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Fic - To Covet and Crave

This was written for meeselovetuna. She asked me for a RyeoMin sex the other day to cheer her up. And then this spawned itself last night.

Title: To Covet and Crave
Rating: NC-17 without a doubt
Pairing: RyeoMinHan
Warnings: There's DP in this fic. If you aren't comfortable with that, please don't read.

SungMin had been nervous at first, but he agreed, as he always did. He could never deny RyeoWook anything. Not even something like this. His heart raced and he prepared himself as best he could in the week before the “Event.”

He was terrified walking into the room. Terrified of what he’d find awaiting him. But, it was normal. Normal as could be. Hankyung was sitting on his bed, reading a magazine. RyeoWook was sitting in the only chair in Hankyung’s room, surfing the internet or doing something else on the laptop that sat there. It was normal. And that scared SungMin more.

RyeoWook turned and smiled at SungMin when he closed the door. He stood up, walking over to SungMin and giving him a big hug. “I’m glad you decided to come.”

SungMin shrugged. “Did you think I wouldn’t?” He asked in as snarky a tone as he could make. He tried to seem confident, arrogant, and hoped RyeoWook couldn’t feel his pounding pulse through his hand.

Hankyung had put the magazine down and just watched the two, legs crossed at the ankles before him. He seemed almost lazily uninterested before RyeoWook walked over to him, pulling SungMin gently behind him. SungMin watched, amazed, as RyeoWook sat down on the bed, leaned over, and thoroughly kissed Hankyung.

It was decedent and uncaring, a perfect exhibition show to make SungMin a voyeur who wanted to join the game. He still felt the nerves knotting his stomach, but the lust was growing from below and the heat spreading from above overshadowing the nerves.

Seeing what RyeoWook had talked about had finally sunk in what exactly was going to happen there. And SungMin found he really didn’t mind. He, in fact, was starting to look forward to the night’s events.

RyeoWook and Hankyung devoured each others lips with their kiss, hands digging into hair and bodies aligning themselves against the others. SungMin felt his body stirring to life watching his boyfriend and band mate make out. RyeoWook pulled his head back, gasping for breath, and turned smoldering eyes on SungMin.

SungMin gulped. “Would you like to play?” RyeoWook asked.

SungMin shivered. This was the RyeoWook that he loved best. The one the camera’s never saw. The domineering, teasing, sadistic RyeoWook that was everything SungMin could ever want in a lover. SungMin nodded slowly, knowing better than to refuse, not that he wanted to in any case.

RyeoWook raised an eyebrow. “You don’t look like you’re ready to play.”

SungMin quickly shucked his clothes, pulling off everything except his tight mesh underwear. It was a pair that RyeoWook liked best and had some small tears from previous nights of rougher sex play.

Hankyung chuckled. “You certainly have him trained.” He remarked with dry amusement.
SungMin blushed as he watched Hankyung look him up and down with such a gaze it felt like a caress.

RyeoWook stood up, pulling his own shirt off. “SungMin wanted to learn. The training was more him than me.” He raised an eyebrow at SungMin, giving a look. “But some things I had to teach him.”

SungMin immediately dropped to his knees, he kept his eyes on Hankyung for a moment before fully taking in RyeoWook before him. He placed his hands on RyeoWook’s hips and brought his face forward. Gently he grasped the zipper with his teeth and tugged down. It was harder work to get the button undone, but soon enough SungMin pulled his hands back and RyeoWook’s pants fell to the floor.

Hankyung laughed as he stood up. “You teach him that?”

RyeoWook smiled down at SungMin in pride. “We’ve been working on it.”

SungMin smiled up at RyeoWook. He watched was RyeoWook nodded his chin towards Hankyung and understood the message. He’d never done that on someone that was not RyeoWook, but he would try his best.

Hankyung stiffed as SungMin places his hands on his hips and stared up into his eyes. Hankyung was transfixed as SungMin leaned forward and unzipped his jeans and then undid the button. It was easier, the button hole wider, and sooner than expected, Hankyung’s pants were around his ankles.

RyeoWook pulled SungMin up firmly, but gently, and passionately kissed him. SungMin could feel RyeoWook’s arousal through the thin cloth of their undergarments. His body responded fully in kind. SungMin was soon completely hard from the feel of RyeoWook’s body and the heated lips on his.

He gasped suddenly as warm, wet lips were on his shoulder. He didn’t have to turn his head to know they were Hankyung’s. RyeoWook’s mouth slid down his jaw, nibbling teasingly on its way to SungMin’s collarbone.

