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SiBum two-shot (1/2)

Title: Opposites Attract
Pairing: SiBum (main), other couples mentioned
Rating: ... PG15 I think?
Genre: failed!smut, romance, humor (some parts), some fluff or angst too
Disclaimer: I don't own SJ.. *sobs*
Summary: Shindong and other SJ members organize a blind date~

A/N: This is the first part. I can't post it whole since it's kinda long... T___T But I do hope you enjoy reading this part. I'll post the last one tomorrow^^

“Hey, hyung?”

“What is it, Kibum?” Siwon asked, turning away from the TV

“… It’s nothing. I’m going to bed.” Kibum sighed, turning around towards the hallway.

“Okay. Sleep well~”

“Where’s Kibum?” Shindong came out from the kitchen asking, a glass of water in his hand.

“He said he was going to bed.”

“And you didn’t do anything?”

“I told him to sleep well. Was it wrong?” Siwon innocently questioned Shindong, again turning away from the TV.

“Aiiishh… Siwon, you and Kibum should go on a—“


Shindong paused as he thought of a brilliant idea for Siwon and Kibum. He ran back to the kitchen, fully ignoring a clueless Siwon.

~*the next day*~

“Siwon? Are you awake?” Leeteuk silently asked his sleeping dongsaeng, sitting beside him on the bed.

“Ahhhh~ what’s the matter, hyung?” Siwon yawned, rubbing his eyes to see Leeteuk.

“Good, you’re awake. Go and dress up~”

“But I don’t have any activities today…”

“Bu-but you do! Manager hyung just talked to me earlier and said you need to uh… Go to the studio right now. Get up~ Get up~”

“Ahhhh… Umma…!” Siwon said drowsily, pulling the blanket up to cover his head.

~*at the studio*~

“Waaaaa… It’s so cold…!” Siwon whined, shivering and holding onto his coat.

“AHA! I GOT YOU NOW CHOI SIWON!!!!!!!” A rather familiar voice boomed from behind Siwon.



“Hee-Heechul hyung?!” Siwon exclaimed as he tried to get Heechul off of his back.

“Wha- no! This is uh… Heesica. Yeah, that’s right!” Heechul said, pretending to have a girl’s voice as he started to wrap a blindfold on Siwon.

“Hyung, I know it’s you…”

“S-so what?! You’re just sad because I caught you off guard! HAHAHAHAHA!”

“Hyung, you’re crazy…” Siwon sighed and stopped trying to get his crazy hyung off of his back.

“Hohohoho~ defeated! WAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Chullie, stop that. You’ve already put the blindfold on him right? Get off of him now.” Hankyung told Heechul who was still riding on the taller man’s back.

“Kekekeke~ alright alright, Hanny~”

“Siwon, can you hear me?”

Hankyung carefully asked his dongsaeng as he walked in front of him, waving his hand in front of the latter. Siwon nodded and fixed his coat while Heechul was holding onto Hankyung’s arm.

“Hyung, why did you put this blindfold on me?” Siwon asked and scratched his head.

“It’s a secret!” Heechul replied, holding onto Hankyung’s arm tighter.

“Wait… Can you see us by any chance?” Hankyung added another question, waving his hand in front of his dongsaeng again.

“Not at all, hyung.”

“Okay. We’ll be guiding you now.”


“Eunhyuk hyung and Donghae hyung told me to meet them he—“

“KIBUMMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~!” A seemingly childish person screamed from behind.

Kibum turned around to see Donghae and Eunhyuk walking together. Eunhyuk stopped and hit Donghae on the head which caused Donghae to run away and go to Kibum.


“Kibummie! Hyukkie hit me…!” Donghae childishly yelped, hiding behind Kibum who was sighing to himself.

“We were supposed to SURPRISE attack you but I guess Hae here didn’t understand the surprise part.” Eunhyuk sighed, face-palming himself.

“I understand. Why did you guys want to meet me here anyway?”

“We can’t tell~” Donghae replied, fully recovered from Eunhyuk’s blow.

“Please permit us to put this blindfold on you.” Eunhyuk told Kibum as he showed him a pink handkerchief.


“We really can’t tell. If we do… Errr…” Eunhyuk paused, trying to think of an excuse.

“WE WON’T GET ANY MORE FOOD!” Donghae blurted out, his tone becoming serious.

“We… Won’t get any more food, huh?” Kibum repeated, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

Eunhyuk face-palmed himself again and Donghae was still trying to convince Kibum with his lame excuse.

