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09 September 2007 @ 11:22 pm
Title: Nutmeg
Rating: PG for swearing and drug related… Stuff? Maybe M, just to be safe.
Pairings: Yehwook, Yehffee… Ummmm… I think probably some Kangteuk near the end
Genre: Crack, humour
Summary: Sungmin wants revenge

-I’m stuck on this, please help me out!-

It all started, Sungmin realised, with the lack of tea.

It seemed that it was halfway through the all important tea party, Held for the all important Mr Fluffikins, that his tea ran out and he was left with nothing to serve to the soft toys in attendance. Not wanting to be a bad host, he took the pot of coffee from the kitchen table and used that instead.

Needless to say, when Yehsung stormed into his room 10 minutes later, snatched up the nearest stuffed rabbit and threw it cleanly out the window into the pouring rain, Sungmin realised the mistake of his actions.


A few days later, Sungmin found himself crouching beside the doorway to the kitchen, waiting for the moment Yehsung would be distracted from his coffee.

He had found, over the past few days, that Yehsung wasn’t very easily distracted. He had tried everything from telling Donghae that Yehsung was an alien, to setting the oven on fire (Much to the distress of a poor Hankyung); but so far nothing had worked. He slid to the floor and set his head against the wall.

Ryeowook smiled and gave a cheery “Hi” as he walked past, and all too suddenly Yehsung had leapt from his chair, ushering the younger boy to the table and excitedly bringing him milk and bread and the toaster and cereal and a bowl, and Sungmin found his chance.

He happily slipped the whole container of what he was holding into Yehsung’s coffee pot, slipping casually into the hallway again before the older boy realised he was even there. Ryeowook watched him leave with an air of mischievous surprise, knowing exactly what Sungmin was up to and finding the idea utterly hilarious.

He declined the cup of coffee Yehsung offered him.


It was not such an unusual thing for people to be doing odd thing in the super junior apartment. Neither is it entirely uncommon for someone to be dancing. But Kangin knows something is horrendously wrong when Yehsung, Yehsung of all people, is teaching the fridge to dance.

Shindong waves him over to a seat next to him, telling him to just watch, it’s hilarious, and Kangin isn’t entirely sure he agrees. Kyuhyun is chuckling quietly to himself, Heechul is filming the event and Yehsung is vaguely wondering why his student had a door. Donghae looks about ready to fall off his chair and Kangin wonders, briefly, whether he would.

“$10 says he talks to the toaster” Siwon slapped a note on the table and leaned back, grinning. KiBum raised an eyebrow and put a $20 note besides Siwon’s, and all to suddenly the air was full of shouts and money was quickly piling up.

Yehsung had, by now, realised that there actually were people in the room with him, and he launched himself at the nearest person (A squirming Eunhyuk) and started to sing, loudly, a bizarre rendition of the 99 bottles song. Donghae, who was already teetering off his chair at the sight, finally did fall, and stayed on the ground, shoulders shaking in silent laughter. Heechul chattered excitedly and moved to capture the moment from a different angle, and Shindong ducked under the toy lightsaber someone had given the coffee lover to “Fend of the mutant carrots”.

“Just what did you do?” Kangin asked everyone. Sungmin turned to him, grinning, and showed him an empty container of…

“… Nutmeg?”

“Remember how I accidentally spilled all these spices into our food a few weeks ago? And no-one ate it except Eunhyuk because it was a dare? Well he started acting strange while you and Teukie hyung were out after, and I found out later that nutmeg is like a drug. So I put it in Yehsung’s coffee to get him back for making my poor bunny wet” He said, ignoring the loud shouts of the various suju boys.

Kangin surveyed the situation. Heechul was pushing someone out of the way, Shindong was making popcorn, Eunhyuk was avidly telling Yehsung about the “Tele-mat” that’d come pick him up in a few minutes to take him to visit Spiderman. Donghae hadn’t moved, and Kangin was beginning to wonder whether he was still alive, when Yehsung suddenly told everyone that the oven was the “Biggest a**hole I’ve ever MET!”

Laughter reigned for a few seconds, until Siwon casually reached over and moved the hand Yehsung was pointing accusingly at the oven so that it pointed to Heechul. The shocked silence that followed was deafening. YehSung peered intently at Heechul.