He could feel RyeoWook’s arms go to reach around him, but never felt hands on his back. He only felt the body of Hankyung pulled to him, bare cock pressing against his back. SungMin moaned, his eyes drifted closed.

Hankyung’s hands ran down his sides, coming between his and RyeoWook’s body. They pressed and slid and soon were pulling his cock out of their cloth cage and into the air. Fingers held SungMin’s cock almost painfully tight against RyeoWook’s, jerking them both together.

Lips left his shoulders and SungMin heard the wet smackings of lips next to his ear and just knew that RyeoWook and Hankyung were making out over his shoulder. Hankyung never stopped pumping him and RyeoWook and slowly thrust up against SungMin. The tip of his cock leaked pre-cum over his back and rubbed it in as he thrust.

SungMin felt his self-control slipping. Hankyung’s fingers seemed to know exactly how to tease him even as he still held onto RyeoWook. And the feeling of Hankyung’s own hard penis against his back spread fire through him. He was wanting. Wanting so much more.

He opened his eyes long enough to unwrap an arm from around RyeoWook’s back, turning his chin to him and stealing his lips from Hankyung’s. RyeoWook tasted of a tea SungMin had never had before, and he just knew it was Hankyung. He thrust his tongue into RyeoWook’s mouth, wanting to steal Hankyung’s taste and replace it with his own. RyeoWook was his, and his alone.

“Yes.” RyeoWook murmured onto SungMin’s lips, confirming SungMin’s own thoughts. It drove him over the edge, and without a care, SungMin let himself fall over the crest.

He moaned, eyes rolled back in their sockets, and called RyeoWook’s name. Before he had time to bask in the afterglow of his orgasm he was pushed onto his back on the bed. He blink wildly, trying to get his baring and stared up at the two faces above him.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, SungMinnie.” Hankyung said.

RyeoWook shook his head. “SungMin, how mean. Hankyung did all the work to bring you pleasure and you call out another man’s name.”

“So cruel, SungMinnie.” Hankyung echoed. “How will you make it up to me?”

SungMin felt pleasure spike down his spine, stirring his cock back to life. RyeoWook reached out, yanking at his hair. “Yes, SungMin. How will you make it up to Hankyung?”

SungMin sat himself up, mindful of the fingers still twisted into his hair and slowly sat on the edge of the bed. He reached his hands up, one grasping around RyeoWook’s familiar erection, and the other grasping hold of Hankyung’s. The feel was new and SungMin took a moment to slowly compare.

RyeoWook’s was thicker, and curved slightly to the left. But Hankyung’s was longer, much longer and stood straight out. It was certainly nothing to be ashamed of having and SungMin’s mouth watered as he wondered how it would taste. Would it be the same as RyeoWook’s? SungMin knew, however, that no matter what, he’d always prefer RyeoWook’s.

He leaned forward, slowly pumping both boys with his hands before taking the tip of Hankyung between his lips. He flicked it tongue over the slit gently before slowly taking more in. Hankyung wasn’t as salty as RyeoWook, which disappointed him. He liked the salty taste. It made him thirsty for more.

SungMin took a deep breath through his nose. Hankyung smelled different, too. Huskier, muskier. RyeoWook always smelled like soap. SungMin wondered if it was because RyeoWook shaved his hair there while Hankyung’s grew wild. He’d have to ask RyeoWook to not shave next time to see. He found his own erection had responded to the manly scent of Hankyung even if the taste was disappointing.

SungMin worked his tongue slowly around Hankyung, never forgetting to move his hands on both boys. He employed his best techniques and quickly learned where Hankyung responded best and exploited those spots.

SungMin looked up as he felt the two men shift and watched as they made out above him. Fingers reached across chests and toyed with each others nipples. Hankyung’s free hand reached down, replacing RyeoWook’s and forced his head down further.

SungMin almost gagged as the cock between his lips hit the back of his throat. He calmed himself down and kept the reflex at bay. He tried his hardest to pleasure Hankyung without gagging. His mouth just didn’t feel the same without RyeoWook’s thick length inside.

That gave SungMin an idea and slowly he pulled RyeoWook closer to him, forcing the two boys to stand hip to hip and their erections rubbed each others. SungMin took a deep breath and spread his mouth wide, taking the tips of both cocks into his mouth at once.

He sucked hard, trying to avoid his teeth, and took as much as he could of both men into his mouth. He suck and licked and rubbed both their erections at once and immediately was in heaven. RyeoWook was panting above him, the familiar, wonderful salty taste mingling with the new husky, manly scent of Hankyung, who moaned above him, and sent SungMin wild.