“Just let us put this on you, Kibum. Please.”

“And then… And then… Shindong hyung will go thin! Wait, that’s a good thing… But he won’t be huggable anymore and I like hugging Shindong hyung! Then then…” Donghae was almost out of breath as was still trying to convince Kibum.

“Alright alright. Put it on me.” Kibum finally had enough of Donghae’s lame excuses and closed his eyes shut.

“Thank you!” Eunhyuk immediately tied the blindfold on Kibum and Donghae was clapping his hands like a child.

“Kekeke, I knew my excuses were going to work. Right, Hyukkie?” Donghae whispered to Eunhyuk and followed by a wink.

“… Whatever, Hae.”

~*a few moments later*~

“Where are we?” Siwon finally asked after thirty minutes of silence.

“We can’t tell you that, too!” Heechul exclaimed, “Stop asking so many questions!”

“Calm down, Chullie. We can only say that we reached the first destination.” Hankyung carefully told his dongsaeng.


“Exactly. And now where are…”

Hankyung paused as he eyed the place for Eunhyuk and Donghae with Kibum. Heechul kept making faces at Siwon knowing that Siwon won’t see him. Siwon stayed silent and kept rubbing his hands together for warmth.

“Yooooooooooo~!” Donghae greeted the three from a distance, holding onto Kibum’s arm while Eunhyuk was at the opposite side.

“Okay, task one success.” Eunhyuk exhaustedly said as he pulled Kibum closer to the three.

“Yeah. But where’s—“


“Nice outfit, Shin~” Heechul tried holding his laughter after seeing Shindong wearing a tuxedo.

“I don’t care if you mean that in a good way or in a bad one but I love wearing formal clothes thank you very much.” Shindong told Heechul off as he fixed his tie.

“So, can we go now?” Eunhyuk interrupted Heechul and Shindong who were preparing to punch each other in the face.

“Oh, yes, sure. Thank you for the first task.”

“Hanny~ let’s go home now~” Heechul happily sang and took Hankyung’s arm again.

“Call us if anything unexpected happens. Let’s go home you two.” Hankyung pointed at Eunhyuk and Donghae who were standing rather clueless next to Shindong.

“Yey~ I hope everything goes super well for you both!” Donghae cheerfully told Siwon and Kibum, grabbing one hand from each.

“Come on, Hae. We’re leaving. Good luck, hyung.”

“Thank you~!” Shindong cheerfully exclaimed.

As Hankyung, Heechul, Eunhyuk, and Donghae left Shindong cleared his throat and breathed in deeply. Kibum and Siwon were left clueless of what was happening.

“Shi-Shindong hyung… Uh… What are we going to do?”

“Wait, is that you, Kibum?” Siwon added another question, still rubbing his hands.

“Siwon hyung?” Kibum asked back, totally surprised to hear Siwon’s voice.

“Hold on a minute!” Shindong yelled before Siwon can reply back, “I have to introduce you two to our activity for the day!”

“Activity?” Siwon and Kibum asked in unison.

“Yes. It’s called… Blind Date!”

“Blind…” Siwon paused.

“Date?” Kibum continued.

“Oh yes~ I’ll explain how this game works,” Shindong started, “A couple, mainly you guys, will be assisted by people during a date. Each one of these people who will assist you will ask you questions and both of you should answer them truthfully. Some people might ask you to do things so, if the one who was tasked failed to do the person’s request, you two will have to do the consequences.”

“And the point of this game is?” Kibum abruptly asked his hyung as he fixed his blindfold.

“Actually, this game the other members and I invented was for couples who weren’t doing any progress at all.”

After hearing Shindong’s answer, the two became silent. Siwon scratched his head and Kibum crossed his arms.

“We understand now.”

“Okay. Shall we get started?”


“First question,” Shindong announced, holding up a piece of paper, “If you guys were to choose a spot for a date, where would it be? Siwon?”

“Kibum likes places that are silent so maybe… At a park?”


“Siwon hyung likes a place where he can hear music so… At a karaoke?”

“Ah I see… Quite the opposite huh?”


“That’s right…”

“So anyway, here come the people who will assist you guys for the second task~” Shindong excitedly told his two dongsaengs.

“Good morning.”

“Hi there~”

“Yesung hyung? Ryeowook?”

“How did you know, Siwonnie?!” Wookie felt so amazed with Siwon’s guess.

“Ryeowook, it’s kinda obvious.” Kibum sighed in the background.

“Ahem… Anyway, we’ll be your guide for this task.” Yesung notified the couple.

