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25 March 2010 @ 03:48 pm
[FanFic] Caught (Re-uploaded)  

Title: Caught
Parings: Yoochun/Sungmin
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fluff and probably implied sex
A/N : For earlier chap. its on my journal you can check it out there maxism12  (thats me!!) and this fic was also worked on by ajikto  who will giggle with me! Thankuuu!!! :D (Hopefully this will work!) 
Summary:....they get caught(?)


He heard Sungmin on the phone, muttering those three words so easily to someone else, how he wanted those three words to be directed to him, to be meant for him. He wanted Sungmin and he wanted Sungmin to want him and him alone.
He pretended to sleep and shut his eyes, feeling Sungmin’s bare chest against his back was comforting but not securing.
One day Kim Kibum would ask Sungmin to move with him and Sungmin would and he would not bother to spare Yoochun a look.
He felt Sungmin dozing off to sleep next to him; he slowly turned around and cradled his face in his hands. Here was a man who had Yoochun on his knees. He was not someone who Yoochun would fall for, he liked pink, he was active like a bunny, and loved peanut butter. Everything Yoochun hated. And yet…yet he was crazily in love with his man.
He slid out the bed, got dressed and silently left the room. He had might has well forget Sungmin, there was no way Sungmin would anything but fucking hot sex from a bartender.

 It had been a month, two weeks, three days and four hours since Yoochun saw Sungmin after that…but who was counting?
Yoochun resumed his work in the bar; it was eleven in the night.
Being a weekday the bar was more or less empty except for a couple of losers here and there moaning about their girlfriends leaving them.
He turned around to arrange the wine glasses on the rack, when he heard the door to the bar open.
He sighed. “Back to work…” he thought.

“How may I help-“ He met with a pair of lips smashed against his. After what seemed like hours of heavenly experience, Yoochun got shoved back, he was staring at Sungmin’s angry face.

Where the fuck have you been..?” Sungmin asked still not letting go off Yoochun’s collar.
“I searched like a crazy bitch for you for more then one month…do you know that?”
“You knew which bar I worked in…!”
“I forgot...I was drunk remember? Why didn’t you answer my calls? Why weren’t you home? Where were you?”
“ME?” Yoochun screamed, tugging Sungmin’s hand off his collar. “Look, I don’t want to create a scene in my workplace. Just go back to your boyfriend and have fun.”

 Sungmin stared at him for a while before grabbing on to his wrist and pulling him out of his counter, much to Yoochun’s unwanted disapproval.

“Sungmin…I’m working.”

“I don’t care…”


“SHUT UP! Or I’ll fuck you right here!”

 For a man with feminine personality, Sungmin was very strong, as he pushed Yoochun into his car and drove like mad animal to his apartment.

 “Sungmin…I…Don’t…Think…We…” Yoochun tried speaking in between Sungmin’s hot kisses.

“I told you to shut up…” Sungmin said yanking Yoochun’s belt in one go. “I’m hungry…”

“What about Kibum?”

“What about Kibum? Things he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.”

Sungmin locked their lips again together, working on Yoochun’s shirt at the same time.

“Yoochun-ah...” Sungmin pulled back from the kiss, leaving Yoochun dazed and turned on.

“Whatever it is…tell me later! I need me in you NOW!”

“Yoochun-ah…I…I love you…”

 Yoochun froze.
Time stopped for him, he wanted to treasure this moment for life and never let Sungmin go. He cupped his palms on Sungmin and kissed him in answer, before tripping him on the bed and mentally making up his mind to slam the life out of Sungmin when;

 They both turned and saw Kibum staring at them; wide-eyed.

  This bit by ajikto 

Yoochun watches from the door, Sungmin's back facing him. It has been a while, a week actually, since the incident and Sungmin hasn't stepped in his apartment ever since. Maybe because of the memories; Yoochun assumes. Maybe he feels guilty whenever he sees pictures of him and Kibum hanging on the wall, Yoochun can tell by the two, three times he has been there. Maybe he's trying to avoid Kibum, maybe he just wants to be alone, maybe he needs time to think, maybe he misses Kibum. But Yoochun doesn't want to believe the last assumption, because, well, mainly just because he wish Sungmin isn't.

 Yoochun made a soft knock on the door. "Sungmin-ah, dinner is ready!" It'll be the same for everyday, Sungmin doesn't reply nor give any sign that he heard Yoochun, and today wasn't an exception either, yet Yoochun waits a couple of minutes before shuffling to the kitchen.

 He lives alone, always have been after moving to Seoul, except that one time he shared a room with a complete maniac, he kicked the crazy guy out earlier than he paid for. But it didn't concern Yoochun in any way, because he prefered to be alone. Now however, is a different situation; he wants Sungmin to stay, but he doesn't know how to wipe that from off Sungmin's face. He tried...

"You can't cry all day you know!" Yoochun makes a statement, Sungmin shots up abruptly. "Did you see the look on his face? Did you see the glare in his eyes? Did you see the disbelief, the...betrayed expression he gave? Do you think I can live with that?" Yoochun couldn't comment on that. Not when Sungmin's eyes are all puffy and red. The kid needs sleep but stopping himself from getting enough. But even that didn't work.

