his head, feeling his heart race as he walked to the room.
Knocking lightly on the door, he called out “mother?” before stepping in, happy to see she was in a good mood… for now.
“What is it honey?” She asked, turning around in her chair.
HeeChul took a deep breath before sitting in the other chair next to her desk. He let out a nervous laugh before saying, “Where do I begin… umm…” He scratched the back of his head before running his fingers through his hair and letting out a sigh. “I have some things to admit to you.” He finally told her. His mother waited patiently, eyebrows furrowed but not saying anything. HeeChul tried again. “MinRi… Isn’t my friend. He never was. We’ve been enemies since we met in middle school…” HeeChul shook his head and muttered something about that not being where he wanted to start off.
“Mom… I… I like guys…” HeeChul took another breath as his mother let out a small gasp. He looked up at her. “I’m gay.” He admitted, and though he could only predict what was coming next, he felt better already. “MinRi caught my boyfriend-”
“You’ve already had a boyfriend?” His mother interrupted. HeeChul nodded slowly. His mother lowered her head, letting him continue. “He caught my boyfriend and I umm… doing some things…”
“What things?”
“umm… just some things that made it obvious we were a couple…” HeeChul replied, avoiding the true question. He ran a hand through his hair again and cleared his throat. “MinRi took pictures… and… for the last few months… he’s been blackmailing me with them because I told him I couldn’t tell you or dad…” He looked away, waiting for his punishment for something that couldn’t just be punished out of him.
His mother looked at her son, completely stunned at what she was told. “HeeChul…” The boy looked up. “Are you hurt at all?” HeeChul furrowed his eyebrows, completely confused.
“What?” He asked dimly. His mother brought him into a hug. “How could you let that happen?”
“I… Didn’t want to tell you… I saw what happened when dongsaeng mentioned even thinking he liked a guy… I was afraid it would happen to me. Only worse… since I knew I was gay…” HeeChul looked away as his mother pulled back, observing him. “Honey… I just don’t know what to say…” She admitted sadly. HeeChul glanced up at her and she hugged him again. “What did you think would happen to you?” She asked him softly. HeeChul shrugged slightly. “I don’t know… getting disowned?” He tried. Mrs. Kim sighed, “I’ll admit I don’t know what to do… was it something I did wrong raising you..? I don’t know…”
“It wasn’t that mother…” He interrupted.
She bit her lip. “How do I deal with this?” She shook her head before continuing. “But what I’m trying to say is… I would never… ever let something like this push my babies away from my life. I’m not going to shove you three out into the world before you’re ready. HeeChul let out a smile, of relief, true happiness, or just from the love his mother was giving him right now, he wasn’t sure.
He looked up as his mother stood up. “How long was MinRi blackmailing you for? It’s been a couple months, hasn’t it?” She asked, worried. HeeChul nodded slowly, looking away from her again.
“Honey… never let something like this hurt you again.” She told her oldest son with a hug. HeeChul nodded slowly.


HeeChul flipped his hair back. “SungMin and I barely even talk to each other.” He told LeeTeuk.
They were trying to figure out the fandoms.
LeeTeuk shook his head and shrugged. “I guess you two goof off enough to be paired up.” LeeTeuk replied. HeeChul sighed and slunk into his chair. “So ShiWon, HanKyung, DongHae, yourself, KangIn, KiBum… who else…?” HeeChul waved a hand through the air, “that isn’t enough? Everyone knows KyuMin is the real thing. And ShiKyung.”
“What about the KyuWook fans?” LeeTeuk challenged.
“What about the RyeoMin fans?” HeeChul challenged back.
“Do you know what I’ve been seeing a lot of?”
“Henry’s whore-ness with couples?” HeeChul replied monotonally. They both glanced over at the Canadian boy, and LeeTeuk gave a small nod.
“Did the same thing happen when we got KyuHyun?” LeeTeuk asked, trying to remember. HeeChul shrugged as he saw, as he liked to call them, his lovers come in, and he promptly ditched LeeTeuk.
“ShiWon~” HeeChul cooed, latching on to the younger man’s arm. ShiWon laughed nervously as he glanced at HanKyung and HeeChul chuckled. Looking at Han, he told the taller man, “don’t worry, I won’t make him cheat on you,” he smiled as HanKyung blushed furiously and muttered things in Chinese. “Korean!” He yelled after HanKyung.
“Why do you always pick me to latch onto?” ShiWon whined playfully. HeeChul let his head rest on his shoulder. “Why not?” He challenged. “You’re comfy. And hot.” He admitted, and ShiWon blushed a bright shade of red. HeeChul poked his cheek. “And I can easily make you blush.” HeeChul said with a laugh.
ShiWon sighed and glanced at HeeChul, the younger man flashing a bit of challenge at the second oldest. “So then you and JunJin must be doing well?” He shot back, and HeeChul stopped in his tracks.
“Of… Of course we are.” HeeChul replied, flipping his hair out of his face. ShiWon laughed lightly. “Alright… if you say so…”
“What’s that mean?” HeeChul growled. ShiWon shrugged, “He’s using you, HeeChul… is it a crime to be worried about you?”
HeeChul took a breath and kicked at the ground. “He complimented me the other day… and we went to go see a movie together… things are getting better…” He told ShiWon. The younger man nodded, glad to see his friend wasn’t being hurt anymore.
“Maybe that sudden break up you were going to give him made him realize.” He guessed.
HeeChul smiled and nodded, crawling onto ShiWon’s lap as he sat down, just to see HanKyung’s reaction.

Yeah… Sorry this took so long. >.<;;;
An idea finally hit me this morning… the ending is kinda… sucky… but hey… I have now introduced all of you to JunChul.
*laughs manically*
And some playful ShiChul… my first ever couple. Ha ha~ no seriously. When still learning their names, ShiWon was “that guy that’s always next to HeeChul, he must be HeeChul’s lover! 8D”
And some not-so-ninja ShiKyung. Woo hoo~ <3
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