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A Tale Of The Winged And The Wingless [Super Junior; Oneshot; Kyumin+Qmi]

Title: A Tale Of The Winged And The Wingless
Pairings: broken!kyumin, Qmi
Disclaimer: This is not true. I own no one.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Sungmin had hurt him more than the people who crippled him. They hurt him physically, pulling at his feathers till a layer of blood covered his naked body. They stripped him of his natural instincts and crushed his bones when they lacked entertainment. Sungmin, however, had hurt him mentally, betraying his trust and being the reason as to why he could no longer fly and be free. Kyuhyun hated Sungmin with a passion, but knew that the memories they created together were the only brush with normality that he had ever experienced.
A/N: This was written about three or four months ago and I never really had the intention to post it, so there may be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry. When I first started writing it, I wanted to be very descriptive and focus on the setting a lot, but then as it progressed it sort of.. changed. Also, I played around with the ages a bit. ANYWAY, I hope you guys enjoy the read! Eeep, first time ever posting anything here. Nervous? I think so...

A Tale Of The Winged And The Wingless
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