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Author: leunah23
Pairing: Kihae, Kyuwook, slight Shichul, Hanchul
Length: 18/?
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Smut
Rating: NC 17
Characters: Super Junior, TOP as Seunghyeun

Summary: We all have our own monsters under our beds and inside our closets but the most dangerous ones are those inside our heads. For one Kim Kibum, mind-fucking was an entirely new thing but he found out that it was dangerously delicious if done with an equally fucked up man.

Author: It had been AGES since my last update…even I thought that continuing this series was impossible. By this time, there will probably be only 2-3 people who will remember that this fic ever existed. My deepest apologies for those who read this, I hope I can update this more often now. Feel free to review Chapter 17 here, if you need to remember what was the last thing that happened.  New reader? Feel free to start here .  Enjoy reading! 

NEW!!! CHAPTER 18!!! Here


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