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Rumours and Roses (Chapter 5)

Title: Rumours and Roses
Chapter: 5
Pairing: Kyumin(main, but not yet), kangteuk, eunhae, many others to come...
Rating: pg
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: character death
Previous: (prologue) (ch. 1|) (ch. 2) (ch. 3) (ch. 4)
Next: (ch. 6

     “And I'm Sungmin” Sungmin said as the others nodded and smiled.

                “We heard your new here” the taller boy said. “and we just waned to meet you.”

                “Oh yeah I am, I just move here from Daegu a couple of days ago…” Sungmin said in a calm voice

                “Oh Hi gege!” Sungmin turned around when he saw Henry waving and greeting the older male. The Chinese boy ruffled the youngest hair and sat down beside him.

                “Hey Henry, hello Zhou Mi” Hankyung smiled at the two and Sungmin stared as Zhou Mi waved to the oldest.

                “OH! This is Sungmin” Henry seemed to be excited to tell his gege about the new creature he had just met “he’s new here and-”

                “I know” Hankyung interrupted Henry and the younger’s eyes widened. “I’m sorry Hankyung gave an apologetic look to Sungmin and then glimpsed over to Heechul who was sitting at the other end of the caf. Sungmin chuckled.

                “It’s okay… it’s not your fault.” The younger smiled.

                “It’s his personality he really doesn’t have anything against you”

                “Umhum” Sungmin nodded.

                “What are you guys talking about?” Henry had a questioning look on his face.

                “It’s nothing” the oldest smiled and ruffled the youngest hair once more.

                “What are you doing here? The four boys turned to the direction the voice was coming from. Hankyung shook his head and sighed.

                “Sit down will you?” the oldest said to the younger who was glaring at him. The confused look on Kyuhyun’s face was clear as he sat down beside Sungmin.

                “Kyuhyun-shi… I waned to talk to you” Hankyung stared at the table as the younger glared at him waiting for him to say something. Hankyung opened his mouth then closed it again trying to find the right words. “You know… it’s Heechul's senior year…” the oldest paused “if another fight occurs and you tell your parents he-” Kyuhyun scoffed, interrupting Hankyung.   

                “I wouldn’t sink that low” Kyuhyun’s eyes showed anger as Sungmin’s showed complete confusion. 

                “I know but… the next time you and Heechul get into a fight… your dad will do anything to keep a red mark on you school records… even if that means suspending or even expelling Heechul…”

                Kyuhyun frowned “well… what am I supposed to do?”

                “I know Heechul could be a pain in the ass sometimes….but if he starts a fight please-” Hankyung paused even though there was really no need to continue on with it.

                 “I don’t go looking around for trouble, but if it comes knocking at my door there’s really nothing I can do about it” Hankyung bit his lip and looked up at Kyuhyun expectantly “I’ll try.” The words were barely audible and Hankyung let out a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding.

                “Thanks…  I’ll try my best to make sure that he doesn’t cause any trouble” Hankyung said, Kyuhyun nodded. “I should go now… bye Sungmin, Zhou Mi” Hankyung ruffled the youngest hair again. “See ya’round kid” then he turned to Kyuhyun and nodded. The other four boys fell silent as Hankyung walked away.

                “You could get some one kicked out?!” no one missed the utter confusion in Sungmin's voice.

                “Could but wouldn’t” Kyuhyun murmured as he looked for something in his bag.

                “…how?” Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun expectantly but seeing that he didn’t hear the question Henry filled in.

                “His dad is a trustee for this school, one of the main one’s. which means a strong influence.”

                “Oh~ Wait you didn’t tell me that knew him~”

                “Umm… I don’t know him” this time it was Kyuhyun who answered.

                “Oh!~ Well then let me be the on to introduce you. Kyuhyun, this is Henry and this is Zhou Mi. Henry, Zhou Mi this is Kyuhyun but I’m guessing you already knew that.” Sungmin said. Kyuhyun smiled at the other two, hoping his acting skills weren’t half bad because in all honesty he really didn’t care.


                Sungmin walked out of the back door of the school. He pulled out his cell phone that was vibrating in his pocket. He flipped open to find a new text message.

To.  Karate bunny

‘I’ll driv u hm bt I m8 b l8’

From:  fishy ’s monkey

                He sighed and started to put it back when it stated to vibrate once more. He flipped it open again to find another text message.

To. Karate bunny

‘Sorry I'm keepin him bck Teehee ;)’

From:  monkey ’s fishy

Sungmin laughed and replied to the text message.

To. monkey ’s fishy

‘TMI!!!!!!!! O.O’

From: karate bunny.

                 He looked up and walked over to Henry and Zhou Mi who were waving to him. They were sitting on a bench near the parking lot.

                “What are you guys doing here?” Sungmin asked to the two. Zhou Mi smiled.

                “We’re waiting for our friends … Yesung and Ryewook… Yesung usually drives us home.”

