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First post here I hope I don't do anything wrong. The following are five interconnected drabbles that I probably wrote before or during my hospitalization. Enjoy! 

Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: none

Drabble 1: Sober
Preview: His childhood friends keeps on teasing him that he sold his soul for fame, and he laughs agreeing with them

Drabble 2: Four in the Morning
Preview: His hyung’s frame is much smaller compared to his, but he cannot help but feel safe in his embrace.

Drabble 3: A Page - Jin Akanishi
Preview: Jungsu cannot sleep, he is sharing a bed with an alcohol reeking dongsaeng but that was beside the point, he was used to sharing his bed anyway.

Drabble 4: Whatta ya want from me – Adam Lambert
Preview: Though he receives regular calls from Super Junior members, he was surprised when Jungsu visited him looking more tired than ever, smile just barely there and eyes almost blackened from lack of sleep

Drabble 5: Funhouse
Preview: Kangin and Leeteuk are much closer these days anyway, but Kyuhyun could swear that something is up between them.
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