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An installment! Oh geeze!

Presently Untitled (1/?) - The Introduction
Feat. HeeChul, Jay Kim/Typhoon, an original character for plot development, and many, many others from many bands. Expect a Chinaman in the next installment.
PG for this edition- likely up to NC-17 'cause I'm a PARVART.
Disclaimer: Don't own, no profit, for rlz.
Notes: A School AU, done in a slightly different way. This should be fun. <3 Lots of humorz and romance, and maybe seckz later. I can't guarantee SUPER FAST postage, because I'm busy with schooling (omigawd senior!), but I'll do my best~!

HeeChul could remember the first time he'd seen him, standing there before the music store, the tips of his long fingers pressed to the glass as he gazed upon the array of musical instruments set up for display. He hadn't known anything about him then, other than that he wore the uniform of the nearby KyungGi highschool, he was apparently interested in music, and that he was the most handsome person HeeChul had ever seen in his life.

And so it begins.
Tags: pairing: heechul/jay kim, with: trax
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