superloverholic. (_tabris) wrote in miracle______,

the friendly skies & in over your head (the bite me, i like it remix)

title: the friendly skies
rating: nc17
pairing: donghae/kyuhyun
length: 1886
notes: kpopfickink request for au kyuhae airplane sex that turned out longer and sillier than i expected. :D

he’s ordering a twelve year old kid to put his PSP up during takeoff while simultaneously berating his button-mashing technique


title: in over your head (the bite me, i like it remix)
rating: pg
pairing: gen, han geng/heechul and donghae/hyukjae if you squint a little
length: 1020
notes: it's remix time again! i had a lot of fun with this round and i'm quite relieved my remixee didn't mind me turning her tvxq fic into a super junior one. this is a remix of love bites (ao3/lj) by ranalore for remix 2010 (originally posted here).

Hyukjae did not sign up for this shit.
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