“Let’s do our best~”


“Kibummie, tell me something…”

“What is it?”

“Why are you and Siwonnie so… Distant lately?”

“… I don’t know. Why’d you ask?”

“I’m not used to it…”

“I’m not either…”




“Why do you think you and the other members did this for Kibum and me?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Normally I wouldn’t care but… The thought of you and Kibum not being sweet in the dorm? Creeps the hell out’a me…” Yesung told Siwon, shivering in the process.

“Hahaha. Really? So that means hyung does care.”

“Don’t get too cheeky there, Siwon.”

“I’m sorry, hyung.”

~*moments passed*~

“Sit here, Kibummie,” Ryeowook cautiously helped Kibum sit beside him, “And Siwonnie will sit over there.” He pointed at the opposite side of the table.

“Over here.”

“Ah, thank you.”

The four members were all seated on opposite sides of a table. Siwon with Yesung and Kibum with Ryeowook.

“Second question for this game,” Yesung announced, “What part of Siwon do you like holding the most?”

“That’s a question for you, Kibummie.”

“Wha-what kind of question is that?!” Kibum snapped at his hyung, turning beet red.

“I dunno. I think Heechul hyung wrote this question… But I’m sure Siwon wants to know too.” Yesung told his dongsaeng, raising an eyebrow.

“Bu-but… Hyung…”

“Answer or face the consequence, Kibummie~”

“This is getting…” Siwon stopped as he shyly hid his blushing face from his hyung and Ryeowook.

“Fine… I like holding his waist…”

“What do you do with his waist?”


“Do you pull him closer to you that way?”

Yesung yet again asked his dongsaeng a question. Ryeowook stared at Kibum, waiting for him to answer. Siwon’s ear popped up and waited for Kibum’s answer as well. Kibum hesitated on answering but he didn’t want to do the consequences either.

“Yeah… That’s the reason, hyung.”

“Do you mind demonstrating it for us right now?”


“Kibummie~ demonstrate it for us please~”

“If I don’t demonstrate it, will I have to face the consequence as well?” Kibum shyly asked Yesung who was, at the moment, grinning evilly.

“Of course~”

~*seconds later*~

Yesung had occupied the seat beside Ryeowook and both of them observed Siwon and Kibum. Kibum was trembling while Siwon blushed.

“So uh… Siwon hyung… I’m going to do it now okay?”

“Go ahead.”

Kibum advance a few steps in front of him and accidentally touched Siwon’s chest. Siwon backed up a little while Yesung and Ryeowook were hugging each other in excitement.


“It’s… Perfectly fine.”

“Nnnn… I’m just going to move down and…”

After failing to hold Siwon’s waist for the first time, Kibum finally succeeded on the second. Kibum pulled Siwon nearer to him that their faces were inches away from each other. Both of them could feel each other’s warm breath so distinctly that they both trembled.

“Uhhh… Are you going to stay like that forever or are you going to listen to Wookie’s question?”

“Hyung!!!” Siwon and Kibum exclaimed as they separated.

“Aiiisshh… You guys are so hard to joke around with!”

“Oooooh! Kibummie’s so cute~” Ryeowook started spazzing over Kibum, “Anyway, where do you like TOUCHING Kibummie, Siwonnie?”

“Where… I like touching him?” Siwon repeated, hoping he heard the question wrong.

“Yep~ that’s the question, Siwonnie~”

“Well… That is… Errr…” Siwon thought deeply, going back to his memories with Kibum, “I like touching his soft lips each time we finish kissing.”

“Wow. That’s kinda sexual to hear especially coming from my own dongsaeng…”

“N-no! Don’t think of it that way, hyung! It’s just that—“

“We get it Siwonnie~” Ryeowook teased Siwon as he giggled rather girlishly.

“Did you hear that, Kibum? Did you hear what Siwon said?”

Kibum only nodded and said nothing, his face turning even redder than before. Siwon was just relieved that Kibum couldn’t see his tomato face right now. Yesung couldn’t help but laugh with Ryeowook after seeing the couple’s expressions.

“Wonder why it’s so silent here? Siwonnie? Kibummie?”

“Because we’re at the park right now. After every question has been asked, the people assisting you would leave for you two to talk for about five minutes,” Yesung added, “We’re going to leave and come back after five minutes.”

“Wait! You’re not going to ask Siwon hyung to demonstrate anything?!” Kibum snapped.

