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Look Who's Talking

Look Who’s Talking

Chapter 21 part II

Title: It Always Rains on the Wedding Day…

Fandoms: Super Junior(main), DBSK, SHINee, BigBang.

Pairings: currently, Kangteuk, GTOP, Jaeho, but others developed and revealed later.

Genre: Comedy with mild angst and sap.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kangin and Leeteuk are the picture perfect couple and they have it all, or so Kangin thought, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving several children, each with a mind of their own.

Warning: AU and sexual themes, some later chapters will contain sexual content.

A/N: Earlier chapters available ask and you shall receive.


‘You want us all to do what exactly?’ Heechul crossed his arms and sneered as Eunhyuk proposed his musical number to the group. Han Geng elbowed the raging red head before he got a little too hot.


‘I think it’s a great idea Eunhyuk, no matter what some may say… they don’t have to participate if they don’t want to.’ Han Geng glanced at Heechul who simply rolled his eyes.


‘Then count me out please, I’m not the dancing type.’ Kyuhyun smiled, a look of relief washing over his face.


‘That’s okay Kyu, I’ll dance for the both of us… can we do kicks in the routine?’ Sungmin bounced with much more pep then Eunhyuk had seen in the boy earlier.


‘Uh… sure Sungmin we can try to fit them in. Ryeowook, Yesung, what song did you two pick?’ Eunhyuk directed his attention away from Sungmin and instead towards the two singers.


‘This one seemed appropriate… It’s titled Marry You…’


‘Let’s not be redundant here.’ Kyuhyun chuckled at his own little joke only to be stared at by all of his other siblings, whom it had obviously soared over. ‘Never you mind.’ Kyuhyun just rubbed his forehead.


‘We were just struggling with the opening rap…’ Ryeowook looked down. ‘We, uhm…’


‘Can’t rap? There’s a shocker!’ Heechul looked pleased with himself based upon his new smirk, earning him an even harder elbow from his Chinese companion.  


‘Besides, since it’s really Eunhyuk’s idea we think he should get the opening line,’ Ryeowook said defensively, puffing his tiny chest out slightly.


‘We think it would mean more to Junsu that way,’ Yesung added nodding.


‘Makes sense, so what’s my part?’Eunhyuk smiled happily seeing his plan turn out so well.


Yesung handed Eunhyuk the player. ‘You can’t miss it; it’s the first part.’


Eunhyuk hit play and stood still listening intently. ‘That’ll be easy.’  He smiled. ‘Just like this.’ “Love. Oh bwaby my gwil.”



Both Yesung and Ryeowook clapped for their brother. ‘That’s perfect!’ Ryeowook smiled hugely as he received the player back from Eunhyuk. He switched the volume all the way up and set the player and headphones down before pressing play and initiating the song.


“luv o bwaby my gwil   Geudaen naui juhnbu nunbushige areumdawoon
Naui shinbu shini jushin suhnmul
Haengbokhangayo geudaeui ggaman nunesuh nunmuri heureujyo
Ggaman muhri pappuri dwel ddaeggajido
Naui sarang naui geudae saranghal guhseul na maengsehalgeyo” Eunhyuk beamed proudly.


“Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil
haejugo shipuh,” Yesung sung powerfully, shocking everyone except Reyowook who beamed happily and followed.


“Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil
haejugo shipuh.”


“jami deul ddaemada nae pare jaewuhjugo shipuh. Ould Ou mwarry me? Iruhn naui maeum huhrakhaejullae? Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I dwu) Nuhl saranghaneun
guhl (I dwu)”


 ‘You’re flat,’ Kyuhyun looked up at Yesung. ‘Your ‘do’’s have to be sung in a lower tone… like this.’ “I do, Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do).”


The stares Yesung had acquired were not half of what Kyuhyun got. Every child in the play pen including the secluded glutton had fixed their eyes on him.


‘You can sing!?’ Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Heechul and, Han Geng all gaped.


‘Why didn’t you sing me your poem?’ Sungmin huffed.


‘Yeah it’s easy to control your voice… I read a book on it… and that wasn’t written to be sung, Sungmin; it would have sounded ridiculous.’


The gang of toddlers still ogled the boy with the surprising talent.


‘Could you help us in the song then?’ Ryeowook asked shyly.


‘Do I have to dance?’


