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SiBum two-shot (2/2)

Title: Opposites Attract
Pairing: SiBum (main), other couples mentioned
Rating: ... PG15 I think?
Genre: failed!smut, romance, humor (some parts), some fluff or angst too
Disclaimer: I don't own SJ.. *sobs*
Summary: Shindong and other SJ members organize a blind date~

A/N: This is the last part^^ I hope chuu guys enjoyed the first part and soon will enjoy the whole two-shot. :) Kekeke, yes, I love jelly <3

Also, to those who missed the first part, here's the link:

“We’re here to eat you guys alive…”

~ Here's the last part~


“Why are you with me, Kyuhyun?”

“Huh? Oh. I don’t know. Since we’re both young?”


“What has been happening between you and Siwon?”

“Not using hyung huh? But… I can’t remember. I was about to tell Teukie hyung about it a while ago but I tripped on a rock and I forgot. Maybe I’ll remember later?”

“Maybe Siwon’s been fed up about you always being MIA.” Kyuhyun began chuckling.

“I’m proud to say that me being MIA is what Siwon hyung loves about me!” Kibum talked back to the laughing maknae.

“Oh whatever. Just look forward for what me and Min have in stored for you guys~”

“Why do I feel like it’s going to be the end of the world…?”

“Oh but it won’t~” Kyuhyun whispered sarcastically to Kibum, “It will be a start of a new one~”

“Shut up, Kyuhyun.”


“Ahhhh! I don’t get it, hyung!” Siwon confessed as he scratched his head.

“What don’t you get?”

“Kibum… I don’t understand why he’s so… It’s making me worry.”

“Maybe you did something wrong?”

“I don’t think I did… I’ve always tried talking to him since he came back from his play but he would just respond with a nod or a faint smile or wouldn’t respond at all.”

“Ah… Kibum’s just like that. He’s a really quiet person you know.” Sungmin tried comforting his dongsaeng by hugging his arm tighter.

“Hyung… I really want to fix this now…!”

“Baah~ don’t worry. You’ll fix it later when Kyu and I show you guys what we have in stored…” Sungmin suddenly gave Siwon a huge grin but started laughing for realizing that his dongsaeng couldn’t even see him.

“Any hints?”

“None~ but promise me you’ll do whatever I or Kyu say. Okay?”

“I promise, hyung.”

~*a few minutes of walking*~

“We’re here~”

“Where, exactly?”

“Oh… Well, this place was specially prepared by the other members—“

“And us~” Kyuhyun continued.

“Yes, Kyu, and us. Just for you two~”

Sungmin started clapping and Kyuhyun went ahead in seating the couple to their respective seats. Siwon and Kibum sat opposite to where Kyuhyun and Sungmin were sitting. The other members were perfectly hiding behind the bushes near KyuMin and Shindong came with drinks and left them on the table. Siwon could almost hear the other members’ laughter while Kibum was oblivious.

“Are you ready to start the last task for this activity?” Kyuhyun asked sounding rather serious suddenly.

The couple nodded and Kyuhyun and Sungmin exchanged perverted smiles before shifting back to the two members.

“Do you guys like playing games?”


“"Not the MMO's that Kyu loves, okay?" Sungmin added before any one of the two could answer.

“Awwww…” Kyuhyun sighed and followed by a chuckle.

“I like games~” Siwon answered first.

“I prefer reading a book than playing games…” Kibum silently answered.

“Ahhh… Opposites?” Kyuhyun glanced at Sungmin who was drinking.


“We hear that word a lot these days…” Siwon muttered to himself again.

“Hyung, why did you ask that question in the first place?” Kibum asked Sungmin who just finished drinking.

“Kyu and I want you guys to play a game with us~”

“And if you don’t, you’ll face the consequence.”

“We get it, we get it. What’s this game about?” Siwon started to ask.

“It’s called the Body Game~ so we need you guys to stand up.” Sungmin playfully announced to his dongsaengs, exchanging another perverted smile with Kyuhyun.


