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Shatter Series update

Shatter Series 
Over two years ago was when they all met. Over a year ago was when they were approached for one final mission. Now, one year after the conclusion of the Succession series, Seoul is robbed of its peace once more as Agency members and gangsters alike are being targeted.
Death and murder, lies and trechery - no one in Seoul is safe. The Surrender trilogy comes full circle as everyone goes back to the beginning to re-evaluate everything they know, everyone they know.
This time, it's not just another mission. This time, no one can be trusted.

Warning: This series contains character death

Sequel series to [Surrender Series] & [Succession Series]

Past chapters: [Salutation] [Solemnity] [Shatter]

pairings: Yesung/Sungmin, Shiwon/Donghae, Eeteuk/Kangin
rating: PG13
genre: Drama
words: 5639
sneak: "This was found in the blazer when we were cleaning it."

So, since I've caught up with writing and haven't been able to give some kind of preview as I have been able to in the past... I decided to finally let you guys in on the Mourning Song Series. You may not recall, but at the beginning of May, I created a series summary post which was empty except for the series title and my signature 'it's a secret' picture. Well, since I haven't been able to give you guys previews, I think that the summary for this series makes up for it.
Now, originally I had plans to start this series after SN and Shatter were done. SN is 7 chapters from being completed and Shatter just has 2 more chapters. What happened is that I got inspiration to do one series before Mourning Song. This series will not be the epic-length that SN has proven to be. This series will be 8 chapters long - no more, no less (yes, this IS set in stone XDD ). So, once SN is finished (because I have no doubt it will finish after Shatter), this 8-part series will begin. What is it about? Well, here's a hint: murder mystery.
Enjoy the update & enjoy the summary.

Mourning Song summary:

He is heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Korea. His family holds so much power that no one ever stood in his way, dares to stand before him and defy him. He has money and power, but life still feels empty, unsatisfactory. He craves for more, desires for more, dreams for...

However, all the money in the world cannot help his illness. Since he could remember, he has been sick. His parents protected him and nurtured him. His father even continued to raise him properly as an heir despite his crippling health. He's lived so long that sometimes he forgets how sick he really is. But, as his life continues to be incomplete, he begins to want more in life.

As he begins to accept his diminishing health, he encounters people who will change his life forever. He will doubt and test loyalties. He will confuse truths with lies. He will find answers only to ask more questions. He will question everything he knows about his life, about himself. Can he find completeness in his life before it's too late?

Much love to my readers <3

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