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10 May 2010 @ 01:10 pm
KyuWook + HenWook Drabbles  
Title: KyuWook + HenWook Drabbles

Genre: Varies
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Ryeowook, Henry/Ryeowook
Rating: PG - NC-17
Summary: KyuWook and HenWook Drabbles.
Warnings: Genderswitch! on fics 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9^^

These drabbles are based on the SOUND of the song, not the actual lyrics. So I dont know if they're actually drabbles then^^ LAWL enjoy! So listening to those songs while reading might help? IDEK *sobs*

KyuWook Drabbles:

1.) Super Girl Teaser

He sees you.
You smile.
He pushes you.
You gasp.
He kisses you.
You reply.
His hands are on you.
Your hands are on him.

2.) The Girl Is Mine

Your eyes meet. You want to run away, but your feet have a mind of their own. You watch him slowly advance towards you, and when he cups your jaw, you turn your head away. When he runs a loving hand down your arm, you gasp at the ever so familiar feel. He pulls you closer and your eyes meet once again, a tear floating down your face. He mouthes, “I love you, Ryeowook,” and pulls you in for a deep kiss. You lose yourself and sob into the kiss, desperately clinging onto him, whispering that if he ever leaves you again you’ll kill yourself…

…but then you remind yourself that you were the one that left him.

3.) Sequel to 2.): Missin' U

He pushes you against a wall and you feel him pressing insistently against you. Your legs are around his waist, your clothes are discarded and you’re currently ripping his clothes off as fast as your slender fingers can. Once all articles are gone, he hastily grabs your face and kisses you deeply. You gasp and your fingers entangle in his hair, pull him closer. He licks up all the salty tears that fall from your eyes.

“Fuck me,” You whisper, “Kyuhyun. I love you. I love you. I love you. I’m- I’m s- sorry!”

He’s already in you and you gasp a soft “fuck yes”. Your vision flashes white as you finally come from your hour-long-denied-orgasm as he’s always been a filthy bastard that likes to see you writhe and scream before he finally pleasures you. You both collapse in each other’s arms and you cuddle throughout the night. He cups your jaw and stares into your eyes, “I missed you, Ryeowook baby.” You smile, eyes fluttering in a daze as those long fingers caress your skin, “I missed you too, GameKyube.”

4.) Rock This House

You grab onto your friend and pull him close, your slender leg curling around his waist as he dips you. You see him across the room. He’s been eyeing you the entire night and you can’t help but put on a show. You tell your friend to run a hand down your body as he’s dipping you.

He growls out, “Ryeowook. I can’t. Yesung is going to kill me.” He pulls you up swiftly so your noses touch.

You narrow your eyes “Min, just do it. I want that guy. He’s hot. He’s been looking at me all night. Just do it already.”

Your friend groans and rolls his eyes, but complies anyways as he places a hand at your throat, then slowly run downs your body - wrapped up in a cute little Spanish dress as you are two are dance partners at a certain bar – switching to a single finger as he moves between your breasts. You pop an eye open and see that he has a prominent bulge in his pants and he’s clenching his fists hard.

You grin as your friend dips you again for the ending pose. A wave of applause roar throughout the bar and you bow shyly, waving an innocent hand before prancing off the stage and into your dressing room. As you unzip your costume and pull the pin from your hair, your wavy, brown locks flowing gently down your shoulders, you hear yelling coming closer to your room and your door suddenly slams open then shut again with a loud click.

You spin around and he’s standing right there, eyes full of lust. You smile and beckon him closer. He growls and he’s suddenly in your face, strong hands pinning your arms against your dresser, his eyes glancing down your revealing shirt before flickering back up to meet your chocolaty brown eyes.

“Kyuhyun,” He says.

You smile, “Ryeowook.”

5.) Super Girl

“Ahhh! You look amazing Ryeowook!” Your friend Sungmin tells you. You blush and walk with her to the dance floor. You shyly sway your hips to the song. Sungmin pouts and she holds her hands out, you smile and take her hands, dancing the night away with your best friend since forever.

“Umm….R- Ryeowook?”

You turn back to Sungmin with a questioning gaze, asking silently who was behind her, but you only catch a glimpse of her grin before she skips away, into her boyfriend’s, Yesung’s, arms. You spin around and you gasp as you’re met with the handsome…

“Cho Kyuhyun?” You squeak.

He blushes and nods, “Umm. Ryeowook?”

You giggle, “Yes?”

He bites his lip and awkwardly and scratches his head, “Err….I want to be your superman.”

Right then the song “Super Girl” comes on and you see his friend, Donghae, up at the DJ rocking out and giving a thumbs up with his girlfriend, AKA your other best friend, Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk waves and gives a wink.

You giggle and turn back to him, “In that case, I’m your super girl.”

He grins and hold his hands out. You giggle and take his hands. He pulls you close and you dance the night away with your newly-acquired boyfriend.

HenWook Drabbles:

6.) U

You see her every day. She’s in all your classes. You can’t take your eyes off her. You can’t stop thinking about her. It would only be a miracle if you two would be together, but you’re a nerd, and she’s a popular cheerleader with the whole popular-package, wrapped up into a tiny, petite body and a blindingly beautiful smile.

“I’m going to be late for violin lessons. Crap crap crap…”


You can’t tell if someone ran into you or not. Just because you’re a nerd, doesn’t mean you’re not athletic. You’re one of the best dancer in your entire school. You look down to see HER on the ground, pouting and rubbing her cheerleader ass.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Ryeowook!”

She smiles that smile of her, “Henli it’s okay! I should be more careful shouldn’t I?” She bats her eyelashes flirtily. You’re in a daze, just gaping at her rudely, but you’re not sure if this is THE KIM RYEOWOOK that is flirting with you, looking more adorable then ever.