"Sungmin I'm going to wor-" Yoochun stopped his step, his sentence and stared at unoccupied bulk in the spare room. "Sungmin?" he searched the room. "SUNGMIN-AH!" he started running from room to room, out of the apartment, down the stairs, out of the building, and he kept spinning, and turning with non-stop screaming Sungmin's name.

"Where'd you go?"

He ignores the eyes and confused expression of pedestrians walking by, he also ignores the ringing of his phone (a colleague he assumes, urging him to hurry for his shift) because the imperative matter in his mind is Sungmin. More speculations keeps playing in his head. Maybe Sungmin's running to Kibum, maybe Sungmin went to buy some snacks, maybe he just wanted a night walk. But he doesn't know where Kibum's apartment it, he has checked the stores opening at that hour, and he has walked through all the near streets in the neighborhood, yet still no sign of Sungmin.

 'Maybe he wants to kill himself!' Yoochun lifts up his hand, and slaps his face willingly. 'How can you think of that?' but the more he thinks about it, the more he sees it logically. He takes a cab to the Han river and could only hope that Sungmin's there; alive.

With the judder of his heart, even his mind couldn't think straight. The image of Sungmin committing suicide alone is already something Yoochun wish he would never have to experience. When the cab arrived, he paid the driver without bothering to take change. He runs to the bridge, panting for breathe. There stood someone with the height similar to Sungmin, and a haircut that match too. He paced slowly to the figure.

"You scared me!" or rather it was the other way around because the shorter man jumped. "How come you always show up all of a sudden?" Sungmin asks, and the older man let out a small chuckle. "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Not actually answering the question, but Sungmin didn't ask further, so the topic was dropped. "Why did you leave without a note? You almost gave me a heartattack!" quite literally, considering the rapid increase of his heartbeat rate when he was in search for Sungmin.

Sungmin didn't answer, and kept staring at the river. Yoochun's eyes dropped to Sungmin's hands.

"Where are your gloves?" Sungmin looks up at him. "Where are you gloves?" he asks again.

"I didn't bring them from my apartment, and I didn't want to borr- what are you doing?" Yoochun ignored the question and took off his right hand glove. He took Sungmin's right hand and wore the glove on it. He then took Sungmin's left hand, rubbed it, blowing it, trying to give heat, and then he intertwined their fingers, stuffing the two joint hands in his jacket pocket.

Sungmin just stares at him, when Yoochun was done, he smiled at Sungmin. "Why are you so kind to me?" he asks Yoochun. "Because I love you!" It wasn't a secret, Yoochun has expressed his love in many ways, verbally and physically, even by the small gestures in their daily life; it's Yoochun's ways fo saying 'I love you' subtly

"Look, I know you love Kibum. I want you to love me, but I 'm not Kibum, never will be, and I don't want to act like him or dress like him or talk like him, because I don't want you to love me as a replacement of Kibum. I want you to love because of who I am, because I'm Park Yoochun." Yoochun explain, and Sungmin keeps staring at him, which Yoochun takes as a gin to continue.

 "I won't force you to get over Kibum, because that will hurt you more and that's the last thing I want to do. I'll help you get over him, and I'll wait till you are." Yoochun steps closer.

 "I just ask for one thing." he placed his free left palm on Sungmin's right cheek.

 "Please let me love you!" and he plants a kiss on Sungmin's lips.

 There comes the tingling sensation again, the butterflies in his stomach, the bells in his head, the flipping, the flopping, yadiyadiyadiyada. No matter how many times he feels Sungmin's lips on his, he would still have all those feelings; and he himself is confused whether it's a good thing or a bad one. But when he kisses Sungmin, the world stops spinning and time become slower, and his mind turns blank, he can't think of anything.

 Good or bad, who cares?


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→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on March 25th, 2010 11:51 am (UTC)
It Worked!!!
i'm not fail (..as of yet!)
emi84: sad Eeteukemi84 on March 25th, 2010 12:34 pm (UTC)
And what about Kibum, well they both cheat and not only Sungmin that should feel guilty.. Continue would you?
→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on March 25th, 2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
working on it!!
look out for the posts ^__^
ajiktoajikto on March 25th, 2010 12:47 pm (UTC)
dude~ can I change your layout? I'm tempted coz I saw htis cute layout css code, and a DBSK banner (where Yoochun looks so FINE) and em, it's okay if you don't want me to.

But I'm like really curious, do you just write, and let them get lost in the community?
→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on March 25th, 2010 12:50 pm (UTC)
your tempting me~~~~~~

okay okay fix my layout for me!!!!
i will love you forever~~~ hopeful Changmin will look good in the banner!

→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on March 25th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
but i wont be able to post anything for the next 5 days~~
going out of town~~
Miss Me!!!
ajikto: for real?ajikto on March 25th, 2010 12:54 pm (UTC)

Oh so you're changmin bias, I'll put just Changmin there, you'll see in the next 10 minutes. *wink wink*
→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on March 25th, 2010 12:59 pm (UTC)
KaNGaRooBB: SiMinkangaroobb on March 25th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
i think i should comment at two place?

and f**k,
i thought Min is so horrible that he is two-timing ...
who knows...
kibum -____-||| is the same...

i love this!!
disneyland fic XD
why? Micky + Minnie XD