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Don't Kill The Butterfly | Zhou mi | Fantasy!AU | PG-13
Zhou mi found a mysterious book that brought him to the real virtual world of clowns and ballerinas and others.

This is like a mixture of Alice in Wonderland with a pinch of Facebook, and a mash of Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets. Basically I took the plot out of Kerusi Anthology;Prosa Tradisional;Drama;Jangan Bunuh Rama-rama, twisting it a bit. This is dedicated to those taking SPM this year. If you don't know what SPM is..urm..that means you're not taking it =D




Zhou mi is throwing Kerusi in the dustbin!
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Kim Heechul : Just burn it!
Henry Lau : I don't think it's that bad.
Kim Youngwoon : Are you kidding?? I can't understand a word in it.
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Zhou mi kept his fingers dancing on the keyboard, googling stuff like 'Tips on how to master Literature', 'Don't kill Butterflies literary components' and the a must 'Literature for Dummies'. Building a horse stable in farmville while in search of a solution to not flunk Literature, before his Mom takes away his precious laptop and let all the corps and animals die in vain.
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Zhou mi moved his cursor to click the notification, now what would a literature wiz reply on a status that mocks Kerusi?

Kim Ryeowook : Want to study in the school's Library tomorrow? I can help you with Literature^^
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He tilted his head aside, thinking about it for a while, and nodded to himself.

Kim Ryeowook : Want to study in the school's Library tomorrow? I can help you with Literature^^ 
Zhou Mi : Sure, why not?
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"Remind me again, why is there two 'Nur Atma Kyu' in this prose?" Zhou mi said in a mere whisper. The quiet atmosphere of the third floor was a promising start. It gave an influental vibe to have that studious feeling. A great idea to have a session at a place like that and the time as so...

" Okay, let me go through this again, Nur Atma Kyu I and Nur Atma Kyu II are... "

But he didn't pay any attention to Ryeowook's explanation. Not that he didn't want to, it was just so hard to pay attention to something so boring and confusing and not worth paying at all. Not Ryeowook's fault at all, the boy's too innocent to be a reason.

"..and there you have it, the reason why there are two Atma Kyus in this prose!" Ryeowook said happily, finishing with a smile, and Zhoumi replied with a half-hearted one, which did a good job on convincing Ryeowook that he understood each sentence, blinding the truth that he didn't even hear one word. He needs to have an excuse before Ryeowook continues on Kyu's meeting with the clown. They've only been on the first 3.5 pages and Zhou Mi feels like a 5 minute break is essential as lung needs air.

"Hey Ryeowook, I want to look around and find any books that I'm interested in." Zhou Mi said, already standing up, getting ready to walk away from the table they're sitting at. Ryeowook nodded in understoodment, and Zhou Mi proceeded on his escape.


Zhou mi ran his finger on the shelf he's facing, "when did the Librarians last cleaned this place?" he asked himself as an act of curiousity rather than a direct question towards the Librarian themselves. His eyes shifted from reading a book's title, to the book's title next to it. None of them seem to trigger any interest in the tall Chinese guy. He played with his pen, clicking it open, clicking it close. 


and it falls on the floor. Rolls under the shelf, the dusty shelf. Zhou Mi bends down on his knees to find it. He uses his sense of touch and detect the material and shape of an object, but isn't he supposed to feel a hard, longitudunal plastic object resembling a pen, then why is he feeling parchments of wrinkled paper under his fingertips? He pulls it out, and what seems like a book was revealed. An old looking, torn book, with old yellow papers barely attached to its binding. 

Zhou Mi read the name carved on the first page inside the book. It was smuthered with dust and some parts were ruined by termites, but the writing was still legible somehow. "Property of Atma Kyu" funny, he thought. The name sounds familliar. It took a less than a minute that it was the same name Ryeowook kept repeating since the past hour. Strange, there's no I or II here.

"Zhou Mi are you her- there you are! I've been looking all over for you." Ryeowook came from behind the shelves. Zhou Mi hid the book under his shirt and acted normal infront of Ryeowook "Well, you've found me. Now what?" acting success.

Ryeowook pointed at his stomach. "Screaming for food!" he said blatantly.

Zhoumi giggled by the overload cuteness carried by Ryeowook. He knew how things would work out for that day as  a normal one. Get home, homework, facebook. But what he did not know, was the adventure in stored for him once he got hold on the old torn diary of Atma Kyu.

A/n: I did a major change here, adding Kyu to Nur Atma. Yes, why did I do that? You'll see in chapter one.
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