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09 September 2007 @ 08:39 pm
One Day of War
Title: One Day of War
Rating: PG-13?
Pairings: HanYeh, Sibum, Jaychul
Notes: Supposed to be crack or humour fic, but I’m in a bad mood all day and it turns out like this. So sorry…..

One Day of War

Today is the very rare day of Super Junior and Dong Bang Shin Ki where both sides have free time on the same day and quickly decided they should spend time together.

Leeteuk and Yunho are chatting and sharing their historical lives of the hardships of a leader.
Yehsung and Kibum are reading books in the small library a.k.a. Kibum’s room.
Hankyung, Siwon and Shindong are going out to buy groceries and visit the CD shops (because buying groceries didn’t count as holiday, Shindong has complained).
Yoochun, Changmin and Kyuhyun have their own business in front of the computer doing who knows what.
Heechul’s currently sleeping in his room.

And the rest?

Ryeowook pops his head into Kibum’s room without knocking and look straight at the residents inside.
“Hyung, do you know where’s my super strength?”

Yehsung blinks and Kibum looks up at the boy immediately. “Your what?”

Ryeowook pouts at the answer. “My super strength, hyung! Oh, I guess you don’t know then…” and he left without another word.

Kibum shrugs and stands up to pick another book. Yehsung….well, he looks confused. Afterall it’s not everyday that his dongsaeng, this particular dongsaeng, asking such a weird thing. May be Donghae has infected him with his alien virus?

“Hyung, Kibummie…..did you see Jaejoong hyung? He must be somewhere around here with Junsu.”

Yehsung blinks again. Well, speak of the devil. Donghae definitely will live a long life.
“No, it’s only the two of us here for the last hour.”

“Damn, I must find them! Hah, I’ll show them my super strength is better!”

This time, both Yehsung and Kibum look at him. Then look at each other with the same confused looks. “Did he just say super strength?”

About half an hour later, Leeteuk and Yunho look up at the opened door to find Yehsung and Kibum enter with confused and somewhat irritated looks.
“Hyung, do you know what happened with them?”
“Everyone! Ok, almost….For the past half an hour they just keep coming to my room, talking nonsense about super strength and searching the other guys with the same thing..”
Yunho laughs at them.
“Not funny, Yunho, they are disturbing our peaceful reading!”
“I haven’t even move from the same page!”
Leeteuk grins at them “Calm down, just read your books here ok? And if you’re talking about Jaejoong, Junsu, Ryeowook, Kangin and the trio…..well….just see what will happen~”

So Yehsung and Kibum resume their reading at the living room. 15 minutes later, a very sleepy yet irritated Heechul enters the room with some unknown grumbling.
“Let me guess….they were there in your room fighting with each others?”
Heechul shots Yunho an annoyed look but nods and jump to the couch next to Kibum’s, trying to sleep again.


Heechul’s eyes shot open immediately. Kibum jumps from his seat and Yehsung’s toppled over the chair he was sitting with an oh-so-not-graceful manner. Leeteuk and Yunho look at them “Prepare yourselves, here they come.”
Sungmin then enters the room with a fake teary face. “Hyuuunngg~~~ the Kims are playing dirty!! They are overweight by one!”
The three Kims (Heechul, Yehsung, Kibum) are staring wide eyes at him. What’s that he said? Who or what overweight by one???

“Hey! Whaddaya mean overweight by one huh?? Come back here, baby Lee!!”

KAngin’s loud voice could be heard and soon he enters the room and starts chasing Sungmin in a small circle in the middle of living room.
“Donghae-ah! Hyukkie-ah! Heeellppp!!!!”
The other two Lees soon came running. “Hyung, you forgot your super strength!” Donghae throws a small pink stick to Sungmin.

Finally Yehsung and Kibum can see what the ‘super strength’ is…..no way!!
Is that…?


Sungmin immediately stops running when he caught the eraser “Hah! I’ve got my strength back! Let’s see you try defeat me, hyung! I shall fight you with the power of pink bunnies in my strength!!!”
Soon he has a fierce match with Kangin. And the leaders really really REALLY have to control their laughter after the mighty pink bunny declarations.