“The rules are simple. Min and I will tell you a certain body part to touch and you guys will try to find it on your partner’s body. Get it?” Kyuhyun explained to his fellow members.

“The charm of this game is that, you guys are blindfolded and are not allowed to take the blindfolds off.” Sungmin giggled.

“Uhhhh… Is this game safe?”

“Of course it is! It’s a brilliant game to be exact~” Kyuhyun answered Siwon who, at the moment, is dumbfounded.

“Let’s start then.”

Sungmin held up a piece of paper and eyed his dongsaengs before he opened his mouth to announce the first body part to touch. Kyuhyun peeked at the piece of paper and held back his laugh.

“Siwon… Touch Kibum’s eye.” Sungmin finally announced, covering his mouth to stop laughing.

“Eye… Wait.” Siwon started holding Kibum’s face but accidentally hit Kibum’s nose.

“OUCH! HYUNG!” Kibum yelped.

“I’m so sorry!” Siwon apologized, trying to find Kibum’s injured nose.

“Hahahahaha! Well that failed~”

“Kyu, it’s your… Haha… Turn.”

“Okay okay,” Kyuhyun refrained himself from laughing, “Since Siwon got it wrong, he gets to do another one.”


“Okay so Siwon… Touch Kibum’s ear.”

“Alright, ear… That would be easy to find.” Siwon started holding Kibum’s face again and instead of finding Kibum’s ear, he accidentally pokes Kibum’s right eye.


“I’m SORRY!” Siwon cried trying to feel for Kibum’s injured eye.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sto-stop messing up, Siwon!” Sungmin laughed uncontrollably.

“Awwww… Kibum… I’m really sorry!” Siwon apologized again and shifted to look down on his feet.

“Ahahaha… Since Kibum’s getting injured already, it should be his turn next.” Sungmin pointed out, wiping a small teardrop from the corner of his eye.

“You… Hahaha… You do it then, Min!” Kyuhyun continued to laugh hard.

“Alright. Ahem… Hahaha… Ahem,” Sungmin cleared his throat, “Kibum, touch Siwon’s lips.”

“Eh? But, shouldn’t that be Siwon hyung’s—“

“Or do you want to get injured again???” Kyuhyun shot back before he can let Kibum finish.

“Fine. Hyung’s… Lips…”

“Kibum, a—“

Siwon opened his mouth too soon that Kibum accidentally shoved his finger inside Siwon’s mouth. The older almost choked but Kibum immediately took his finger out. Sungmin and Kyuhyun started laughing like crazy idiots again.

“Oh… Oh… My stomach! HAHAHAHAHA!” Sungmin blurted out holding his tummy and leaning close to Kyuhyun.

“I can’t believe that just happened just now!” Kyuhyun laughed even louder with the bunny.

“Hyu-hyung! I’m sorry!”

“Haaa… Ack… Ahem, it’s fine. It tasted sweeter than ever.” Siwon assured his precious Kibum.


“Well, Kibum almost got it right.” Kyuhyun managed to speak after laughing his butt off.

“SIWON NEXT! SIWON NEXT!” Sungmin started yelling, almost falling off of his chair.

“Kekekeke~ alright. It’s the last body part so you better do your best~” Kyuhyun’s tone suddenly changes into a seductive one.

“Okay, I’m going to do this one, Kyu. Mmmmm… Siwon—“

“Is this a hard one, hyung?” Siwon exhaustedly interrupted the older.

“Nah. I bet you can do this~” Sungmin answered, “Touch Kibum’s hand.”

“Hand?” Siwon repeated.

“Yes, hand.”

“Pffftt… I can’t wait for this one…!” Kyuhyun blurted out, covering his mouth to stop laughing.

“But hyung! What if…” Kibum tried protesting.

“What if???”


“I’m going to try and find it now.” Siwon started feeling Kibum’s lower body and accidentally touches Kibum’s…

“Aaaaahh~ hyung!” Kibum moaned as Siwon accidentally felt the bulge emerging from Kibum’s pants.

