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29 March 2010 @ 10:34 pm
The Good, the Evil, and the Heechul (1/?)  
Title: The Good, the Evil, and the Heechul (1/?)
Pairing/Characters: Main!SiChul and HanChul. Minor!Kangteuk, Kyumin, Kihae (So far)
Rating: PG-13... For now....
Genre: AU, romance, humor (?)
Warning: The base of my ideas came from things like reincarnation and sutff of the like. Hey, some people feel uncomfortable with these things... But it's mostly made up, anyways...
Summary: In the first life, it hadn't worked out, but when Siwon is told to be Heechul's new Guardian Angel, he takes it as a second chance, even if Heechul can't see or hear him (So he thinks) let alone touch him. Not to mention a jealous old friends come to interfere...

A/N: A lot changed as I wrote the first chapter...

Chapter 1
"Heechul, I'm not a hallucination, or a ghost, or a hologram, or whatever else you think I might be." Siwon looked the shorter man in the eye, "I'm... I'm an Angel."

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