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The Moment [12,13/17]

Title: The Moment [12/17]
Rating: R,
Genre: Smut, Drama, Romance, Angst.
Summary: Henry just wants to figure out what true love is. With 3 men running after him, he never knows whats going to happen. But after a strong abuse from fellow band mates, Henry is afraid to admit the truth hiding in himself, and to the others. Now that Henry is back home can he ever admit to his parents about his hectic life he's been having back in Korea? Afraid of what might happen Henry turns to someone he never thought he would. How this this story play out as Henry tries to find himself.
Couples: YeHen, broken!HenHae, EunHae, various ninja couples >>
WARNING: This story brings up a lot of ONLY13, Forever15. PLEASE Do not comment on this subject
Eh it's kinda over

A/N: Guess who is the most failest of them all? I am! Sorry for super needed update, and the fact that it's super small doesn't help at all either. D:! RL has been making its way and I'm now getting super busy. Sorry for the lame chapater, but I hope everybody looks foward to the next part. More drama and someone finally decides to confess something to little baby Henry. I'm sorry that Henry's getting beat on lately, I promise it won't happen anymore (not really...maybe...) Thanks and enjoy! // 
 Part 12: are you a faggot?

Part 13: it's not like i won't miss you guys

After updating last time, I realized I couldn't stop writing. Thank you all for your love and support. I hope this doesn't seem to drag. Only 4 parts left! Will Henry and Yesung have a happily ever after? Will Henry go back to Korea? Will Henry's father accept him? What tricks does the gang have up their sleeve!?

For those of you who wish to catch up and read The Moment, here you go:
|Part One|Part Two|Part Three|Part Four|Part Five|Part Six|Part Seven|Part Eight|Part Nine|Part Ten|Part Eleven

Tags: pairing: donghae/henry, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: yesung/henry
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