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You Tell Me No - [HanChul]

Title: You Tell Me No (But I Know That Means Yes)
Author: convicted_eyes 
Pairing: HanChul. Ninja!EunHae
Genre: Au!Highschool (uh technically). Smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Public sex. Dirty talk. Language.
Disclaimer: They're defiling my shower. Don't own.
Summary: Hangeng and Heechul are on a date when they spot the secretive EunHae couple. Hangeng gets ideas.
A/N: This is part of my 'That's What I go to School for' Series which can be found here. This originally was just going to be a random one shot, and not smut I hasten to add, but then somehow it just became part of the series. And somehow my Geng became a sex addict! And Heechul is all not! It can be read as a stand alone, but I think it wouldn't hurt to read 'When I say you taste like ice-cream...' and maybe the first two in the series. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the smut.

“Hey Hankyung…” Heechul began sipping on a milkshake as they sat opposite each other in the small café.

“Yeah?” He prompted, not really caring all that much.

“Do you think I’m fat?” Hangeng choked on his coke as he stared at Heechul like he was mad; who in turn was staring at him liked he’d just choked. Which he had.

“Fuck no! Where the hell did you get that idea?” Heechul shrugged and turned to look out the window continuing to drink more of his strawberry shake. “If anything, it wouldn’t hurt you to eat a little more.” Heechul shot him a glare.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He snapped.

“Face it babe, if I held you against the light, I could probably see all your internal organs.” Heechul’s arms instantly wrapped around his stomach.

“I eat plenty; I can’t help it if I don’t put on the weight!” He snapped back. Hangeng shrugged.

“If it makes you feel better, I’d like you no matter what size you were.” He said with a greasy smile.

“It doesn’t make me feel better you retard.” He snapped, but the blush on his cheeks said otherwise. Hangeng leaned over the table and kissed his cheek.

“Love you too babe.”

“You’re such a jerk.”

“That’s not what you said last night, not when I was pounding you into the-”

“ENOUGH!” The blush on Heechul’s cheeks could have put a tomato to shame and Hangeng revelled in the fact that he was the only one who could do that to the witty man. He turned his gaze back to the window outside determined not to look at his boyfriend’s face that was suggesting all sorts of things with those eyes. He stopped when he saw two familiar-ish figures slipping down an alley way, looking rather…entangled.

“Hey…isn’t that Donghae and…what’s his name…Yuck-something?” Heechul said motioning towards the pair. Hangeng turned reluctantly to see who exactly his lover was babbling about, to see it indeed was Donghae and ‘Yuck-something’.

“I think his name was Eunhyuk.” Hangeng said.

“Whatever, what are they doing clearly making out in an alley?”

“We made out behind a tree, you even-”

“Shut your bloody Chinese face. That is so not the point here!” Heechul snapped his cheeks that lovely shade of scarlet again. Hangeng smiled smugly. “The point is people know we’re together, Donghae clearly stated that he and Eunhyuk were just friends.” Hangeng noted the point in his mind. Not that he really cared. Donghae could sleep with whoever he wanted as far as Hangeng was concerned, as long as he kept his hands off Heechul they’d get along great.


“So they’re clearly not! God, I can’t gossip with you.” Hangeng rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a girl.”

“Shut up, I am not!” Heechul was already pulling out his phone and beginning to call Zhou Mi. Hangeng decided not to say that starting a conversation with “Oh my god Mimi you’ll never guess what I just saw!” didn’t really help Heechul’s case of having way too many x-chromosomes. Of course, Zhou Mi clearly had the same amount of extra x-chromosomes if the responding “Oh my god tell me everything!” was anything to go by. The news would no doubt be passed onto Kyuhyun and Sungmin respectively and eventually, through that, the whole world would know that Donghae and Eunhyuk had been spotted making out in an alley.

Hangeng would have to thank the pair later because as he glanced from the alley they’d disappeared into and Heechul who was on the phone to Zhou Mi still, twirling his hair around a finger, he came up with a rather splendid idea. One that had him shifting in his seat so that his pants were less uncomfortable, and so he could reach a foot out and tease Heechul. The other didn’t even flinch when Hangeng’s foot began stroking up and down his leg, used to the affectionate touches that turned suggestive more often than not. The foot went higher, and Heechul stumbled over his words as it pushed against his crotch. He turned towards Hangeng, muttering something to Zhou Mi about useless boyfriends, pushing his foot away. Hangeng smirked at him and Heechul glared furiously. Hangeng’s foot fought against Heechul’s hand, eventually winning and pushing against him gently and insistently. Heechul bit his lip and tried to push it away again but he was shaking slightly. He gasped and Zhou Mi’s concerned voice echoed from the other line.

“I’ll call you back Mimi.” He muttered and hung up, closing the mobile and pushing his boyfriend’s foot furiously. “You’re such a dick.” He snapped at Hangeng. The Chinese boy smirked and stood up reaching out and grabbing Heechul and tugging him out of the café, one arm firmly around his waist.

“Yeah, but you love it.” Heechul growled and crossed his arms, his face clearly stating displeasure.

“You owe me. Something expensive, and pink.” He grumbled. Hangeng nodded and kissed his temple.

“I promise, but first, I have an idea.” Heechul raised an eyebrow at him not wanting to admit his curiosity before being lead down an alley and pushed against a hard brick wall.

“This is your idea?” Heechul asked, immediately catching on. “I don’t know what you consider sexy Hangeng, but the scent of piss, cigarettes and beer doesn’t really do it for me.” Hangeng smirked and pushed up against him until there was no space between them, lips pressing open mouthed kisses along his jaw to his ear and down his neck, biting a little making Heechul gasp.