SungMin worked his best, and soon Hankyung was groaning loudly. SungMin smirked with pride. His man had stamina and wasn’t close to coming yet. Hankyung’s fingers jerked tightly in SungMin’s hair and his hips thrust himself further into SungMin’s mouth. RyeoWook pulled himself away and left SungMin with only Hankyung inside him.

SungMin almost mourned the loss before turning his full attention to Hankyung. He relaxed himself fully before suddenly forcing himself down all the way on Hankyung. Hankyung’s cock slid easily down his throat and SungMin’s efforts were rewarded by the shudder of Hankyung.

SungMin pulled back, sucking harshly on Hankyung’s cock as the older boy started cumming in his mouth. SungMin didn’t swallow, though he was sorely tempted to. It was bitter and he didn’t want to keep it in his mouth for longer then necessary. But he let Hankyung finish cumming, sucking and licking the entire time and for a little afterwards.

He looked up at them. Hankyung was panting, his eyes glazed over. RyeoWook was quickly jerking himself as he looked down at SungMin. SungMin smiled slowly let a dribble of Hankyung’s cum slid through his lips.

“Whore.” RyeoWook whispered harshly. He pushed SungMin onto his back. SungMin quickly swallowed, not wanting to accidentally breath any in. Coughing and chocking on cum was not sexy.

“Slut.” RyeoWook said, louder, as he climbed onto bed with SungMin. He tugged harshly on SungMin’s hair, twisting his nipple. SungMin gasped, lightening spreading through him.

“Please!” SungMin cried.

“Please what?” RyeoWook asked coldly.

SungMin licked his lips and looked into RyeoWook’s eyes. “Please, use me. Anyway you want. Just please!”

SungMin heard Hankyung moan at his works and RyeoWook smirked.

“You are a filthy whore.” He said, making no more except to pull a little harsher at his hair.

“I am!”

“And you just love drinking cum.”

“I love it!” SungMin’s erection was begging for contact, any contact.

RyeoWook ran his down SungMin’s stomach, stopping just above the hair surround his cock. “And what do you want us to do to you tonight, you little bitch?”

SungMin’s eyes flew open as he remembered why they were there. “Please don’t make me say it.” The nerves were back again.

“Say it.”

SungMin shook his head no. RyeoWook released his hair and slapped him. SungMin stared at Hankyung with surprised eyes. RyeoWook hadn’t slapped him in a long time. Hankyung looked just as surprised as he did. SungMin watched as Hankyung moved, and panic flew through him. Hankyung looked as if he was going to make RyeoWook stop.

“Please fuck me!” SungMin quickly cried. “Both of you! Please! Fuck me!”

RyeoWook gently lowered his raised hand and cupped the cheek he’d just slapped. “Anything you want.” His voice was filled with love.

SungMin smiled as Hankyung halted in his tracks. He reached up a hand to the confused man and beckoned him to the bed. RyeoWook had at some point grabbed the lube and without any further foreplay was shoving his fingers inside of SungMin, free hand molesting SungMin’s neglected penis.

SungMin moaned and shuddered under RyeoWook’s talented hands. He moved quickly from one finger to four, stretching SungMin as much as he could. SungMin stared up into Hankyung’s eyes, their hands grasping each others.

SungMin slowly pulled Hankyung’s hand to his mouth and began licking his fingers, taking each finger tip in turn into his mouth and sucking on them, imitating the act he’d so recently finished.

RyeoWook soon pulled Hankyung’s fingers from SungMin’s mouth and replaced them with his tongue. He held SungMin to him and rolled the both of them over so SungMin laid on his chest. Before SungMin could fully settle himself, RyeoWook pushed up into him.

SungMin groaned in pleasure. He loved when RyeoWook was in him. He felt so full. But RyeoWook didn’t thrust into him for long. Too soon he was still beneath SungMin, holding the older boy to him and kissing him passionately.

SungMin’s heart began to race in fear. He wasn’t ready for this. Wasn’t ready. He surely couldn’t. The pain was going to be too much. And then he felt the head of Hankyung against him. Tears sprang to his eyes. He didn’t want this anymore.

RyeoWook kissed his tears away. “SungMin.” He whispered. “Look at me, please.” SungMin shook his head. He was terrified. “Please, baby, please look at me.”

SungMin wanted to cry and shake his head no again but the trust he felt in that voice slowly pried his eyes open. He stared down into the love that shone in RyeoWook’s eyes.

“SungMin, would I ever do anything that would truly hurt you?”

SungMin shook his head no.

“Do you trust me?”

A nod yes.

“Then please, baby, relax.” RyeoWook coaxed. “I promise you, it will all be okay.”

