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Kyuhyun Centric

 Title: Lies the Fairytales Told Me
Author: fading_sun_sock
Pairing: Kyuhyun Centric; Kyu/Mystery Person
Rating: G
Form: Drabble
Genre: Angst
Summary: When Kyuhyun was a child, he used to read fairytales every night.

A/N: I guess this is kind of depressing. I guess because I've been feeling strange lately. I'm a fluffy person. I mean, at least I usually am. But lately...I don't know.

lies the fairy tales told me-

When Kyuhyun was a child he used to read fairytales every night. He would sit on his bed and read until his eyes were blurred and his body was tingling from staying motionless for too long and his imagination was filled with vivid color and enchanting forever’s and princes on horses carrying princesses away into the sunset.

Kyuhyun never had to worry when he was reading fairytales because they all ended the same way. With happily ever after. The good side always prevailed over evil and everyone got a happy ending. That was just the way it worked. There was never any fairytale that ended with wailing sirens and shattered windshields and as far as Kyuhyun could see, there never would be. That’s not how fairytales worked.

And Kyuhyun would sit on his bed, legs tucked under blankets, book on his lap, and he would close his eyes and believe. He always believed in the stories and dragons and true love. In the simple mind of a child he never doubted the words and waited with baited breath and a hungry anticipation for something that would  end up never to come. He closed his eyes and dreamed of battling evil and winning—always winning—and finding his own princess to save.

He never considered, never imagined in his wildest daydreams that evil would come in the form of crashing cars and crying friends or that his princess would be a flitting figure with shining eyes that to anyone else was just a paramedic. He never considered that he would be the one that needed saving.

But there was no real need to fear anything in his mind. There would be no need for paramedics or ambulances or doctors and friends being wheeled away on clean immaculate stretchers because nobody got hurt in fairytales. Not really. And if there was ever trouble it would be fixed in the time it took to kiss a sleeping princess. An instant. Not weeks. Not months. Not a thousand moments of silence on blank white sheets and boxed in by glowing white walls.

In fairytales the love interest of the main character never turned away when the hero cried. In fact, the hero simply never cried in Kyuhyun’s stories. There was no I’m sorry or forgive me in fairytales. There was no need for them. There was never anything to be sorry for. Nothing to be forgiven. There was no pleading and begging and goodbyes. There was no soft angel like voice whispering that they couldn’t be in a relationship if they were only allowed to see you once a month. There was no dark rainy days filled with the crackling sound of a broken radio and a loud ringing absence of laughter. Because sometimes it seemed like the absence of sound was louder then the sound itself.

When Kyuhyun got a few years older he believed that when he grew up he would be a family man. He would have a wife and two children and every Sunday they would go to the park and have picnics and play games and make castles out of clouds and tell stories and laugh and hug and be happy. Kyuhyun thought that if he prayed enough, if he closed his eyes tight enough and believed enough, then maybe his dreams would come true. Wishes came true in the movies, so why couldn’t they come true in real life?

But sometimes dreams change, and instead of raising a family and going to school and living a life like the one he had wished for once upon a star, Kyuhyun found himself surrounded by boys and laughter and Cinderella and Snow White and Pinocchio and—and maybe fairytales were real, he thought to himself when he joined the group. Maybe this was his first dream come true.

Except in his dream there were no tears. There were no silent sobbing boys and doctors looking at him with pained eyes and managers turning away to look out the window as his fate was dealt to him on a nightmare bred platter. And it was then that Kyuhyun stopped believing. Stopped smiling. Stopped wishing on stars for fairytales come true.

Because fairytales are exactly that. Tales. There are no white knights on strong proud horses and castles in the clouds to run to when they come to rescue you. Life isn’t a story or a song or a movie. It’s reality.

And for some, there is no happily ever after.


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