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05 August 2010 @ 09:12 pm
Your Eyes  
Title: Your Eyes
Pairing: Kyuhyun/?, One Sided Yesung/Ryewook
Genre: Crack/Fluff
A/N: What happens after listening to "Your Eyes" one time and not knowing what it means :D Try to find all the hidden song references!

Yesung and Kyuhun prepared to record their duet "Your Eyes". The only flaw in their preparations? They couldn't stand one another.

Yesung growled at Kyuhyun, "Let's just finish this song and we can get back to fighting for Ryeowook's love, okay?" Kyuhyun agreed heartily, though he knew there was nothing to fight about because Ryeowook was obviously his. "Okay Yesung and Kyuhyun! The song starts soon!" yelled the recorder person. Yesung who looked EXTRAORDINARLY hot, put on his ballad face and that's when Kyuhyun looked into Yesung's small, but still hot, eyes.

Kyuhyun felt something stir within his heart. "Must have been those burritos last night" he thought, scratching his butt in contemplation. Kyuhyun took another "sly" glance at Yesung's hotness and felt another tug at his heart. "What is this feeling?" he asked himself. "Oo! Must be a deeper form of hatred!"

The song began playing, and now Yesung had on his concentrating face. Kyuhyun began to sing with his love Yesung...erm...Ryeowook in mind and four seconds later, he fainted from Yesung's good looks. "Are you okay, Kyuhyun?" asked a heavenly voice that tugged at Kyuhyun's heartstrings so badly that he thought they would snap. "I've never hated someone so much in my life!" he thought. Yesung's supremely hot face was looking worriedly three inches from Kyuhyun's face, "Are you okay?" he repeated more urgently this time. Kyuhyun pushed the older man's face away from his. "I'm fine, you idiot. Git away from me." Yesung shrugged his gorgeous shoulders and offered a hand to Kyuhyun. "Whatever, let's just finish this song," he said in his naturally enticing voice.

Kyuhyun was so disappointed that his archenemy's face wasn't so close to his anymore that he decided to "faint" again. Yesung grabbed his dongsaengs shoulders, his smexy face once again three inches from Kyuhyun's, "KYUHYUN! ARE YOU SICK?" Yesung yelled in the most melodiou voice that ever reached Kyuhyun's ears. Kyuhyun nodded, "The enemy is growing stronger!" he thought, alarmed.

The pair quickly finished recording and Kyuhyun left faster than when Shindong saw a sandwich. "Ryeowoooooooooooook!" Kyuhyun called as he burst into their dorm. "Your love is hooomme!" Ryeowook didn't seem particularly interested if his love was home or not, and gave him a small wave. Seconds later, Yesung came home and gave Ryeowook a hug and said in his magnificent voice, "Hey Ryewook." Ryeowook blushed and said hello back in his shrill yet somewhat endearing voice. Yesung smiled happily and went to make his love a waffle. Kyuhyun felt a different feeling when he saw Yesung and Ryeowook together and decided that his hate for Yesung must be growing even STRONGER. Yesung then turned to the fuming boy and asked in a normal voice, "Do you want a waffle too Kyuhyun?" (Except to Kyuhyun the question sounded more like "Hey Baby, you want me to make you a.....waffle?") Kyuhyun blinked for three minutes then said, "NO! I DON'T EAT THE ENEMY'S FOOD!!" and he ran off before his little heart blew up from "hate".

Yesung looked like the picture of innocence as he served up one steaming waffle to Ryeowook, who couldn't decide whether the waffle or the person holding it, was hotter. Kyuhyun, who was hiding behind the couch, decided he should try the enemy's food...so he would be...immune from...something..."YESUNG! I WANT A WAFFLE TOO!" he yelled from Fort Kyuhyun. Yesung smirked, "I knew it! The look in your eyes told me you wanted a yeffle (a Yesung Waffle) really badly!" He shuffled his hot self back into the kitchen for round two. Kyuhyun smiled and decided that now that the enemy's defenses were down, he should attack him. He ran over and gave Yesung a bear hug from behind, "HAHA! I GOT YOU NOW!!" "Ahh..." Yesung pretended to be scared and rolled his eyes. Kyuhyun uttered a victorious laugh, "Ha Ha! Now you're my prey!" "Whatever Kyuhyun," Yesung said, patting his attacker gently on the head. "Your Yeffle is ready." "Thanks my prey!" Kyuhyun squealed giving his enemy-now-prey another epic attack. "I hate you so~ much Yesungie!" Kyuhyun cheered. Yesung feared that his eyes would be stuck in the rolled upwards position forever, "Here," he said, forking a piece of the hot Yeffle into his captor's mouth. "Just eat it." Kyuhyun happily ate his prey's food. Just then Kangin walked by...

"You guys thirsty?" the cheerful man offered the two his questionable drink. Kyuhyun, being a heavy drinker, happily drank four glasses of Kangin's special mix. He looked at Yesung and said, "Even though you're my prey, I LOVE YOU!" Yesung smiled back, "Sure Kyuhyun, love you too." Kyuhyun gave a grin that could only be produced after some liquid happy, "Will you marry me?" Yesung shrugged. He wasn't nearly as loopy as his dongsaeng, but something about his slightly crazed eyes made yesung agree to the spontaneous marriage proposal.

The next day, Kyuhyun forgot everything from the day before and decided to attack the evil Yesung with a koala bear hug. Yesung smiled creepily, "Good morning my future husband." Kyuhyun gave him the most disgusted look and screamed, "WHAT!?" (he didn't really sound all that sad). Yesung apporached him slowly. "What's wrong, honey? You were so...into the idea yesterday!" Kyuhyun blinked, "AHHHHH!!!" and ran away, but not before Yesung grabbed his wrist with his sexy hand. "Wait, I was kidding! What are yo uso worked up about?" Yesung looked extremely wounded. Kyuhyun just looked at that perfect concerned face and ran screaming away, "I DON'T LOVE YOU!!"

"Rejected!" yelled a gleeful Heechul from the living room. "First time for everything eh Yesung?" Yesung whacked Heechul on his head, "Shut up Heenim. I remember you BEGGING me to love you." Heenim sulked and tosses his perfectly styled hair with his manicured hand. "Whatever." Yesung snickered and decided to call Kyuhyun. "Kyubearbaby! Whare are you? I'm...waiting." Yesung heard a loud screech coming from his Kyubearbaby's room, though he wasn't sure if it was a scream of terror or happiness. Yesung figured it was the second one.

Kyuhyun ran to Leeteuk and told his story although it sounded more like, "MmmmppggweigegYesungasdlkg." But being the loving daddy Leeteuk is, he understood perfectly.

Leeteuk knew what to do. He took the squirming boy and put him next to Yesung. "Baby," Leeteuk began, "tell Yesung what you just told me <3" Kyuhyun looked at Leeteuk and said, "Okay...I will." Kyuhyun walked over to Yesung and gave him a gorilla hug, "mmmskdalfskjggyou." Yesung, being the sekushi beast he was, also understood perfectly and returned the gorilla hug. "I love you Yesung," Kyuhyun said. "Even if you are not as hot as I!" (Which earned him a laugh from all of Super Junior).


Hangeng smirked at Heechul victoriously, "You owe me ten bucks Heechul! HA!"
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