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2 KyuWook Smut Fics

Title: Teacher Ryeowook

Genre: Smut
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kyuhyun is too perverted. Ryeowook is going to fix his own special way.

I know I know what you're all thinking, but Teacher Ryeowook doesn't mean Wookie tops :D

Ryeowook flashes a sweet smile and it contradicts with his current state greatly. Kyuhyun's eyes eagerly rove over the perfect specimen. Ryeowook's got what looks like the whole W-Magazine look again, impossibly tight skinny jeans, black belt, hair styled up into that sexy side-mohawk thing again, eyes lined with black liner...

Title: Your Salty Tears

Genre: Smut
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ryeowook wants it. Ryeowook wants it bad.
Warnings: A slutty Wook. PWP. Ya ya ya I know what you're all thinking. The title might sound angsty, but I can assure you this is farrrrr from angst XD

Dedicated to: To my wonderful unni-hyung-ge-jie (unni/hyung/ge ge/jie jie). Although this is not the smut fic we came up with together, I have this crappy fail to make up for part of it XD For you saya19!

Kyuhyun growls and suddenly Ryeowook finds his head pressing back into a pillow, strong hands pinning his own by his head. Terrified, Ryeowook hesitantly blinks the tears away and Kyuhyun's face comes into his vision, a spine-chilling gaze making the the brunette gasp softly.
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