‘Nope, that’s all us.’ Eunhyuk gestured to Donghae, Han Geng, and Sungmin.


‘I’ll be your announcer. Someone has to warn the audience about the freak show,’ Heechul offered stepping to the side to avoid yet another elbow headed his way.


‘Great, let’s get started then!’  Eunhyuk clapped excitedly.




“The photographer is here!” Yunho yelled to the groom’s party, who were scattered about the reception hall straightening several last minute things.


“Seunghyun is the photographer and he’s been here for hours,” Kangin pointed out as he straightened and fixed a tablecloth on one of the tables.


“I know, but now he’s ready to take the pictures so, I felt it was appropriate.” Yunho smirked.


“Did he already finish with the bridal party?” Kangin asked.


“Nope they still have to go… so you can get back to work. Leeteuk, however, is relieved of his duties to go join them. TOP said you have five minutes to get ready and be outside by the flowers in the back.”


“Five minutes?!” Leeteuk asked incredulously, before dashing towards the bathroom to retrieve his clothing.


“When are we on?” Kangin asked Yunho, who was smiling quite pleased at the havoc he had ensued.


“Shortly after them, in fact we should collect your little monsters and get them dressed, and then go attend to the groom… Any word on how he’s been doing?”


“Tablo went and checked on him a bit ago said he was doing much better, he was sleeping.”


“Or passed out...” Yunho shook his head. “What a light weight, there was only about a fifth of schnapps in that…”


Kangin didn’t bother arguing that that was enough alcohol to affect a severely obese man, let alone tiny fit healthy Junsu, but arguing that would attain nothing; he would be arguing against Yunho after all.


“Letts go wrangle up the children,” Kangin said, heading off towards the play pen.


“That’s what you’re calling them by know? Demons seem more appropriate in their cases.”


“Oh, and what would you consider Changmin?” Kangin asked, feeling rubbed the wrong way with Yunho’s comment. Sure his kids weren’t perfect, but no child really ever was. And sure Demon and Donghae sounded attractive together, but he was the only one with the right to say that!


“He’s a little angel, he’s never busted in on us having sex after that first time, and as long as he has something to eat he’s a precious little gem.” Yunho smiled. “Unlike yours.”


Kangin gritted his teeth but let it pass; no use getting into an argument at this point. They reached the play pen to find most of his children red faced and panting but smiling. Wondering what it could mean only lasted a while however because Heechul interjected himself into his thoughts.


“You two are not going to be the ones dressing me for this event. Of course they would send me the two most fashion-clueless men in this gay wedding, full of perfectly capable fashion-sensible gay men and I get stuck with the two who live under a rock completely oblivious to anything and everything fashionable.”


Okay Heechul, Kangin could consent, was qualified to have demonic in his title. “Heechul, you can dress yourself if it really makes you feel that much better. Yunho, let’s move this shelf and herd them all into the bathroom.”


Yunho was already moving one of the shelves that had acted as a wall to keep in the children, so Kangin just assisted.


Once a crack formed the children rushed forward, some more enthusiastically than others, to get out. “Bathroom, Kids,” Kangin directed.


They all shuffled in that direction, vacating the entrapment, but one child who had his face buried in a box of snacks.


“Changmin, come on, you too,” Kangin commented, only receiving a glare from the child.


“Come on Changmin, I have more snacks for you in the bathroom,” Yunho said, smiling at his son. That caused the boy to perk up and drop the empty box of goodies he had devoured, and get up to wobble off, joining the rest of the children.


“See! Mine listens to me,” Yunho beamed proudly.


“Yeah to your bribes….” Kangin grumbled low enough that Yunho wouldn’t be able to hear him and trudged along behind them.


Heechul made getting the children dressed an event commenting on the color choices, and telling Kangin and Yunho that they were both doing it all wrong. He had taken up Kangin’s offer of allowing him to dress himself, including into that he was also in charge of Han Geng’s attire as well. He swatted Kangin away when he tried to dress the Chinese boy, and instead, Heechul helped him into the tiny tuxedo, fidgeting and adjusting parts as he saw fit. 


Eventual even with all of Heechul’s badgering the kids were fit and ready to go.


“What do we do with them now? We have to go and check on Junsu,” Kangin asked rethinking the order he and Yunho had come up with.


