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07 August 2010 @ 08:26 am

Title/Prompt: Locket, Heechul/Sungmin
Ratings: PG-13
Author: sehraa
Warning: The usual suspects.
Additional information: For the 100Suju challenge. My fourth entry.
Side Pairings: None...

008. Locket Heechul/Sungmin

Heechul's always been possesive so he jumps at the chance when he sees Sungmin gazing at a piece of jewelry.

Its nothing much, not platinium, not silver plated, not real gold. Just a dinky little bracelet that you're supposed to hang charms on.

Sungmin stares at it admiringly for a while longer before glancing back at Heechul, the look on his face a little surprised as if he'd expected Heechul to just go without him. Heechul can't blame him, he's done it before.

Heechul sighs loudly, as if all the world's troubles are on him and begins walking. Sungmin catches up and they walk side by side.

Heechul counts it as a victory when Sungmin mumbles if 'hyung wants a massage when they return' just so he will stop.


Sungmin finds a bracelet on his writing table the next day and recognises it as the one he'd been admiring at the mall.

He picks it up wondering if someone had left it on his table and something catches his eye that not only confirms that the gift is meant for him, but also confirms who'd sent it.

He wears it the next day, and catches Heechul's approving eye when the older sees that Sungmin left the cat charm on.


There's a black cat, a fish, a manjuu bun, a monkey and a cow dangling from his wrist so far, and its getting a little crowded. He doesn't mind though, and has hopes that maybe there will be fifteen of them hanging off it one day.


The next thing Heechul gets him is a locket.

Its pink, almost obnoxiously so, loud, and really, really...sweet.

Sungmin opens it and finds a picture of Hyaku and Heebum on each side. There is no note, no evidence, no trace of whoever sent it. Sungmin thinks that this is Kim Heechul's arrogance, that Heechul thinks he needs no introduction.

Sungmin fingers the necklace and concedes the point. The clasp is no rocket science to figure out and he's in front of a mirror and modelling it out.

He has to admit, Heechul really knows what goes well with his skin.


When Sungmin finds an earring on his table he is already starting to get used to these odd little gifts.

His first impulse is to wonder where the other one went. He opens drawers and sweeps the room, because Heechul would be annoyed if it turned out that the elder'd bought a pair and the other'd gone missing, but cannot find it. Sungmin admits defeat, but on the bright side, his room practically pains the eye in its gleaming now. He wears the single earring on his right ear, because it is either that or being a gangster, and feels like giggling every time another member notices.

Their reactions are priceless.


The ring is too lovely to be some any old street market bauble, but not professional enough to be anything serious. It is just a simple silver band stained pink.

Sungmin reads the inscription and turns it over in his hand with something dangerously close to lo- fondness that he doesn't put it on at all and keeps it instead among his very special things.


Sungmin never wears the ring engraved with the name Kim Hee Chul


"Do you like them?" Heechul pauses to ask in the middle of one of their make-out sessions, Sungmin grumbles and tries to dip back in for more but Heechul holds his head a little too far out of reach. The bastard is amused Sungmin notes, scowling cutely and hoping that its enough to distract Heechul long enough to continue. It doesn't work and all Sungmin gets for his trouble is a chuckle and a mocking little kiss on the nose.

They're on the sofa and anyone could come in, but this is the twelfth floor. Eeteuk and Eunhyuk are doing Sukira, Kibum's away again, and Hankyung would probably take one look, ask if they were hungry, then go to his room. Heechul's got an elbow beside either side of Sungmin's head and is staring down at him unrepentently.

"No." Sungmin answers annoyed, and weighs the pros and cons of using his super-cool martial art skills for evil.

"Do you even know what I'm talking about?" Heechul chuckles and his breath ghosts teasingly over his face.

"Yes. No. Don't be annoying." Sungmin is very close to whining and really, Heechul's never really seriously taken exercising as serious body-building like Sungmin has and the younger probably can take Heechul on. Heechul, who is skinny as a stick, who is slim and still wanting to diet, who couldn't do real body-building even if he wanted to because of his various past injuries.

The point is that Sungmin can probably flip their horizontal positions so that he's on top and therefore their session can continue. He would, really, if he didn't know that Heechul would just find a way to sneak back to the top or just make himself very comfortable and very in control at the bottom.

Instead Sungmin just gives up and tries to settle down in a more comfortable position as he tries to patiently hear Heechul out.

Heechul seems to sense this as he goes on, "The charm bracelet," he motions to his own too-skinny wrist. Its been weeks since it was given to him and nothing's been said of it nor of the subsequent gifts, Heechul being either too busy, Sungmin likewise, or it is just never brought up.

He tugs on the locket Sungmin's taken to wearing, "The locket." He leans over to nip Sungmin's ear, "The earring." Sungmin squeaks, Heechul laughs and tries to do it again only to be swatted away with annoyance.

"The ring." And Sungmin meets Heechul's eyes which holds no mirth now. Only seriousness, the almost watery glint of contact lens Heechul's always joked was the depths of his soul, and something quietly honest.

"Yeah." Sungmin says softly, as earnestly as he can pour into words, "I do."

Heechul blinks, then a mischievious smile lights up his features and he looks like Heechul again.

"That's good." Heechul says grinning, "Now let me explain. Its all symbolic did you know?"

"Really?" Sungmin asks, curious now despite himself.

"Handcuff, collar, ear tag." Heechul replies a matter of factly. Sungmin stares.

"What. Seriously?" Sungmin asks, then, "Wait, ear tag?"

"You know how cow farmers tag their cows to show the other farmers that they're his?" Heechul says.

"You are very unromantic." Sungmin says, but he is smiling, "And possesive. And you just called me a cow."

"Pff, you love me." Heechul scoffs and leans in again to kiss him.


"So what was the ring for?" Sungmin texts. It's late in the night though Kyuhyun's still up, his computer screen brightening his corner of the room. Sungmin gets an answering text a minute later.

"Eh, I thought it looked nice with the locket." Is the reply, accompanied by some strange Heechul-esque emoticon.

"What are you doing now?" Sungmin types back. The answer is almost immediate.

"I'm texting." And Sungmin can practically hear the sarcasm.

"Go to sleep." Sungmin chides.

"Yes mother." His phone beeps back.


Heechul puts his head down and feels something beneath his pillow. He digs under it and his fingers meet warm metal.

He switches on his bedside lamp to Hankyung's muttered half Chinese, half Korean, curses and eyes his findings with a pleased grin.


Heechul never wears the ring engraved with the name Lee Sung Min either.



chibiezchibiez on August 7th, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
joanc20: sm1joanc20 on August 7th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
this is so cute and humorous and oh so sweet. i love the pairing although its rare or maybe because its rare but you wrote it so beautifully. mem-ing! ((: