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10 May 2010 @ 05:34 pm
Scarlet Night Series update  

Phase Sixteen: My Worth to You

Another school year has come for the students of private school Shim Jang Academy, or SJA. Secluded in the beautiful landscape of South Korea's country side, only students with ridiculously high grades or ridiculously rich parents attend this prestigious high school.

Due to health problems the previous year, one student is the only one of his year to have to return to SJA and repeat his senior year. He returns to campus after six months of being gone and he's faced with new changes and new faces.

As he has to readjust to school life, things take a turn for the worse as his health problems return. He dealt with his health once, so surely he can do it again? This time, however, he can't find the light at the end of the tunnel and his fate is looking bleaker with each passing day. He'll have to find strength in his friends and trust a love for someone he least expected. Can he do so before time runs out?  

[Phase 1: The Setting Sun] [Phase 2: Consequences of Knowledge] [Phase 3: Crystal Confidences] [Phase 4: Sympathy for the Devil] [Phase 5: To Stay by His Side] [Phase 6: Silent Chaos] [Phase 7: To Bring Him Back] [Phase 8: Where Loyalties Lie] [Phase 9: Pushed to the Limit] [Phase 10: Homecoming] [Phase 11: To Trust Again] [Phase 12: Mutual Suffering] [Phase 13: A Step Forward] [Phase 14: My Wish for You] [Phase 15: Nightmare]

Preview:  Phase 17: Cold Summer


“Of course,” Kyuhyun said quietly and simply. He threw him one more smile and then left the room.


Zhou Mi watched him leave, watched the door close after him. He didn’t say ‘no’ as he knew he wouldn’t. But he didn’t say ‘yes’ either. He had said ‘of course’ as if there was no other answer, as if he hadn’t considered any other answer.


Zhou Mi had been wrong, that answer hurt the most.


 I've basically caught up to myself in terms of writing & posting (before I used to be quite a few chapters ahead). I've technically written chapters 17-20, but I've sent them off to my wonderful editor, so I need to wait for those. Until then, here's a nice little tidbit: Next post I make will be for the Shatter series! Also, this week is getting a tad bit hectic with work and whatnot, so I won't be able to post again until Saturday. To make up for it, here's another preview... =)

Preview: Solemnity

“If I succeeded in my mission, I would have betrayed a good friend; my best friend, in fact,” Yesung explained lightly, shoving his hands into his pockets,


“But… you gave up friendships, your job – your life – all for this mission and then suddenly you don’t want to finish it?” Donghae questioned, “You are the greatest Agent in our department, damn it, in the Agency and maybe even the world… you know not to get emotionally involved in a mission! How could you?”


“He’s the first person to not betray me,” Yesung said simply. “Even after learning of what I was, what I had done to him… he has shown me more loyalty and courage than any of the Agents we work with.”

Much love to my readers <3