“What about the idea that anyone could walk past and see us,” he noticed from the corner of his eye Heechul glance quickly at the entrance to the alley. The alley didn’t lead anywhere. It didn’t even have any back room doors to shop stock rooms. It was perfectly useless, but that didn’t mean people wouldn’t be able to plainly see them if they happened to glance down the alley. It was new, it was exciting, and Heechul would never admit that it was kind of hot. Hangeng licked a trail up his neck, sucking a lobe in between his lips and biting down. “Isn’t that what you liked most about giving me a hand job in the park? The fact that anyone could see if they looked close enough.” Heechul shoved at him half heartedly, but whimpered when a hand cupped him through his jeans instead.

“Why can’t you be a normal boyfriend.” He muttered. Hangeng smirked and with his other hand began slipping off Heechul’s t-shirt. That hand was slapped away. “I’m not getting naked in broad day light!” He snapped.

“No one will see…probably.”

“And you have no problem with people seeing me naked?” Hangeng growled and pushed against Heechul harder making him moan.

“Point taken, clothes stay on to an extent.” Heechul sighed in relief. Possessiveness could be an advantage too. Then the hand still resting against his trousers was rubbing persistently and thoughts left him in favour of ‘fuck that feels good’. Heechul slipped his fingers into short dark hair and pulled the other into a searing kiss, letting Hangeng swallow moans and gasps, and letting their tongues twist together and swap saliva. Heechul felt his top button on his jeans pop open and he glanced towards the entrance to the alley. People were passing by but no one was looking in. He gasped as Hangeng simultaneously bit down on the junction between his neck and shoulder and gripped him firmly, skin on skin.

“You like that anyone could see you like this don’t you Heechul? You play the innocent virgin part well, but part of you is rather…bad and naughty. Isn’t it?” And then he was twisting his wrist in a certain way and palming the head and Heechul was throwing his head back and could only manage a breathy:

“Oh god yes, Hankyung.” Hangeng laughed lightly under his breath and his fingers trailed from the other boy’s manhood down to his puckered hole. The movement making Heechul’s jeans fall a bit. He pushed his index finger inside and delicate hands clutched at his shirt, as teeth sunk into a plush pink kissed lip to hold back the resulting moan the action caused. He pulled him towards him for another breath taking kiss as a second finger was added. The world was slowly slipping away from them, bit by bit as those two finger scissored and stretched and made Heechul writhe against the cold brick wall behind him.

When Hangeng removed the two fingers, Heechul surprised him by undoing his trousers with such precision and pulling out his aching length quickly, as if it was the antidote to some fast acting poison. Heechul stroked it a few times to get it to full hardness, making his Chinese boyfriend moan, and then surprised said boyfriend even further by turning around, hands braced against the wall, trousers and boxers down just enough, and legs spread for easy access. Hangeng stared in shock, but not displeasure.

“Hurry up Hankyung, fuck me.” He didn’t need to be told twice and without warning thrust into the tight heat, Heechul biting down on his pale arm to keep from crying out and drawing attention to themselves. As hot as the risk was, if they actually got caught they’d be in a lot of trouble. The movement of Hangeng’s hips was erratic and his breath came out hot and ragged against Heechul’s neck. He whined into his skin, shutting his eyes tight as he pushed back against the other. A cold hand slipped up his t-shirt and tweaked a hard nipple making him groan and push back further.

“God, you’re so hot baby.” Hangeng muttered licking the sweat from the back of Heechul’s neck, causing the latter to gasp, back arching against the former’s chest. Hangeng bit down hard on Heechul’s neck, no doubt leaving a dark mark, and moved his hips even faster and harder making Heechul almost crash into the hard brick a number of times. He was too far gone to care, and slipped his free arm down to jerk himself off, trying desperately to stay as quiet as humanly possible.

One particularly strong thrust and firm stroke and Heechul was coming, moaning into his arm eyes shut tight and tearing a little. Hangeng came soon after with a grunt. Heechul’s legs felt weak as he fixed his trousers again, and he felt the desperate need for a shower. Hangeng fixed himself too and turned Heechul around to kiss him senseless.

“Don’t tell me that wasn’t hot baby.” He muttered, sounding tired. Heechul smirked a little and wrapped his arms around the other melting into his kiss.

“Remind me to thank them later.” He mumbled. “Or maybe not, I don’t want people knowing I had sex in an alley, it’s disgusting.” He muttered.

“You loved it.”

“Shut your trap.” Hangeng lead Heechul out of the alley, both looking rather dishevelled but no one seemed to take any notice of it. They didn’t waste more time around the town, Heechul demanded they go back to one of their places so he could shower. Hangeng smirked a little. He always had wanted to try shower sex.

A/N: I don't even know what happened here. I never seem to get out the ones I want when I want. Oh well, I think this actually might make it easier to write some of my others in the series, and I kind of missed HanChul, since they were what started this off. I love this Geng. ALSO there's a part in this fic where Heechul calls Eunhyuk 'yuck-something' this is because my brother thought the name Eunhyuk was ridiculous and while insulting Super Junior (he only does it to irritate me) called him 'yuck yuck' and I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, someone asked me to write a sequel to 'Robot Unicorn Attack' and I'm hoping to do that, so that'll be two QMi smuts I'm working on. Look forward to them. Please to be commenting guys, thanks for all your support with all the one shots I've written. I hope to reward you with a ShiHan chaptered fic eventually!
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: heechul/hangeng
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