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Rumours and Roses (Chapter 7)

Chapters: 7/ ?
Pairing: Kyumin(main, but not yet), many others to come...
Rating: pg
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: Character Death (please dont hate me)
for the other chapters just visit my journal... its on my master list... sorry I'm lazy to acctually put the links on here...



“Look Kyu there’s a lot you don’t know about Heechul...” Jaejoong said turning back to Kyuhyun. The younger had a confused questioning look on his face.


“You know Hankyung right?” Jaejoong asked

“Yeah... Heechul's best friend who does everything he tells him to do...”

“What else do you know about him?”

“That he’s the only one Heechul seems to care about” Kyuhyun said “they seem to be pretty close”

Jaejoong scoffed “Closer than you think.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Their much closer than just best friends... and I'm not talking emotionally...”

“Huh?... you mean like brothers?” Kyuhyun asked. Jaejoong glanced back again at Heechul and Hankyung who were holding hands fingers interlaced, under the table.

“Brothers?...” the older scoffed again. “If that’s how they see each that would be just a little weird...”

“Okay... you really make no sense...” Jaejoong was about to say something when a voice interrupted their conversation.

“Hey guys!~” it was Sungmin.

“Hey” the other two said. Sungmin sat down on a chair beside Kyuhyun, as Henry and Zhoumi planted themselves on the other side.

“You were saying” Kyuhyun said as he turned to Jaejoong.

“Never mind they’re just...close”


Sungmin and Kyuhyun were heading to their locker after classes when they passed Leeteuk’s classroom. Okay Sungmin’s been really nice to me since the first day I met him...but how would he react when he finds out... Kyuhyun thought. That was when he saw Kangin walking into Leeteuk's room. Maybe I can find out... a plan struck the young boy’s mind.

“Yah... you said you needed to ask our English teacher a question about the project right?” Kyuhyun asked Sungmin


“Why don’t you go and ask now while I go to my locker.” A smirk appeared on Kyuhyun's face.

“Okay!~” Sungmin said.


Sungmin walked back to the class that he just passed a few minutes ago. Kyuhyun’s so nice... I can’t believe Heechul’s making his life complete hell just because he’s gay... I’m so glad Henry and Zhoumi told me about what happened before I came here. Sungmin thought although I do feel bad for him. The boy sighed as he walked into the classroom, his thoughts cut short.

Oh come ooooon... I didn’t need to see that...

“You know... even though you’re my teachers... here’s a tip... close the door when you do that...” Leeteuk and Kangin separated as soon as they heard their student. “Because this is one of those things that a student doesn’t particularly want to learn from their English and gym teacher...” the two men kept silent hanging their heads down because of embarrassment. “I'm gonna go...” Sungmin walked out the classroom, closing the door behind him his face expression changing from an ‘I did not want to see that’ look to a look of disappointment. You’d think that teachers would be smart enough to close the door he had figured the two were together when he saw the looks they were shooting at each other in hallways and private chats, and honestly it was kind of cute, but seriously people need to start closing doors! Its not like he hasn’t seen two guys making out before, damn it he had even done it himself, but it was just a little awkward when it was his teachers.

Just a little.

Of course that look of disappointment registered to Kyuhyun in a completely different way. Of course he’s not accepting of it Kyuhyun thought he’s just too nice to say anything about it.

“What’s wrong?” the younger asked

“Nothing... nothing at all” Sungmin said. “some people are just...” he didn’t finish that sentence but the two fell silent.

“Did you ask him the question?” Kyuhyun asked breaking the silence.

“No” Sungmin sighed “he was busy...”

Kyuhyun nodded “Okay” the two didn’t say after that they went to the older boy’s house to finish the project. When they got there Sungmin noticed Donghae’s car parked outside.

“Oh they’re home!” Sungmin said as he walked past the car and opened the door to the house. “You guys better not be making out in there!... I walked in on enough people today!...” Kyuhyun’s eyes widened as he heard the elder’s words.

“What? I know you walked in on Mr. Kim and Mr. Park but who else did you walk in on? And what? They’re g- I mean you don’t mind-”

Sungmin turned to face Kyuhyun. “ did you know about Mr. Kim and Mr. Park?”

“I walked in on them once... and... I wanted to know if-”

“If I was homophobic?” Sungmin continued the younger’s sentence as if he read the latter’s mind.

