Nica (veezhi) wrote in miracle______,

[One shot] Falling Slowly

title: Falling Slowly
pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
rating: G
genre: fluff, romance
summary:: To love means to accept the risk of not being loved in return; to love is to find someone who is willing to accept you, no matter how imperfect or how incomplete you are. Unrequited love will always remain unrequited unless you're willing to take that one brave step forward. This is what Kyuhyun thinks, but about Sungmin?
Notes: I hate typos and grammatical errors but they seem to love me. And a love-hate relationship like this breeds perfection. In short, I'm too lazy to check for typose and grammatical errors. D:
disclaimer: Sanity dictates that sadly, I do not own Super Junior

Is there some kind of logic when it comes to love?
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