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Listen...To You

Title: Listen…to You

Author: leunah23

Length: Series

Genre: Romance,Fluff, Crack, Restaurant AU

Rating: PG

Pairing: Kyuwook, Seokyu

A/N: I’m very happy that some of you guys still read this series…sorry for the slow updates..i can only update on weekends…so I’m really sorry :) No recipe for today. Next chappie…Lesson 1 will begin. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this fic…again…KYUHYUN!!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!! *hugs from wookie*

Summary:  Kim Ryeowook and Cho Kyuhyun never really had a good start. An unfortunate event in Deliceux  made them want to cut each other’s throats whenever one was within a 1 km radius, but Cho Kyuhyun needs to know how to cook  French and he will learn it only from the best. Ryeowook obliged against his will just to keep his job… but will it be the only thing he would want to keep towards the end? And will Cho Kyuhyun learn something more than learning how to whip up  a seven course meal?

CHAPTER 4---->“Get married” Ho Dong said casually as if he’s just asking Kyuhyun something as easy as breathing. 

CHAPTER 3 , Chapter 2,Chapter 1

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