ntxoo89 (ntxoo89) wrote in miracle______,

title: i hate pink
pairing: hyukmin
genre: G

"I don't like the color pink at all. I hate the color it's only for girls. I hate girls that like the color pink. Their so girlish and preppyish, their so loud, they scream about almost everything. One thing i hate about them is when their nail breaks, they scream their head off. They make it sound like theirl ife ended right then and there. Whenever i see that i just roll my eyes. Also guys that likes pink...i hate them too. It's like c'mon the color pink is for girls, why not like the color red or blue or even black?? when i see one it disgust me"
sungmin goes and hops onto eunhyuk's bed with him
"read me a bed time story please?"
eunhyuk smiles and at his hyung
"But there is one that can't eer disgust me, and that's him. Even though he likes the color pink and wears the color pink it suits him well."
"The end"
eunhyuk turns to look at his hyung, sungmin is cuddling close next to eunhyuk. eunhyuk smiles, places the book next to him on the bed, kisses sungmin's forehead and whispers "goodnight". Turns off the lamp and falls asleep.
"I'll never be disgusted by him if he wears pink...never"
Tags: pairing: sungmin/eunhyuk
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