                “Oh where are they?”

                “Yesung’s at band practice so we’re waiting for him to be finished.”

                “Oh what about this Ryewook person?” Sungmin asked. Zhou Mi smiled and looked away Henry smirked.

                “His girlfriend lives near by here so he’s umm… spending some….AHEM…quality time with her…” the youngest said.


                “What bout you are you waiting for someone?” Zhou MI asked.

                “Yeah… my friend” Sungmin said “he said he’ll pick me up”

                “Oh… well you can hang out with us till then!”

                “Thanks…” the two smiled “How did you know bout Kyuhyun’s parents?” Sungmin asked.

                “There are some people you just know about around the school, it’s kind of like a requirement you know?”

                “Oh?” Sungmin said he couldn’t believe that the boy everyone ignored or avoided had been the son of a trustee of the school.

                “People like Heechul…” Henry pointed towards the boy who started a fight with Sungmin that morning. “Everyone knows him… the pretty boy in school… the one NO ONE wants to mess with.”

                “Or Yunho…” Zhou Mi started “one of the ‘hottest’ guys in school… one of Heechul's group.” Sungmin turned to see a brown haired boy following Heechul.

                Henry tapped the new boy shoulder “you see the guy with black hair standing beside a red car with a blonde haired girl?”

                “Yeah” Sungmin nodded.

                “That’s Changmin… one of Heechul’s disciples… homophobic… flirts with every girl in school… and has that bad boy reputation you know.” Henry paused letting Zhou Mi continue for him.

                “And the girl is Jessica… Changmin’s current girlfriend…”

                “Oh…. I see…” Sungmin said.

“And over there… you see the bunch of guys talking to Heechul?” Zhou Mi said “wearing different uniforms their not from out school they’re from J.Y.P. … basically the incroud at their school” Sungmin nodded.

“The short guy now talking to Heechul… that’s Jay Park a.k.a. the almighty Park Jeabum.” Henry said. Zhou Mi leaned in towards Sungmin and whispered playfully.

“Rumor has it that Jessica id dating Jaebum behind Changmin’s back.” The three giggled as they saw Jessica stealing glances at Jeabum.

“Hey guys!” a cheerful voice interrupted their gossip session. “Oh hi! I'm guessing your Sungmin?”

“Hey!” Henry jumped up to greet his friend. “Sungmin this Ryewook…” Sungmin’s eyes widened.

This… was Ryewook… Sungmin wasn’t sure of what he was expecting but he was sure it wasn’t what resembled a cute puppy dog. This… is the Ryewook they said was spending *cough* time with his girlfriend? Henry smirked at the expression on Sungmin’s face.

“Looks can be deceiving…” Henry said and Sungmin gave an uncomfortable laugh and smiled at Ryewook. Ryewook quirked an eyebrow.

 “What did they tell you bout me?” he asked Sungmin before eyeing Henry suspiciously. Sungmin pondering how to answer that question when (thankfully) his cell phone started ringing. He flipped it open and smiled when he saw who it was.

“Sorry I have to take this!” Sungmin smiled apologetically at the other three.

“Sure” Henry said.


“Where the hell are you?! I’ve been waiting here for five minutes. I thought you were gonna wait for me in front of the school!”

“Oh, sorry! I’m at the back of the school. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Fine.” Donghae grumbled from the other side closed his cell phone and turned to the three who were chattering away.

“My friend is here, I’m gonna go now!”

“Okay bye!~” the three replied

“Bye” Sungmin waved as he jogged towards the front of the school.


   The next morning Changmin was walking through the hallway to his locker when he saw Yunho sitting on the stairs day dreaming. He walked over to the boy.

“Hey Yunho.” Getting no response Changmin snapped his fingers in front of the latter’s face trying to snap him out of his trip to his la la land. “Yunho! Earth to Yunho! Earth to Yunho!” Yunho jumped and looked around startled.

“Huh wha-wher-what?!” Changmin stared at the older boy slightly confused and very amused. “Oh it’s just you.”

“Who were you expecting?” Changmin asked as he lent the other a hand.

“Aaaahhh… no one” Yunho took the others hand and got up. He leaned back down to take his bag and then slung it over his shoulder.

“Riiiiiight…Now who is it?” Changmin prodded. Yunho hesitated before replying.

“… I think I just saw THE most BEAUTIFUL creature on earth.” Changmin found yunho’s expression almost comical.

“Really~? Who is this? You’re not talking bout Yoona are you? I thought you guys broke up like a week ago…oh! Is it that exchange student? Koda Kumi?”   

“No.. but I think it is a new student… and seriously Yoona?!”

“Aaaah….whatever. Tell me bout his new student.” Changmin wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as the dazed look on Yunho face reappeared.