“Ahaaaa!!! So you guys here!” Jaejoong grins at them from the door “Su! Wookie! Let’s attack them!” and Jaejoong running inside with Junsu and Ryeowook in tows.
“I’ll give you a taste of my super strength!!” Junsu actually declared loudly while swinging his own lipstick eraser around. Kibum can see that all of the not-so-sane guys are holding the same lipstick erasers but with different colors. Sungmin has pink, Donghae has blue, Eunhyuk has yellow, Kangin has green, Junsu has orange, Ryeowook has red and Jaejoong has purple.
Soon, the war of ‘super strength’ within the Lee clan and the Kim clan are starting again. Perhaps with more fierce since they have lots of space here (at least much more spacey than Heechul’s room).
All the while, the leaders are just looking and laughing at their so called war. But poor Heechul, who’s become more and more irritated by each seconds finally has had it.

“Just what the hell are you doing?!?! I’m trying to sleep and you keep disturbing me!!!!!”

The two clans look up at him. They are staring at the three last Kims remain and slowly have some wide grins that could rival Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. By this time, Kibum and Yehsung already can smell the doom. Yunho claps his hands together and prays for their safety. Leeteuk just smiles sadly at them and mouthed ‘I can’t help you with this, just bear with it.’ Seems like Heechul, with his sleepy state of mind, is the only one remains oblivious with the Cheshire cats with eraser sticks in their paws *coughshandscoughs*.

“Did you just challenge us, hyung?”
“Oooh….that’s very brave of you~”
“Eh, there are two other Kims besides him!”
“Oh no..!”
“Hehehe~~ let’s show them our super strength!”

Yehsung and Kibum should have train themselves not in the gym but a marathon around Seoul. Their feet aren’t trained enough to escape the cats and their super strength.
All to soon, the Lee clan fighting the Kim clan with their super strength while the poor Kim victims trying their best to defend themselves with emergency guards-----the couch’s small pillows.

This is the scene where Shindong, Siwon and Hankyung came back. The war stops for a moment with Siwon’s ‘what are you guys doing?’ but both Siwon and Hankyung politely declined the invitation to join the war, especially when they see a red faced Heechul mushed in between Junsu and Donghae. Yehsung, seeing the grocery bags in hankyung’s hands, kicks Ryeowook out of his stomach and grabs the bags. “I’ll help you putting this!” and gone to the kitchen in 3 seconds. Hankyung just giggles and follows his lover to the kitchen, fearing the wrath of the soldiers now that the bags aren’t in his hands anymore.

Kibum too, immediately grabs Siwon’s hand and drags him to his room “Come on, hyung! I wanna hear the new CD you just bought. Let’s just spend time together all day long with some musics!” Siwon grins happily at that. He has to thank the war soldiers later for this, as long as they’re not disturbing his quality time with Kibum. Siwon is an opportunist and this is one opportunity he’s been dying to have.

How about Heechul? Sleepy or not, the resident Cinderella is smart. He just looks up at Shindong, turns to Junsu and Donghae “What are you waiting for? Let’s get Shindong too!!”
He’s not the princess for nothing. Junsu and Donghae quickly stand up and grab Shindong to join the war. Too bad, because by doing so, they actually open an emergency exit for Heechul and our princess finally escapes. Knowing very well that the Super Junior apartment they are currently reside isn’t safe anymore, he quickly run to the front door, grabs his jacket and puts his shoes in a record time. When Yunho asks Leeteuk where he’s going, Leeteuk just whispers ‘probably to his lover’s warm arms’.

In the computer room, Yochun turns to his dongsaengs “Do you think it’s safe outside?” Kyuhyun and Changmin both shake heir heads furiously. “Let’s just stay here until Teukie umma calls for dinner” Yoochun nods and the three go back watching porn CDs they found scattered around the apartment this morning. Although they are curious about them, no one in their right minds would go outside to ask. Innocent people shouldn’t go to the warground, right?