“Oh… So that was it.” Siwon said, sounding rather interested.

“I knew this was coming…” Sungmin whispered to Kyuhyun, almost giggling at the scene.

“I know~”

Siwon unconsciously unzips Kibum’s pants and dug his hand into his boxer shorts. Kibum let out another moan as Siwon played with his member. It’s been so long since Siwon could hold Kibum’s member and wow, did he enjoy it. He was already moving his hand up and down, that the simple motion was about to make Kibum come. After awhile, Siwon took his hand out and felt come on his hand and a devilish smirk formed on his lips while Kibum took uneven breaths. Sungmin and Kyuhyun couldn’t even stop their jaws from dropping.

“Kibum? You alright?” Siwon asked Kibum, his voice sounding very concerned.

“NO!” Kibum yelled back, “You don’t get it do you?! Ugh! I’m leaving!”

Kibum zipped his pants up again and stormed off. Kyuhyun and Sungmin took awhile to get over from the scene and Siwon flung his arms to find Kibum. One thing Kyu and Min didn’t tell Kibum was that they were beside a pool of cherry-flavored jelly.

“Ki-Kibum wait!”



“We should’ve told them earlier, Min… Too late for that now though.”


“Don’t worry, Siwon. Kibum just fell into a pool of jelly.” Sungmin assured his dongsaeng.

“A pool of jelly?!” Siwon gasped and took the blindfold off. He immediately dived into the pool to rescue Kibum.

“Hyu-hyung?!” Kibum called out, holding tight onto Siwon’s muscular arms.

“I don’t get why you didn’t take your blindfold off first. Seriously, Kibum…” Siwon sighed and held Kibum closer to him.

“I must’ve forgotten. Sorry.”


“Kibummie smells so sweet~” Donghae said, sniffing Kibum everywhere.

“Hae, stop that!” Eunhyuk scolded his best friend. Everyone knew he was getting jealous.

“You’re so sticky! Go and take a shower!” Heechul told Siwon as he wiped some jello off of his dongsaeng’s adorable face.

“He can take care of himself, Chullie…” Hankyung pouted at Heechul, obviously wanting Heechul to turn his attention back to him.

“I see what’s happening now…” Shindong turned to Leeteuk and Kangin who were just right beside him.

Leeteuk and Kangin stared at Shindong and diverted their eyes back to the couple. Heechul and Hankyung continued to wipe jello off of Siwon’s face while Eunhyuk glared at Donghae who was still sniffing Kibum’s body. Kangin looked away as a light bulb flashed above Leeteuk’s head. Yesung and Ryeowook came and joined the discussion with the remaining five members about what was currently happening to SiBum.

“That’s the plan.” Leeteuk finished talking to the members, clasping his hands together.

Without waiting for another minute, Kangin and Shindong distracted Hankyung and Heechul and Leeteuk came in and secretly grabbed Siwon away. Kyuhyun called Donghae and told him he had ice cream. As for Eunhyuk, Sungmin took care of him by asking the other to take pictures with him. Ryeowook and Yesung dragged Kibum away after EunHae had left them.

~*in a hotel room*~

“Leeteuk hyung! Where are you going?” Kibum peeped out, clutching a towel near him.

“You and Siwon are going to spend the night here. I’m taking the other members back to the dorm.”

“Now the real fun begins~” Yesung joked and closed the door shut.

“I’m not going to waste any time. Kibum, why have you—“

“I’m going to take a shower.”

Kibum stood up from the chair and took briskly steps to the bathroom. Siwon watched the door close behind Kibum and couldn’t take it anymore. He stripped off from his clothes and threw them on the bed and barged into the bathroom and saw Kibum completely naked in the shower.


Kibum yelped as Siwon pinned him against the bathroom wall, the water still continued to flow. The younger stared into Siwon’s dark, brownish eyes and thought he was paralyzed as his body refused to move.

“I didn’t want to use any kind of violence with you Kibum but you just won’t listen.”

