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Title: None yet... Part one
Pairing: Kyhyun x ?
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Dark fairytale, If you don't like fairies and such, not something you should click
Note: Errr... I blame the books I've been reading lately... *Cough... 

Kyuhyun made his way across the crowded streets of Seoul.
Street venders’ lured people with the sweet smell of food as customers haggled with the sellers to get the cheapest price possible; but ended up paying full price anyway.
He apologized every ten seconds or so making his way to the other end of the street; where the sea of hanboks ended.
It was foolish of him to come out during Choosuk to get a breath of fresh air. His eyes scanned for a hole into the sea of people where he could escape this long agonizing crowd.
Then, he saw him; the boy with his slivery blond hair that glittered in the moon light. Kyuhyun’s eyes opened wide and stared at the creature whom looked too beautiful to be human. The boy’s delicate cat like eyes focused on his own before he turned away into the crowd blending in and then disappearing completely. 
Kyuhyun quickly advanced to follow the boy but ran into an old lady in the process. The lady gave him an annoyed look before bending down to sweep up her valuables.
He immediately bent down to help her collect her things before bowing a thousand times more apologizing over and over again. She gave him a wave of her hand as if to dismiss him when she gathered all her things together.
“Just be careful next time young man,” she said cursing him and the “young people these days” under her breath. Kyuhyun sighed as he watched the old woman limp away with a bunch of crumpled papers in her arms with her purse hung loosely on the side of her arm.
Without a warning, all the lights went out making the people around him quickly gathered up their kids in frenzy.
Kyuhyun snapped out of his thoughts of debating if it was just his paranoid imagination playing tricks on him again until he felt someone slip in a note to his jacket pocket.
The street lamps came alive as relieved parents let go of their children’s hands and resumed talking to the other adults.
Kyuhyun felt his face drain and coloring him pale as he carefully re-read the note over and over again. He quickly crumpled it up and dropped it in a nearby waste bin.
“Bunch of nonsense…” he scoffed before he turned back to the path to his house.

Don’t follow fairies… 


je_pwns, you were right! ^O^ Now guess who put the note in Kyuhyun's jacket! :D Thank you for reading my bad un-proofed read writing! -0-...;;; Sorry this one is so short, next time I promise it'll be longer ^O^~

Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/unspecified
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