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My Sweet Arrogant Boyfriend

title: My Sweet Arrogant Boyfriend
pairing: Sungmin/Kyuhyun
rating: PG-13

"Omg where the hell is McDonald Jr.?" I said staring down at the 'Employee Needed' flyer. Yup, my name is Lee Sungmin currently 21 year old and money hungry. Right now am on my way to McDonald Jr. Wait, hold on. Am actually TRYING to find my way to this so called restaurant'McDonald Jr.' to get a job. But seriously the name kinda bugs me, why would you name a resteraunt McDonald Jr? And since when did that clown gotten himself a wife?? Whatever, am just here for money.

"McDee Jr. where are you??" I ask while fanning myself with the flyer in this hot weather. "I know this is the right address but where is it??" I thought looking through the crowds of people. Right this second I decided I need to ask someone. I saw a teenage guy walking infront of me, without hesitation I tapped him on his shoulder, "Hey, excuse me-"

"What do you want?" the guy ask turning around. And just as he did so, some coffee spill from his cup right onto my precious shoes.

Oh yeah, did I mention I love my shoes very, very, very, very much??

I gawked at him but he just look as nothing happen, "Hey! Don't you have a lid for that thing??" I yelled forgeting my manners.

"I don't want a lid." he said and take a sip out of his cup of coffee. I looked up at him and for a second, I thought he was Daniel Wu. But wow, he has a pretty jawline, thin kissable lips, charming eyes, and the hair..............ehh, let's not go there.

I glared at him, "Do you know how I hate coffee? And how much I love my shoes?" I said through gritted teeth.

The guy looked at me and walk closer. "And do you know how much I love my coffee ....without the lid?" he ask me right in my face.

"You! Your dead!! You know what? Pay for the damage you did!! I don't care! You'll need to pay for my new shoes!" I shouted at him.

He shrug, "I don't want to." and walked away.

"Hey! Come back here!!" I said grabbing onto his shirt.

"Hey!! Let go!!" he said trying to walk away.

But no, I clung onto him like a baby and her mother, "Not until you pay me money!!!" I know some people is watching but hey, he disrespected my shoes!!

"Fine! How much do you want?" he said stopping

Cha. Ching.

I let go of him, "50 bucks." I said holding out my hand.

"What? Those don't even look like 50 dollars shoes! Where you get them at? Payless?" he said looking down at my air forces.

Okay, thats it.

"Where do you get yours? Huh? Goodwill?" I spatted back looking down his worn out tennis shoes. "Or is it out of the garbage can?"

People around us laugh and I guess I just won, just a little.

He point his fingers at me, "You!!" he breath out, "Your asking for it." and he pour the cold coffee right onto my shoes.

"AHHHH!!" I yelled jumping away.

"See you later, Miss." he said throwing the cup away and ran off.

"Hey!! I'll remember you!!!" I grab the oranges in the nearby store and attemp to threw it at him but missed. "Your lucky!!" I yelled.

"Sir, you're gonna have to pay for those." said the store lady.



"That stinking little jerk, I'll make him pay for this!!" I swear to myself, "Lee Sungmin is not someone you want to mess with and should never ever dirty my shoes."

I push open the door to McDonald Jr. I finally got here when I ask that store lady the direction. At least someone is nice enough to tell me. Jeeze. I walk up to the counter.

"Hi! Umm..Am looking for a job here." I said bringing out the flyer.

"Oh, right this way." She said and she lead me to the management office. And another wow, the restaurant was the exact opposite of what I was thinking. It was a fancy place fill with fancy decorations. Even the waiters and waitress was decorated with colorful outfits instead of the usual black and white. By the way the waitress is acting I bet the services must be gre-

"Watch out!"


"Oww!!" I said rubbing my head. Stupid me bumping onto a pillar.

The waitress infront of me try not to laugh, "You alright?"

"A-am fine." I said feeling my face gushing up.

"Go in there and you will see the manager, he will be asking you some questions then you can go home and wait for phone call to see if your hired." She said showing me a door that have the word Manager on it.

"Okay, thank you!" I said smiling at her before walking in.

Just as I walked in I saw a guy reading the newspaper covering his face.

"You want to get hired?" he asked without looking up.

"Ehh..yes. I answer.

"Sit down."

I drew out a chair across from him and sat down.

"Alright, what's your name?" he said putting the newspaper aside.

Just when I saw his face I stood right up and yelled, "YOU!!"

and he did the same.

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