“Listen to what?!” Kibum snapped again, “That you were cheating on me with Hankyung hyung and Heechul hyung? Is that what you wanted to say?!”

Siwon’s grip slowly grew loose as Kibum struggled but he didn’t let him go just yet.

“What are you talking about?! Cheating on you? I wouldn’t dare do such a thing!”

“But I saw… Pictures of you and Hankyung hyung and Heechul hyung always glued to each other during concerts or performances… And the worst thing about all of this was…” Kibum paused and stopped struggling, “It looked like you didn’t even think that I would see you doing all this…”

A tear traced down on Kibum’s cheeks, looking away from Siwon’s dark orbs. Siwon’s mind began to boggle. He couldn’t possibly cheat on Kibum. He was everything to him.

“I was about to ask you why you started sleeping in Eunhyuk hyung and Donghae hyung’s room than sleeping in our room. I thought you loved them more than me so I started hanging out with Hankyung hyung and Heechul hyung…”

“I would never cheat on you, hyung!” Kibum faced his teary-eyed Siwon, “I could never do that but the way you smile when you were with our hyungs is so different from when you’re with me… They seem warmer, you know?”

“This is all my fault…” Siwon looked down, “I shouldn’t have become jealous. I’m sorry…”

After Siwon apologized, he pulled the latter into his arms and hugged him tightly. Kibum couldn’t speak anymore; his tears continuously fell down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry too…” Kibum whispered, thanking the shower water for washing his tears away.

“Are you still mad?”

“I’m tired of getting mad at you… My heart aches every time I distance myself from you… Not even feeling your warmth was making me suffer so much…” Kibum confessed, a painful feeling started to form in his chest.

“You don’t need to do that anymore. I promise I’ll keep my body away from others and only let it touch yours.” Siwon swore, slightly pushing the latter back to see his soaking wet face.

“Can you start by doing it tonight then?”

“Of course.”

Kibum got on his toes and kissed the taller, wrapping his arms around Siwon’s neck for a deeper kiss. Siwon gave what Kibum wanted and continued to knot their tongues together. The water washed away the white liquid substance coming out from Siwon’s member as Kibum stroked it up and down as the latter moaned inside his mouth.

“Haaa… Haaa… My legs are getting tired…” Kibum gasped after breaking the kiss.

“Better continue it in the bedroom then.”

Siwon swept Kibum off the floor and carried him in his arms, still kissing the younger’s neck until laying him on the bed.

~*the next morning*~


Kibum whispered into Siwon’s ear, intertwining their fingers together and tangling their legs under the blanket.

“Mnnnn…” Siwon stirred, nuzzling up to Kibum’s neck.

“I’m glad this is over, our problem I mean.”

“Yeah… Hey wait.” Siwon abruptly opened his eyes and looked at Kibum.

“What is it?”

“I thought you love how clingy I am but why did you get jealous over that?”

“I meant I love how clingy you are when it comes to me and to no one else. Oh, hyung.” Kibum explained to Siwon, kissing him on his forehead.

“Never mind then…”

“And maybe you love how I’m always MIA so you could go and play with someone else?”

“I told you and umma and appa that that way, I would miss you more!”

“Oh is that really the reason now?”


Siwon and Kibum jumped, wondering where that voice came from.

“We had a very hard time organizing this and you guys will just fight again?! Geez!”

“Yeah! I agree with Shindong hyung! Stop fighting and go back to doing it!”

“Was that Shindong hyung and Donghae just now?” Kibum turned to the latter.

Siwon only nodded. He had guessed right yet again, about the other members staying in the room beside them and listening to Kibum and his fun last night.

“I want to take a shower now…”

“But I want to sleep longer!”

“We’re truly opposites huh?”

“What was that, hyung???”

“Nothing. I said I love you, Kibum~”

“Whatever. I love you too~”

I don’t care if we don’t like the same things or have the same hobbies but if liking things you don’t like means I can stay with you forever then I don’t mind letting people label us as opposites.

Opposites or not, the love we express for each other is still the same and that will never change.

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