“Yeah...” Kyuhyun sighed. He looked down in embarassment. Sungmin smiled at the pink spreading over the others cheeks. He moved closer and wrapped his arms around the younger

“If you’re worried that I would leave you because you’re gay... then stop worrying, I would never leave you like that... you were my first friend in school after moving back here and I really like you...” Sungmin smiled and pulled away “but the next time you wanna know something ‘bout me... I’d prefer you ask me, than make me walk in on our teachers making out” the older smirked “or you could have tried hitting on me... I'm not easy...” he eyed the younger up and down “but you’re not average.”

“Wait... what?!” Kyuhyun’s eyes widened. Wait is he... Sungmin laughed in his face just as Eunhyuk walked into the room. Of course not Kyuhyun slapped him self mentally but this was good enough at least he wouldn’t be loosing a friend.


Jaejoong’s first day in his new school was over, he wanted to talk to Kyuhyun but he knew that his friend had gone to Sungmin’s house. He walked to his locker where he told Yunho that he would meet him. The hallway was pretty empty by the time Jaejoong was done taking and putting in books into his locker. Jaejoong looked around to find Yunho.

“Hey!” Jaejoong turned when he heard a voice, it was Yunho. Oh wow! Yunho had his tie loosened and top buttons of his uniform were undone. He’s soo sexy!  Yunho was holding his blazer in his hand as he approached Jaejoong, sweat dropping of his forehead. I’m definitely not going to regret saying okay when Yunho offered to help me get around in school. Jaejoong was sure he saw light radiating from Yunho’s (perfect) body.

Jaejoong’s brain stopped working and couldn’t get the word ‘hello’ out of his mouth. He seemed to have been frozen in place and had a dazed look. Yunho moved closer to the shorter boy, then lifted Jaejoong’s chin for eye contact.

“You okay?” Yunho asked. Jaejoong gulped when he realized the position they were in, standing extremely close to each other, Yunho’s hand on Jaejoong’s chin, their faces only two or three inches away from each others, Yunho’s tie loosened with undone buttons and his blazer off. Jaejoong looked away hen he heard a familiar voice.

“Uhh...oh... I'm sorry... I’ll come back later...” Jaejoong and Yunho turned to Hankyung who was standing at the end of the hallway.

“Wait! It's not what it looks like!” Yunho said to Hankyung. The Chinese boy quirked an eyebrow then chuckled.

“Really then what was it?” he asked as he walked towards the two.

“I... uhh... was just showing him around...”Yunho stuttered. He felt blood rushing from his face to his legs and wondered if that was a sign to run... NOW. He missed Jaejoong’s smirk, soon or later Hon~, soon or later, Jaejoong thought before he turned to smile at his old friend, who wore an amused look on his face.

“alright, alright... no need to get defensive” Hankyung smirked “you look a little confused yourself, so why don’t I take over the tour and you can get back to basketball practice where you’re supposed to be right now...” Jaejoong smiled as he heard the others words and managed to stifle a giggle- nothing to do after school huh? He walked off with Hankyung but not before giving Yunho a flirty little wave.

Yunho waved back a little self conscious, so much for being subtle. Of course he could tell Hankyung off and continue on where he left off before he was oh so rudely interrupted, but that would also mean pissing Hankyung off, which meant facing the wrath of Heechul. And if that happens he can kiss goodbye to being part of the in crowd, any respect and status he had in that school and any chance at a peaceful rest of the year or life... wasn’t there a name for that... oh right... social suicide. But this was also Jaejoong’s fault if he wasn’t so... sexy... beautiful... able to take Yunho’s breathe away... and apparently the ability of speech away, none of this would have been a problem.

Damn Jaejoong and his perfectness, damn basketball practice, damn Hankyung, and most of all damn Heechul and his favouritism.


Once Jaejoong and Hankyung got a few feet away from the boy that was currently cursing under his breathe, Hankyung glanced back at him before turning to Jaejoong with an amused look on his face.

“First day and you hit on Heechul’s friend... nice!~” the older said and they both laughed. For a few minutes that was the only conversation they had as they walked in a comfortable silence. They had been friend for a long time and some where along the way words had become almost unnecessary. Of course they’re friendship had their ups and downs. But as soon as something got in the way of their friendship, they found a way to get through it. They had talked during the summer on the phone, online, but never face to face and it still nagged Jaejoong to no end.

“So how’s things?” Jaejoong asked. Understanding what was left unsaid Hankyung forced a smile.

“Same old, same old”

“You’re not still...” Jaejoong’s words trailed off.

“I’m not angry Jae... I never was... I know it’s not your fault.” Jaejoong looked down still unconvinced and the guilt riding over him.

“What happened with Heechul... was just one drunken night.”

Hankyung sighed “It’s always a drunken night with Heechul...”


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