Later that night, Leeteuk picks up the phone and smiles when he hears Heechul’s tired voice. Yunho just checked up the boys and here’s the progress report he just wrote:
1. Found Yehsung and Hankyung in the bathroom-----they are quite loud inside
2. A smirking Siwon has a sleeping topless *probably in his birthday suit* Kibum under the bedcover with soft romantic music playing in the air
3. Found Yoochun with a nosebleed and a boiled-lobster face Changmin in front of the computer
4. Edit no.3: found Kyuhyun inside the bedcover behind Changmin’s seat-----he’s peeking to the computer some times
5. The war soldiers are all dead in the living room with loud voices and tangled limbs. Luckily no damage except some ruined pillows.
6. Found Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach anime DVDs at Donghae’s room

“So how are you, Heechul hyung?” Yunho finally took charge of the phone because Leeteuk couldn’t control his laughter after reading Yunho’s report. ‘No wonder they have the super strength idea all of a sudden! And with lipstick-eraser!!!’ he gasps after reading the last one.

“Horrible!” Heechul mumbled “I came here to rest but Jay has to do something which made me restless since noon, damn it!”
Yunho can hear Jay’s soft and tired voice behind Heechuls voice and smirks.

“I bet he just make you all the more sleepy~~ and satisfied too XD”

“You’re so dead Jung Yun----AH! JAY!!! Don’t touch me there!!!”


Lame, I know. Sorry....
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enchanted1312 on September 9th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
lmao, seriously, i couldn't believe that jae join in the fight and he was the oldest of DBSK? *shakes head* well, at least he is better off doing the war itself. and sungmin cute confession, lmao, i think pink-power really suits his cute image. hehe. but heechul gotta win the war, being able to escape the war without having the need to right, sneaky him! >
chocochinnochocochinno on September 11th, 2007 12:06 pm (UTC)
oh but jaejae here is sneaky~~ and actually i have this scenario in my head:

sungmin: umma!! come play with us!
teukie: sungmin dear, umma's tired after work yeaterday. lemme rest ok?
kangin: minnie, come! let your umma rest & appa will play with you & your brothers, k?
lee trio: yay!!!

junsu: yunnie~~ you don't wanna play with me?
yunho: su, i need to rest after so much works this week.....go ask your brothers ok?
junsu: but chunnie said he needs to teach changmin & kyuhyun english *pouts* no one wanna paly with me~!!
jaejae: now, now, junsu....daddy's tired. mommy will play with you, ok?
junsu: eh really? yayyy!!!

and that's that. LOLLLL~~

chullie has escaped but not without scratches from the war XD
enchanted1312 on September 11th, 2007 12:48 pm (UTC)
*rolls over the floor laughing*

ok, i get the whole picture. the image of yunho and eetuek going home, tired, lmao. what a joyful family both suju and dbsk would make. *glee*
chocochinnochocochinno on September 14th, 2007 02:53 pm (UTC)
joyful may it seems, but combined them & locked them up in 1 storage room then my story above will be 1 of the rarely 'sane' days of them LOLZ

hyperbolic, yeah XD
fantasylove4evfantasylove4ev on September 9th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
hahaha. love heechul "AH! JAY!!! Don’t touch me there!!!"- LOVE that part.
chocochinnochocochinno on September 11th, 2007 12:07 pm (UTC)
oh i just have to add that to make the princess enjoy himself, hohoho~~
suju_arisuju_ari on September 10th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
hahaha!!! I love Yunho's report!!!! XDDDD WIN!!!! XDDDDDD

chocochinnochocochinno on September 11th, 2007 12:07 pm (UTC)
thanks!!! yeah, that too is one of the most interesting part when i wrote this XD
ryou_no_baka: Heechulryou_no_baka on September 10th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
Erm... I think I'm dead now... suffocated while laughing or something...
WHen you described the colors of the "super strength" things I wondered vaguely if this some weird variation of Sailor Moon *lol*
Wonderful! Really!
And our dear Rella! I love him XD
chocochinnochocochinno on September 11th, 2007 12:11 pm (UTC)
i'll confess to you: this is based on true story from my classmates incredibely unbelievable acts one day in our canteen------wihch continues until a few days after LOL

and they did mention about wedding peach & sailor moon~~ but they weren't fighting of course, just posing around ^______^ successfully making me & my seniors laughing like crazy
ryou_no_baka: Donghaeryou_no_baka on September 12th, 2007 01:43 pm (UTC)
Your're classmates are crazy, right?
But anyways it sounds really funny ^__^
chocochinnochocochinno on September 14th, 2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
they are! every single day since i first entered college up till now! but i love them like that, being on crack 24/7 and 12/1 LOLLL

and i believe the suju boys are like that too, 13 boys in a group are enough to destroy the whole SM building XDXD