“Oh there you are, hyung, I was wondering why you looked so weird… As I was saying, You are the biggest a**hole I have ever met. You’ve even broken the air-conditioning with your pure a**holiness. You a**hole. You great, big…”

Yehsung toppled over, as it seemed his leg had given way, and he lay there, staring up at the ceiling wondering vaguely where everyone had gone. He heard the distinctive laughter of Kyuhyun and tried to focus on him.

“Kyuhyunnie~! Since when have you been a shapeless blob?”

“Ah… Just recently, hyung” the youngest replied, amongst hysterical laughter (And Heechul’s seething rage).

“Oh… It doesn’t really suit you, you know. You should go back to whoever did the plastic surgery and tell them to change you back. In fact, I bet that bastard Heechul had something to do with it, the flaming a**hole…”

“Thanks for the tip, Hyung”


Seriously. Wiki-search nutmeg. Inspired by a lecture on Drugs I attended randomly at my Sister's Uni

Hi!! I’m new and still learning, so if I’ve done anything wrong, please tell me so I can fix it up. As for this fic… I’m stuck. I’ve hit a wall. Met Sir Writer’s block. If you have ANY ideas as to what happens in the next scene, please tell me?

I won’t be able to continue this for a while, because I have things I have to sort out at the moment (Yay for new schools!) But I would really appreciate your help anyway.

Have a reeeeeaaaaaally good day! ~Riften
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enchanted1312 on September 9th, 2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
haha, that was utter crack, sneaky sungmin. but then min's soft toy is as important as yehsung's coffee so that would be like digging a grave should any of them threaten the other precious's belonging. hehe.
Fishy_Cloudfishy_cloud on September 10th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Yes! Sungmin's bunnies are VERY important. This coming from someone who has a pet bunny of her own, haha.

Yehsung's brought this upon himself.
Nhiavirjin on September 9th, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
This was lovely and great and awesome. I loved it because it's just so cracktastic. You really shouldn't worry about another scene because it's good as it is. But if you really want ideas, I say you turn this into a cycle of revenge. You know, Yehsung gets Sungmin back for getting him back. And then just run with the idea.

I'm really intrigued with the nutmeg thing. I think I'll try it on my sister. lol.

This was fun to read. I can't wait for more works, okay? ^_^
Fishy_Cloudfishy_cloud on September 10th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC)
Oooh, I can just imagine the implications of a revenge cycle. That'd be hilarious!

I didn't believe my sister's lecturer when she said that nutmeg is a drug of sorts... But it's true! Apparently it tastes really yucky though, so I guess this is a little unrealistic; YehSung would taste it straight away. But then, the whole story is very unrealistic, so who cares? Haha.
kenshinjunkie03kenshinjunkie03 on September 9th, 2007 09:48 pm (UTC)
this crack was well worth reading^^ *still laughing* the last lines = pure cracky genius^^
blaithinmcr_vampire94 on September 10th, 2007 06:21 am (UTC)
Yayness!! you finally learnt how to put the story under cut! So proud. And you added more to it!!!! When is teukie coming in, you a-hole. Come online!!! Im commenting cuz im nice.
I want to give nutmeg to wendy on camp. That would be fun! 0oo lets get her to buy us chocopies!! I want some now :(
Tallkkk to mee
-singing- Its rain, Its rain, Its raining
Fishy_Cloudfishy_cloud on September 10th, 2007 07:21 am (UTC)
Haha it's not letting me talk to you. I'll talk to you when I get back from getting ice cream, it should be working by then. It took me 20 mins to get the html right!. It kept stuffing up on me and I was sorely wishing you were there to tell me how to fix it. But I managed. No thanks to you! -Sticks tongue out-

Yes! I can imagine, giving her looooots of nutmeg and then telling her that the Yeti will come and EAT her unless she buys us lots and lots of chocopies. So glad we found the good brand!
ryou_no_baka: EunHaeryou_no_baka on September 10th, 2007 03:17 pm (UTC)
*giggle* deluxe!
That was pure crack and I loved it... And Kangin the sane and wondering one in this was quite hilarious too ^__^