“We can lock them in here. What’s the worst that could happen?” Yunho shrugged. “Hey kids look I have treats!” he claimed producing a box of kancho cookies for them.


Kangin sighed; this was disaster waiting to strike but what could he do. “Stay here, we’ll be right back,” Kangin said, exiting and closing the door behind both him and Yunho.


“Those cookies should keep them occupied for a while, now to the groom!” Yunho bounced off, followed less enthusiastically by Kangin.


They found Junsu still very much asleep on the couch in the break room, Tablo already dressed and debating over the sleeping groom about something.


“We’re here! Let the waking commence!” Yunho cheered.


“He’s out cold… perhaps he’s passed out from intoxication…” Tablo said worriedly.


“Nah, that’s just how Junsu sleeps, actually. There is only one way to get him awake.” Yunho commented going to the refrigerator and retrieving a cold bottle of water, uncapping it and taking a swig.


“And how is that exactly?” Kangin asked.


Yunho walked towards the sleeping groom, hovering over him for a second before he spat the cold liquid all over the sleeping entity.


“Water Screen!” Yunho cheered happily as Junsu jolted, rubbing his face frantically.


“Why is the room spinning? And why does my head hurt?” Junsu grumbled.


“He’s back to us,” Tablo said thankfully.


“Can I have a Tylenol?” Junsu asked, rubbing his head.


“You’d really rather not, acetometaphine, and alcohol are a nasty combo, Motrin would be better,” Kangin commented looking thorough the cupboards finding a small bottle of ibuprofen.”


“I’m tempted to ask why you know that Kangin,” Yunho teased. “But I remember you drinking after finals, and it all comes rushing back, you were hysterical drunk!” Yunho broke into evil sounding cackles.


“Yeah, I don’t remember any of that.”


“Probably for the best. I’m sure you wouldn’t believe us if we told you how you had convinced an equally as drunk Leeteuk to have sex on the roof of the apartment building,” Jiyong commented entering the break room. “TOP is ready for us, let’s get this show on the road! Why is Junsu all wet?”




‘Damn those adults treating us like we’re wild beasts! Well, for some of your cases they may be correct. I, however, am above this treatment. Hannie open that door!’ Heechul huffed, arms crossed and a devilish look on his face.


‘Heechul I don’t think that’s for the best…’


‘Fine then Donghae, you open the door. Get your pet monkey to give you a lift.’


‘Eunhyuk’s not my pet, and only I can call him a monkey!’ Donghae defended Eunhyuk glaring at his red headed brother.


‘Whatever. Just open the door!’


‘Okay, come on Monkey, let’s get out of here!’ Donghae happily exclaimed forgetting Heechul’s offending comments.


‘I’m not a monkey!’ Eunhyuk argued but followed Donghae’s cue, none-the-less. Eunhyuk laced his fingers together and crouched down holding the cradle out for Donghae to step in. Donghae placed his foot in the other boy’s hands and his hand on Eunhyuk’s shoulder.


‘One…Two…Three!’ he counted before he pulled himself up to the level of the door handle. Once elevated, he twisted the knob and shoved, jolting both him and Eunhyuk who stumbled and came crashing forward out into the newly revamped reception hall.


‘See, Hannie, he listens to me.’ Heechul’s wicked smile was cranked up several volts as Donghae scrambled to get up. ‘Thanks, buddy.’


‘We’re free!’ Sungmin exclaimed. ‘Come on Kyu; let’s run off into the sunset together,’ Sungmin over-dramatically gestured with his arm towards the now ajar door.


‘We have several hours until sunset Sungmin,’ Kyuhyun pointed out, looking out the door and examining the sun shining through the glass entrance of the mini-mart. ‘Judging by the shadows I’d say it’s about three, or four.’


‘Way to ruin the mood Kyu,’ Sungmin huffed but still cracked a small smile. ‘Guess that’s what I get for befriending the nerd.’


‘A nerd? You think so?’ Kyuhyun pondered.


‘Kyuhyun you are nerdier than Einstein.’ Sungmin giggled.


‘Oh god, cuteness overload, I think I’m going to puke. Hannie let’s go,’ Heechul snapped his fingers, and Han Geng shook his head and followed the crazed four-year-old out of the bathroom.


‘Yeah icky cuteness!’ Donghae chuckled grabbing Eunhyuk’s hand. ‘Let’s run away!’


