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Song Hee Ra

Of love, trust and betrayal (Chapter 3)

Title: Of love, trust and betrayal (Chapter 3/7)
Genre: Bad Romance.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/girl!Sungmin, Donghae/girl!Sungmin, kid!Yesung/kid!Ryeowook
Rating: R overall because of the bad theme of incest love/lust. (might come across the border of NC17. but we'll see about that. XD
Warnings: Un-betaed. Incest.
Word Count: 2,038
Summary: Kyuhyun needed only her. She needed only him. And for them, even with all the consequences their actions might bring, it is still all that matters. (This chapter, the plot becomes clearer [or so i think~ XD] and... well... complications are introduced~ ^.^)
A/N: This is my birthday fic for Maxy!! ^.^ -glomps- I hope it doesn't suck that much though~ O_O *dies* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB!! Constructives or the other way around,,, i would like to hear from you guys~ (specially the silent readers~ XD) just be gentle~ thanks! ^.^ oh and sorry for the late update~ *dies*

It's the only place I belong to anyway...

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