“Oh~? So you want Siwon to kiss you and touch your lips, is that it, Kibum?” Yesung joked, “My dongsaengs are growing up~”

“Uwaaaaa~ Kibummie’s secret’s out of the bag~”


“Should I say something…?” Siwon silently mumbled to himself.

“Hohohoho~ be right back~”

Ryeowook and Yesung stood up from their seats and walked a few meters away from the couple. Siwon couldn’t talk, even Kibum. Both of them were still embarrassed by their answers.



“… No, it’s nothing.”

Five minutes have passed and Ryeowook and Yesung came strolling back. They both arrive to see a very silent atmosphere surrounding the two members. Yesung and Wookie sighed in unison and stood beside their respective seats.

“Your answers are kinda opposites huh? Anyway, I hope you guys learned more about one another. Please wait for the next assistants.”

“Good bye Kibummie and Siwonnie! Good luck to the both of you~” Ryeowook bid the two good bye and followed Yesung back to where Shindong was.

“Opposites…” Siwon muttered to himself as he rested his head on the table.

Before Kibum could say a word, Leeteuk came running in and Kangin followed behind. Siwon had already guessed it was Leeteuk and Kangin coming and he started laughing. Kibum face-palmed himself knowing that umma and appa would ask embarrassing questions.

“My babies are growing up~”, Leeteuk spazzed as he hugged Kibum, “Next thing we know, we’ll be having grandchildren!”

“Is that possible?” Kangin awkwardly asked Leeteuk, crossing his arms in disbelief.

“Shut up, appa! Don’t spoil umma’s fun~”

“Are we supposed to stay silent… Ack… Like this?” Kibum choked as Leeteuk hugged him tighter.

“Ooops. Sorry. Ahem… We’ll be your assistants for the third task~”

“Please come with us.”

Kangin pulled Siwon to his side and Kibum with Leeteuk. Umma and Kibum went ahead and appa and Siwon walked slowly behind.


“I don’t get it…”


“I don’t feel distant with Kibum at all, hyung. We hang out together most of the times. But he seems to like hanging out with Eunhyuk hyung and Donghae more.”

“Then be a man! Take Kibum away from those two! Or they might end up as a threesome someday…”


“Ahhhh~ don’t you guys have separate activities during the day?”

“We do but we try to find time to spend during ni—“

“Don’t TRY! Just do it!”


“Don’t call me that!”


“Hmmmm~ hmmm~”

“Hyung… Are we really that distant nowadays?”

“Mmmm? From the looks of it, yes. A lot of the members have been worried you know,” Leeteuk stopped to look at the trees, “They said that you’d come home late and sleep in Eunhyuk and Donghae’s room instead of going to Siwon’s room.”

“Who-who told you that?!”

“I have my sources~”

“I dunno… I just felt like I have to stay away after I sa—“



Kibum suddenly tripped on a rock while Leeteuk was admiring the trees. Leeteuk ran to Kibum’s side and helped him up.

“Assistants are supposed to help! Not stop and smell the flowers!”

“Hey! I didn’t stop and smell the flowers! I was looking at the trees!”


“By the way, what were you saying just now, Kibum?”

“Huh? Let me see… Ugh, I forgot!”

“Oh don’t worry baby~ Umma’s gonna let you drink milk once we get home later~”

“You scare me, hyung…”

“Ohohoho~ really?”


The four arrived in front of a famous karaoke place. Leeteuk and Kangin guided their two dongsaengs inside. A girl escorted the four boys to a room and prepared some drinks and snacks for them.

“Kibum said that you like a place where you can hear music so we brought you to a karaoke place.” Kangin said as he shifted to Siwon.

“Ah, that’s right, hyung.”

“So, we ask questions now right?” Leeteuk managed to whisper into Kangin’s ear.

“Yep. Fourth question for this game,” Kangin informed the couple as he stroked his chin, “Siwon? Kibum?”

“Yes?” The two dongsaengs answered in unison.

“What do you hate about yourselves?” Leeteuk continued Kangin’s question then took a sip from his drink.

“Can I answer first for once?” Siwon blurted out, trying to find a finger sandwich in front of him.


“I hate how I can get clingy with people…”

“But I love that about you.” Kibum commented on Siwon’s answer.

“Eh? What?”

“How about you, Kibum? What do you hate about yourself?”

“I hate how I’m always MIA during our group’s activities…”

“But I love that about you.” Siwon also commented on Kibum’s answer.


“Care to explain why you love Siwon’s clinginess, Kibum?” Kangin gestured to Kibum who was trying to find a pretzel.