SungMin nodded. He tried so hard to relax. Tears were still leaking from his eyes and he buried his face in RyeoWook’s neck.

Hankyung pushed slowly, ever so slowly into SungMin. He just knew that RyeoWook was letting Hankyung know when to pause and when to keep going. But that didn’t stop it from hurting.

Sooner than SungMin expected Hankyung was fully inside of him. SungMin held onto RyeoWook tight, forcing his body to relax as Hankyung slowly pulled back before thrusting in again.

SungMin couldn’t hold back the cries as Hankyung began a slow rhythm. It hurt. There was some pleasure, but mostly pain. He held on tightly to RyeoWook as Hankyung’s thrusting sped up. He wanted to keep burying his face in RyeoWook’s neck, but he didn’t want to cry out. He turned his chin up, teeth sinking keep into the pillow and latching down to muffle himself.

The random thrusts along the sweet spot inside of him made everything bearable, almost pleasurable. But not nearly enough. He whined in pain as Hankyung thrust harsher.

“Only you.” SungMin suddenly whispered, voice ragged.

“Hmm?” RyeoWook asked while he kissed every inch of SungMin he could.

“I only want you.” SungMin whispered again.

RyeoWook held SungMin tighter. “In a little bit, baby.”

SungMin brought his lips to RyeoWook’s, kissing him deeply. Hankyung was thrusting harshly into him, and groaning loudly. He was at his limit. SungMin was only thankful when he felt Hankyung pull completely out of him. Hot cum sprayed across his back be he could only relax completely on RyeoWook. The pain was gone.

RyeoWook slowly rolled his hips, thrusting shallowly. Hankyung fell to the side, panting. “Sit up SungMin.” RyeoWook said.

He helped as SungMin winced and tried his best to sit himself up. RyeoWook’s hands were hot against SungMin’s hips and held him in place as SungMin sat on RyeoWook, his cock deeper inside of him. It rubbed everywhere SungMin liked and he felt himself get back into the mood.

“Satisfied?” RyeoWook asked.

Hankyung smirked and rolled onto his back. “I wanted to cum inside him.”

“You did his mouth.”

“Its not the same RyeoWook.”

SungMin groaned softly as RyeoWook began tiny thrusts up into him. He leaned back, his arms supporting him from behind.

“But you see, Hankyung, even though SungMin will let himself be fucked by whomever I say, I won’t let it happen without me there.”

Hankyung chuckled. “Even if you put him through more pain?”

RyeoWook looked up at SungMin. “Babe, would you rather what just happened or for Hankyung to fuck you alone?”

SungMin looked over at Hankyung. His mind was blank from all words. Except for one “RyeoWook.”

RyeoWook smirked. “See?”

Hankyung only sat up and got off his bed. RyeoWook thrust harder up into SungMin, his hand reaching up and jacking SungMin faster than his own rhythm. SungMin began panting wildly. He always was too damn quick to cum.

RyeoWook was thrusting harsher and harsher up into him. He turned SungMin around before flipping them over. SungMin couldn’t support himself and RyeoWook held his hips up with bruising force.

He pounded into SungMin. “He. Is. Mine. Hankyung.” RyeoWook grated out through thrusts and moans. “And I. Am. HIS!”

SungMin’s back arched, and he felt a small scream pulled raw through his throat. Orgasm ripped through him, sharp and fiery. It was as painful as it was ecstasy. He came hard, spraying his second orgasm of the night onto RyeoWook’s hand and Hankyung’s bed.

RyeoWook was almost violent in his thrusting, his own orgasm within reach. SungMin moaned through it all. He wanted, needed, RyeoWook to cum inside him. SungMin turned his head, watching Hankyung and seeing the jealousy in his eyes.

SungMin milked RyeoWook’s orgasm for all it was worth, feeding the jealousy in Hankyung’s eyes. He was wanton and called out RyeoWook’s name over and over. SungMin wanted to show those jealousy eyes what was his, and his alone.

RyeoWook collapsed on top of SungMin, forcing the boy to fall into the wet pool of his own release. SungMin whimpered as RyeoWook pulled out of him. They laid there, eyes closed, catching their breath. Finally RyeoWook moved off of SungMin.

None of them said a word as RyeoWook stood up and helped SungMin to his feet. With a gentleness he reserved only for SungMin, he helped the boy to his feet and into his clothes.

“I wanted you, RyeoWook.” Hankyung called out just before the two reached the door.

“I know.” He called back. His arm wrapped around SungMin’s shoulder. “And now you know why you can’t ever have me.”

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