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Scarlet Night Series update

Phase Twenty-Six: Silent Harmonies
Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun; Sungmin/Taeyeon; Kibum/OC; more?
words: 6769
rate: PG13
genre: Drama
sneak: “Alas, I saw those stares as well,” Kyuhyun sighed in mock-drama, “At one point I wasn’t sure if I had to protect you or if you had to protect me.”

Another school year has come for the students of private school Shim Jang Academy, or SJA. Secluded in the beautiful landscape of South Korea's country side, only students with ridiculously high grades or ridiculously rich parents attend this prestigious high school.

Due to health problems the previous year, one student is the only one of his year to have to return to SJA and repeat his senior year. He returns to campus after six months of being gone and he's faced with new changes and new faces.

As he has to readjust to school life, things take a turn for the worse as his health problems return. He dealt with his health once, so surely he can do it again? This time, however, he can't find the light at the end of the tunnel and his fate is looking bleaker with each passing day. He'll have to find strength in his friends and trust a love for someone he least expected. Can he do so before time runs out?

::Phase 1: The Setting Sun
::Phase 2: Consequences of Knowledge
::Phase 3: Crystal Confidences
::Phase 4: Sympathy for the Devil
::Phase 5: To Stay by His Side
::Phase 6 - Silent Chaos
::Phase 7 - To Bring Him Back
::Phase 8 - Where Loyalties Lie
::Phase 9 - Pushed to the Limit
::Phase 10 - Homecoming
::Phase 11 - To Trust Again
::Phase 12 - Mutual Suffering
::Phase 13 - A Step Forward
::Phase 14 - My Wish for You
::Phase 15 - Nightmare
::Phase 16 - My Worth to You
::Phase 17 - Cold Summer
::Phase 18 - Isolation
::Phase 19 - Return of the Regrettable
::Phase 20 - Hung Up
::Phase 21 - Sorrowful Separation
::Phase 22 - Death of a Fairy Tale
::Phase 23 - A Losing Battle
::Phase 24 - Parasite
::Phase 25 - At the Stroke of Midnight

Preview. Preview. Preview!! ^___^v

Preview: Phase 27: Siren's Call

Sungmin’s eyes had slowly widened as he listened. Now, with arms crossed still, he was leaning forward, elbows propped on the table, “Kyuhyun –”

“I haven’t fallen into the depths of my bloodlust that sends me into the rage, but…” Kyuhyun ran both hands through his hair, “Okay, it’s like… let’s say hypothetically my bloodlust has three stages. In the first stage, my heart begins to race even when I’m standing still, but I’m suddenly aware of everything and everyone. It’s like my body’s looking for blood even when I’m not.”

He raised two fingers in the air, “Stage two, I start reacting to people around me. I’m ready to attack them, or I’m on such a short fuse that I could get into a fight with just getting a wrong look. Sometimes, people don’t even have to touch me or be near me for me to react to them.” Kyuhyun wanted to look away, wanted to break the eye contact, but he wanted to remain strong, to show Sungmin he trusted him completely. “There was one time when I was in my room at night. I saw one of the security guards doing a round of the campus and… and all I could think about was what his blood might taste like.”

Kyuhyun subtly shook his head, as if breaking free of a trance. Slowly, he raised a third finger, “The third stage is when I can’t run away anymore – I have to attack or fight. It’s weird but, it’s like all I can think about is blood and having to feed. I can’t control myself anymore and…” Kyuhyun dropped his hand to his lap, his gaze following it.

“It’s like a stoplight. Once you reach red, you have to stop, there’s no breaking the rules, you can’t keep going through,” Sungmin said quietly, tentatively. “But like some stoplights, you can always turn right even when you can’t go straight.”

Much love to my readers!
Tags: pairing: kibum/other, pairing: sungmin/other, pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun, with: snsd
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