Eunhyuk laughed and allowed himself to be dragged from the room, heading even Donghae didn’t know where. They ran to the glass entrance and out the sliding doors into sunlight and warmth.


Donghae skidded to a halt pulling on Eunhyuk’s wrist and almost sling shooting him backwards.


‘Are we supposed to be out here?’ Eunhyuk looked around worriedly noticing that they were no longer in the mini-mart.


‘Umma’s right over there, why wouldn’t we be? Let’s go see him!’ Donghae pulled on Eunhyuk’s wrist yet again and took off across the grass to where he could see his parent and the bridal party posing for what looked to be one of the sillier of the photos.


Neither Donghae nor Eunhyuk noticed the hissing, or rising of black cylinders in the grass. In fact they remained oblivious to everything until cold water began spurting out of the cylinders and spraying them both.


All the bridal party shrieked, including Eunhyuk, while Donghae just broke out in happy laughter still pulling Eunhyuk through. The boy being pulled shut his eyes and followed the path he was being dragged in, not caring just wanting to get out of there. Donghae just ran and ran giggling all the while as water came from all directions.


The water stopped moments later revealing the now soaked toddlers to the bridal party.


“Eunhyuk, Donghae!” Leeteuk shrieked hands clasped to his mouth. “Kangin!!!”




“I fail to see how this is my fault,” Kangin grumbled striping Eunhyuk of his clothes.


Junsu just ignored him and paced around the bathroom in the background, muttering something about not being able to go on without him.


“I mean, honestly! Yunho is more of the responsible party then I was; the bathroom was his idea, and he’s the idiot who forgot to lock the door… I mean come on!” Eunhyuk had been stripped to his underwear, which was surprisingly dry. Thank god Leeteuk had taken Donghae to the other bathroom at this point because he couldn’t handle his antics. “Junsu, what do you think?” Kangin asked swiveling around.


“Uhh… what were you saying again?” Junsu looked guiltily down at the father who was crouched down on the floor.


“How unfair it was of Leeteuk to accuse me for this mishap!” Kangin exasperatedly exclaimed, gaping at the man.


“Oh sure… yeah totally wrong to blame you… can I hold Eunhyuk now?” Junsu said, still unsure of what he had agreed with Kangin on.


“Yeah sure, maybe you can keep him away from Donghae long enough to keep me out of trouble with my ragging wife…”


Junsu tuned out of Kangin’s musings once more and instead scooped up the nearly bare toddler who was shivering. Junsu clutched him tightly. “You scared me ya know that… I thought I wasn’t going to have you for the wedding and I’d have to replace you… I need you by my side Eunhyuk. I don’t think I could go on without you,” he muttered quietly.


The toddler shivered and smiled at the adult in response cuddling closer to his friend and his warmth. Junsu smiled too and embraced his small body. No one could understand the bond they had, Yoochun included, although he never said a word and was always supportive. Yet Junsu didn’t care that the second closest person to him was a mere two-year-old boy. That didn’t matter, not at all. He had Yoochun, and he had Eunhyuk, and that was really all he needed, however creepy and weird it may have seemed to others.


Kangin was still grumbling as he finished drying the last of the miniature, three piece, tux his child had managed to thoroughly soak. He glanced up at the groom and smiled, seeing him snuggling with his child. He wasn’t sure how or why their relationship worked, but he wasn’t one to judge; he thought it was cute.


“I hate to break this up but, I need to re-dress the trouble maker, and we have photos we’re already late for.” Kangin smiled at his friend as he received his child back. “Let’s get this wedding in gear, and with no more hiccups,” he told Eunhyuk, although he knew this child was not really the one at fault. However, if he had gotten a hold of the responsible party, they wouldn’t be seeing a wedding because they’d be sedated in a store room. So for now he was stuck with telling Eunhyuk, hoping it would somehow make it to Donghae, even though he knew it was almost certainly asinine.

A/N: So, the actual wedding is next chapter, which should be out by Saturday or Sunday. I’m working as hard as I can to spit these chapters out faster for you. Some may be shorter but still jam packed with all the suju family cuteness. Thank you for all of your patients yet again, I know I probably say this every time, but I really appreciate it. Writing this makes me happy and all of the support this story gets makes it all the more worthwhile. Thank you all a thousand times over!


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