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SiBum Drabble

Title: He Walked Past Me
Pairing: SiBum
Rating: G
Genre: some kind of drama-ish thing.
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, just the story. :P
Summary:A person with an unusual white scarf appears out of nowhere.

A/N: About to leave for a trip. Won't be able to post new stories this weekend. T___T Hope chuu enjoy though^^

Have I met you before? Please, anywhere, tell me. Tell me your name, your age, your address anything to keep you near me even for just a day. Tell me, please.


“I’ll be right there.” I ended the call with the manager. He wanted me to go to the dorm immediately after recording.

It was dark as I drove through our neighborhood. There were a lot of cars that it caused traffic. Plus, there are a lot of pedestrians crossing.

“Ah, red light.” I stopped as soon as I saw the traffic light go red.

I watched the people as they crossed the streets but one person caught my attention. He was wearing a dark coat and was still wearing a white scarf.

His dark, short hair made him undeniably attractive even for older people. I watched him cross the streets but it was as if time could stop.

He passed by just in front of me. I wanted him to see me. I wanted to follow him and ask for his name and if I could, I would drive him back to the dorm with me.

I was about to open my car door but instead, I watched him vanish in the crowd. I tried looking for his white scarf but I couldn’t anymore.

I shut my eyes and opened them; hoping to see him again. But he didn’t come back. He wasn’t there right in front of me anymore. He was gone.

“Siwon! Siwon!”

I heard someone yelling my name. It was the manager set on louder speaker. I snapped back to reality.

“Yes? Sorry. It’s traffic here downtown. Yeah, I’ll be home soon.” I ended the call again.

I wondered where that person has gone. It took me the whole night to figure out what was happening in my system. Soon, I came to the conclusion that I, Choi Siwon, fell in love with a total stranger who walked pass me and never looked back.

And I never saw him again.

I couldn’t find you anymore. I couldn’t hold you in my arms. But why did you have to go and vanish in front of me like that? Still, I’m a fool for not stopping you.

Tags: pairing: siwon/kibum
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