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27 June 2010 @ 06:05 pm
Tri-Angle [YeWook Chaptered]  

Title: Tri-Angle

Pairing: YeWook/RyeoMin/OT3 YeWookMin

Type: Chaptered 3-4/??

Rating: G

Warning: Weird Ryeowook/Yesung in this chapter..

Summary: Yesung's possessive side to Ryeowook can do much damage...

Disclaimer: All characters mentioned are not owned, just claimed^^


"Hyung!" Ryeowook shook Yesung very hard.

"Mmm...Hmm?" Yesung shifted in bed. He pressed the pillow over his head, wanting to sleep in peace.

"Wake up. Now."

"Mmm... 5 more minutes. Promise." Yesung mumbled, the shifted again.

"But hyung, it's already 10 am! Last night we went to bed at 9 pm! Don't you think we've had enough sleep?" Ryeowook pleaded.

"No. We don't have a schedule today, actually. Today's our day-off, remember?" Yesung replied, annoyed.

"Really? Ok." Ryeowook walked to the table and took out his laptop. He walked back to the bad to grab his pillow. "I still think you ought to wake up." He went back to the computer, which was starting up.

"Hmph, what do you know..." Yesung was irritated at his dongsaeng.

"Hey Ryeowook, Jongwoon-hyung!" Sungmin burst into the room. "It's our day off right? So let's go to the mall and shop!"

"I want to check something, hyung. Promise I'll be quick. I also need to return the school uniform to the SGB director today. I need to give it to him personally. I promised him." Ryeowook was typing furiously on the computer.

"Jongwoon-hyung?" Sungmin shifted his eyebrows. Why was Yesung still sleepy? And covering his face? He didn't mind getting pimples? It was so unlike Yesung. Usually he would be the first one to wake up, and thereafter make a lot of noise to wake the other members. Hmm...

"Tired. Ask Youngwoon to go with you." Yesung still didn't show his face.

"Yougwoon? He's out, and he doesn't even like shopping. Hyung, you alright? Anything wrong?" Sungmin tried to lift the pillow off his face.

Clearly, Yesung couldn't tell Sungmin what was wrong. It was last night, after hearing Ryeowook's answers, he had been so upset that he wept throughout the night, only falling asleep exhausted many hours later. He couldn't believe Ryeowook liked Sungmin as much as him, after all those years of taking care of him. Yesung realized he shouldn't have fallen for him in the first place, but Sungmin didn't even like Ryeowook! Now, he wasn't even sure if Ryeowook liked him at all, what with his behaviour this morning. Oh well...

"Well, I'll leave you two guys alone, then. You both seem pretty weird this morning. Yesung not wanting to wake up, and Ryeowook waking up early. Hmm.." That said, he walked out of the door, thinking hard.

Truth was, Ryeowook had suspected Yesung wrote something about him in his Twitter, and he was really curious to find out what. He thought he'd seen Yesung type 'Wookie' on his latest post. As he reached Yesung's page, he froze in shock. There was a picture of Ddabong linked to the latest post.

"I really hope Wookie doesn't find out..."

I knew long ago what you were up to. I just didn't want to pursue it. But then Ddabong... Sigh, Yesung-hyung... But now, I don't know what to do with you.. Ryeowook slumped on the table.

A/N: I truthfully cannot imagine Yesung weeping, but I still decided to write that part anyway.. >.<*

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

10 minutes later...

"Ryeowook! I'm going out soon! Wanna follow me? I can send you to the director's office to return the uniform." Sungmin came back into the room.

"Where are you going?" Ryeowook looked up from the computer screen.

"Visiting Sunkyu at the Pan Chung hospital later. You can come too, if you'd like."

"Sure! But, is it on the way?"

"Yeah of course!"

"Then I'll come. Wait for me!"

"Ok! We leave in fifteen minutes."

Yesung had heard all of that. He really wanted to jump out of bed and stop Ryeowook from agreeing to the meeting. However, he still pretended to be fast asleep and oblivious. He didn't know to regret it or not.

Lying there, he waited for Ryeowook to finish getting ready and leave before getting out of bed. Then, he took out his own laptop and went to his Twitter. He uploaded a picture of Ryeowook and Sungmin together from their first album and typed in: "I feel like there is an empty void in my soul right now... I miss you. Please don't go away." Looking at what he typed for a while, Yesung thought that it revealed a little too much information and deleted it. Instead, he typed: "Why is life so unfair? Stealing from the poor and giving to the rich..." He clicked the 'Tweet' button and posted this short comment.

Turning off the laptop, he entered the bathroom and got ready for the day.


"Hyung, wait for me here. I'll be quick." Ryeowook grabbed the bag and rushed out of the car.

"It's okay. Take your time. It's not visiting hours yet." But, he had already disappeared round the corner. Sungmin started fiddling with the radio in his car, an Audi A8 twin-turbo petrol. He tuned in to 103.5 FM, the Arirang radio station. Coincidentally, it was Isak's show time.
"Have you ever done something good for a friend? Something that will boost both of your relationships? Something that will make you both happier? If you have not, try doing something simple. Like, write a letter. Use a pen and paper, and don't make everything so digital. It doesn't matter if you have bad hand-writing. All that matters is your true feelings. On that note, let's..."

Sungmin didn't know why. The first person he thought of was Ryeowook. Immediately after, he thought of Sunny. Why in the world would he think of Ryeowook? Is it because he was the last person Sungmin saw? Or was it because... No, he didn't dare to think of it. He knew he liked Sunny much better, they had even started a secret relationship with each other. He couldn't forget the time when he first met her; without makeup and entering the SM Entertainment building for the first time, and introducing herself as Sunkyu.

Now, she introduced herself as Sunny, but she has always been Sunkyu, right from the start. Sungmin smiled, thinking of these thoughts, when he heard a tap on the window.

"Hyung!" It was Ryeowook. He had already delivered his uniform to the director. That was quick.

Unlocking the door, Sungmin started to think of Ryeowook again. Why he had thought of Ryeowook before Sunny.

But Ryeowook launched into conversation immediately, blocking Sungmin's mind from everything else except for himself.

"Hyung, do you still miss Ari?"
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safire309safire309 on June 27th, 2010 10:51 am (UTC)
Sorry didn't know... >_<
Note taken~
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luminous beingtaylormercury on June 27th, 2010 10:28 pm (UTC)
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