“Aaaaah… how do I explain it? Big brown eyes…. Cute pouty lips, flawless pale skin…Great body…. Perfect… just… Perfect”

“Wooow, I’ve never seen you so… pathetic before” Yunho glared at the younger who was chuckling. He scoffed and fastened his pace, Changmin hurriedly followed.

“Hi Heechul” Yunho smiled at the older boy “Hey!!” he said and gave Yoochun a fist punch.

“Hi hyung.” Changmin said when he saw Heechul and Yoochun leaning against the window sills. They talked for a few minutes before Heechul turned and scoffed. Changmin and the others turned to see what had caught Heechul’s attention.

“I guess the faggot found a friend” Heechul mumbled as Kyuhyun and Sungmin walked past them. He smirked as Kyuhyun stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and took a deep breath before answering Heechul in a low voice.

“Mind your own fucking business Heechul” Kyuhyun hissed through gritted teeth as Sungmin’s hand curled around his wrist pulling him back.

Kyuhyun backed off “what scared now?” Kyuhyun turned to Yoochun who was smirking. Sungmin seemed to have noticed the anger in Kyuhyun’s eyes and pulled him back once more.

“Awww ishin’t dat cute! Little gumball doesn’t was hish boyfriend to get huuurrt!’ Heechul said smirking as though he was proud of what he had said.

“Kyuhyun-ah” A voice caught the six boys’ attention. Changmin glanced over to the brown haired boy who was approching them.

“Jaejoong-ah? Hey!! What are you doing here? Kyuhyun smiled at the older who was making his way to the younger and pulled him into a tight hug, Changmin turned around when he heard someone gasp. His eyes widened when he saw the familiar look on Yunho’s face, the dazed look he had when Changmin found him daydreaming on the staircase a while ago. Yunho’s face went red. Changmin’s shock caused him to miss what was happening. When he recovered from the shock he saw Henry and Zhou Mi walking towards Sungmin and saw the three talking.

“What’s going on here?” Jaejoong’s eyes wandered around the rest of the group.

“Apparently the gay parade” Yoochun said with disgust written all over his face. Changmin watched as Jaejoong’s eyes drifted across the crowd in mild confusion before they rested on Heechul who was staring wide eyed at him. Heechul scowled and looked way as Jaejoong looked into his eyes, almost piercingly and a smirk graced Jaejoong’s lips.

“Being gay isn’t wrong… you should know that… Heechul” Jaejoong’s eyes were fixed on the group’s leader. Heechul scoffed and Changmin didn’t miss the uncertainty, discomfort and was fear he saw in Heechul’s eyes?

“I have better things to do!” Heechul mumbled as he turned and walked away with Yoochun. Changmin turned to Jaejoong and Kyuhyun as the two picked up on their earlier conversation.

“But what are you doing here? When did you move to this school?” Kyuhyun asked. Okay so that was what he missed when he was trying to let it sink that the new student with big brown eyes and pouty lips that Yunho had described was standing in front of him. And, Oh yeah, that his friend who dated some of the hottest girls in school was drooling over said new student.

“Actually, this is my first day, I was looking for you, my dad had called up your dad and asked for a favor so I'm here.”  Jaejoong said Kyuhyun opened his mouth to say something but closed it again when he noticed Changmin and Yunho still standing there. And Yunho looking like he can be knocked down by a feather.

“Why don’t we find else where to talk” Kyuhyun said. Jaejoong shrugged.

“Okay… well… Bye Heechul’s friends.” Jaejoong said in a cheerfully eyes sparkling almost naturally. Changmin managed a smile, while Yunho stood frozen in his place, eyes glazed over with the most idiotic and pathetic smile. Kyuhyun, Jaejoong  and the rest of them walked away and Yunho’s eyes followed Jaejoong until he disappeared around the corner, Changmin watched the older boy in horrified amazement as Yunho stared at the corner Jaejoong had vanished behind eyes slightly unfocused and mouth slightly open.

“Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyuh~” Yunho said in the most high pitched voice Changmin had ever heard, as his hand waved unconsciously at nothing.

Talk about a late reaction.

“That’s the new student you were telling me about? The most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen?” Yunho nodded unconsciously. His eyes still glued to the corner

“And it’s a guy” Yunho kept nodding.

“Kyuhyun’s friend!” Yunho kept nodding

“And Heechul seems to hate him!” Yunho kept nodding

“You are so fucking screwed!” Yunho nodded not uttering a word.

“Yunho,” Changmin looked pathetically at his friend who was barely conscious “wipe that drool of you your face” with that he left his friend to his la la land.


And Yunho nodded, again    

A.N./ Yeah, yeah...go ahead and hate on me for posting such a long chapter...and for not making yewook(there have to be some staight characters right?) but comment please?! even if it's just to tell me to make yewook forget that they're straight and to get together already cuz Ryewook could spend MUCH better quality time with Yesung *wink wink* (I'm not saying there is going to be any Yewook...sorry, not happenin) Anyways COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!<333333333


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  • waiting on the world to change

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