“Because his hugs are always so nice and warm to feel. Especially during nights after he puts his—“

“Too much information…” Kangin interrupted as he rubbed his temples.

“How about you, Siwon? It’s awkward to say that you like how Kibum’s always MIA… Even I wouldn’t say that.” Leeteuk pointed out, taking another sip from his drink.

“Not that I always want him gone but I miss him more that way. Like, when he came home from filming a few weeks ago. It felt really good hugging him and giving him kisses everywhere and inserting—“

“Yet again with too much information…”

“Appa! Don’t interrupt like that! Go on Siwon.” Leeteuk told his raccoon, smacking him on the back.

“I don’t think I should continue anymore…” Siwon felt his cheeks go red again.

“Wow~ so you guys are like the opposites!”

“We hear that a lot…” Siwon and Kibum sighed.

“Kekeke~ Kangin and I wanted you two to play a game. It’s called ‘pocky’.”

“Just like what you and Sungmin did, Siwon. In the commercial about energy and Earth?”

“Tha-that game?!” Siwon gasped, almost choking on the sandwich Leeteuk gave him.

“Yeah, why not? It’s not like you guys don’t kiss right?”

“I’m go if Siwon hyung’s go.” Kibum coldly said, now crossing his legs.

“Okay. There’s no harm in doing it right?”

~*minutes later*~

“Why isn’t anyone doing anything?”

“Maybe they’re waiting for us to say go or something, Kangin.”

“If that’s the case, go!”

“Kibum, don’t move.” Siwon whispered his voice undeniably arousing.

“I… I won’t…” Kibum stuttered as he felt his heart beat faster than it did before.

Siwon took one, two, three bites and the distance between them grew shorter again. Kangin rested his elbows on the table and soon rested his chin on his hands. Leeteuk leaned closer to Kangin with a tissue in hand, already sniffling as he watched his babies play a couple’s game.

“Ki…Bum~” Siwon uttered as he was about to take the last bite in order to kiss his precious Kibum.


Siwon’s lips had finally touched Kibum’s. The taste of chocolate was still there but it only made their kiss much sweeter. They couldn’t stop tasting each other. Kibum’s arms slowly wrapped around Siwon’s neck, making the latter come closer to him as Siwon’s hands made their way under Kibum’s blue shirt.

“HEY!” Kangin shouted to disturb the couple.

“Haaa… So-sorry.” Siwon exhaled as he broke the kiss.

“I should be happy right now but I am kinda disturbed…” Leeteuk confessed, hiding behind Kangin.

“Can we… Can we just go?” Kibum finally managed to squeak out, fixing his shirt in the process.

“Let’s. Leeteuk, you pay for the snacks.” Kangin said, standing up and taking his coat.

“A-appa! Why me?!”

“Because you’re umma. So go and pay for it.” Kangin countered Leeteuk’s protest but still kissed him on his forehead.

“Being umma is hard!”


“We’re glad that some way or another, you guys made progress during our turn. We hope you had fun~” Leeteuk said as he hugged his two babies.

“Let’s go. I want to go home and rest now…”

“Alright alright. Siwon and Kibum,” Leeteuk paused to look at his babies, “You better go back to your normal selves after this activity or you’re going to sleep in the bathroom!”

“Hae said that we won’t get any more food…?” Kibum innocently answered back at his hyung.

“Whaaaaaat?” Siwon turned away to hold in his laughter after hearing what Kibum has said.

“Anyway, wait for the next assistants. Hopefully, this couple can help you in your… I shouldn’t spoil the fun. Let’s go, hyung.” Kangin turned away from Siwon and Kibum, grabbing Leeteuk away.

“Good bye~~~!”

The couple was left alone again. Kibum couldn’t help but think of what happened just awhile ago in the karaoke room and Siwon was thinking of a way to start up a conversation with the latter.


“We’re here to eat you guys alive…” A low but melodious voice emerged from behind the couple.

“Stop it, Kyu!” Sungmin smacked his mischievous maknae on the back, “You’ll scare them!”

“I doubt a couple of 20+ year old guys would get scared after hearing what I just said…” Kyuhyun shot back at Sungmin as he rubbed his back.

“Sorry to say this but, he’s right, Sungmin hyung.” Kibum told his hyung.

“And we all know how Kyuhyun is, hyung.” Siwon added.

“I get it. Anyway, it’s time for us to assist you guys. Let’s go~!”

A/N2: Anyone can guess what would happen to SiBum next. :3

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