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25 March 2010 @ 05:38 pm
No Big Deal [prologue + ch 1 + ch 2]  
Title: No Big Deal (ongoing)
Author: Fever (me)

Main Characters: Hangeng, Heechul
Pairing: hanchul
Rating: PG-13 (with some variation)
Genre: Romance, Tragedy
Summary: Hangeng has never been one to get emotionally involved. When his first experience with what should have been love became something entirely different, he simply gave up and accepted what he thought was the absolute truth; all you can expect from a relationship is sex, and sex isn't particularly significant. But one day, all this changes when he finds himself attracted to Kim Heechul; a proud, fascinating, pompous...man. Will Hangeng, with his sealed-off heart, be able to take in this mountain of new emotions, or will he end up losing the one thing that's ever come close to being "precious"?

Warning: Some chapters rated M for sexual content!

Links (click!) : Prologue || Chapter One || Chapter Two