“Henli?” She tugs at your shirt. You blink out of your daze and you see her small face, those large eyes blinking cutely up at you.

You gulp, “Y- Y- Yes?”

She bats her long lashes again and flips her hair, clinging onto your arm as she sighs out, “Oh if only you would make it up to me. Oh how I wish that I would have a boyfriend that’s not all jocky and stuck-up. Oh OHH! Oh Henli!”

You panic as she starts to sob on your shoulder. You drop your books on your toe accidently and pull her into a hug, rubbing her small back, “Wookie, don’t be sad. Umm…I guess…I mean…”

She pulls back, eyes large and sparkling with hope, “Yes?”

“Umm…will you…be my girlfriend?” You smile awkwardly, your heart beating a million miles.

She stares at you, her eyes widening even larger and….

“WAHHHHHHHHHH! Oh Henli! Of course I will! Wahhh!” She jumps on you.

You smile and hold her close, relishing the sweet moment before the pain of your Social Studies book, Trigonometry book, and your Biology book squashing your toe comes back to you.

7.) Let's Not

“No! You can’t leave me!” She wraps her thin arms around your waist and holds you tight, sobbing into your shoulder, your leg frozen in taking a step out of the apartment you bought especially for you and her to stay in. You set your suitcase down and turn around to hug her tight, holding the petite, sobbing form in your arms. She claws at your back, begging for you not to leave, tears streaming down her flawless face.

You pull back. Your face dull and sullen, not the way you it used to be. You stare into each other’s eyes and you cup her sharp jaw, she whimpers and sobs as you brush your lips against hers once more before finally pulling away, taking a good step back to soak in the last memories of her before your trip off to Canada.

“Goodbye Ryeowook. You don’t love me anymore. I don’t love you either. Goodbye.”

She hears the door slam and she finally looks up. She sobs in agony, clutching her stomach as she feels like a knife has been stabbed into her abdomen. She crumples over onto the floor and curls into a ball, sobbing her heart out.

“Henli. Henli. Henli…Henli…Henli. I love you. I love you. Please belive me. I’m sorry. I love you…”

On the other side of the door, you can’t believe you actually did this, hitting yourself hard on the head over and over for letting your mind talk you into nonsense. You know she’d never do that to you. And to get back at her, you just had to be a bastard, and crush her little heart mercilessly.

8.) Sequel to 7.): Insomnia

You toss and turn in your bed…

“Ryeowook-ah…I- I love you….”

“M- More. Henli…more…I love you too…”

You wake up in a cold sweat, jerking upright, eyes glazed over in a daze. You groan and throw the covers off of you, stumbling out to the living room and over to the full length mirror in your condo. You look at yourself, no, not yourself, you don’t know what you’ve become, you don’t know who that is in the mirror anymore. All you know is that you weren’t the man you used to be when you were with her…

9.) Sequel to 7.) & 8.) Sapphire Blue

“Aish! Eunhyuk-unni!”

“Wookie! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

You scold your unni for spilling yet another cup of coffee on a customer. You push her over to the customer again and do a double-take, feeling just a bit guilty because the customer was Lee Donghae, her unni’s crush since forever.


You hurry over to the register to take an order for a person walking to the counter.

“Hello! Welcome to Coffee Prince, how may I…” Your chirpy voice fades away and you drop your pen and pencil.

He smiles, “Hi, I’ll have a cappuccino.”

You stare at him in shock, jaw on the ground. You haven’t seen each other for 3 years and usually an encounterment like this would consist of cursing and screaming and violence, but it was eerily calm and you were scared. You tilt your head to the side in bewilderment. How can he be that casual after all you’ve gone through? You part your lips to speak, but her hold a hand up and smiles that smile that got you from the beginning.

“Wook, I- I know it’s been a rough ride for us. So…let’s start this all over. I’m Henry Lau. And you, you gorgeously beautiful girl I can’t take my eyes off of?” He hold a hand out.

You stare at him suspiciously, slowly shuffling around the counter and getting right in his face, tip-toeing to eye-level and crossing your arms.

He smiles, “And you?”

You raise an eyebrow and hesitantly slip your small hand into his, that same electric spark shooting up your arm and warming your heart, “I’m…Ryeowook?”

He smiles…and you blush, turning away and scurrying back behind the counter, idlely twiddling your thumbs.

“Is that all you need, sir?” You mutter and look up. Your expression softens and a blush tints your cheeks as you feel soft lips against your own. You squeak and shove him away.

“What’s wrong with you? Hello! We just met and you’re kissing me?”

He blinks several times as if he was in a daze and he blushes sheepishly, scratching his head and shrugging awkwardly. As you continue to stare at him, a smile breaks across your face and you sigh, rolling your eyes, curling your fingers around the collar of his shirt and tugging him in for a deep kiss.

He chuckles, “What’s wrong with you? We just met and you’re – “

“Just shut up and get on with it Henli.” You sigh.

He pulls away to walk around the counter and engulf you in his arms, lifting you up and twirling you around. You giggled and your feet are on the ground again. You wrap your arms around his neck and your eyes flutter as he rests his forehead upon yours, one protective arm around your waist while his hand runs through your hair.

“I love you Ryeowook. I love you so much and I’m sorry, I'm so sorry.”

“I love you too, I love you too, you big idiot.”

A/N: Comments are loved! <33333333

gelie <3supergelie on May 10th, 2010 08:25 am (UTC)
#1 - that was seriously cute!

#4 - HOT. if only korea is that liberated. xD

#6 - ROFL also very cute!

i loved all of it!! <3