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I'll love you, much more than she does (Kiteuk)

Title: I'll love you, much more than she does
Prompt: #038, "I want you to stay forever."
Pairing: Leeteuk/Kibum
Rating: PG-17 (Smut & Angst)
Type: Oneshot
Summary: Leeteuk knew it was a sin, but he's too deep in it to stop anymore. Inspired from Because of you - After School. First and probably last smut oneshot. 

Somewhat like an apology fic to not updating. The other fics are on its way, hwaiting! I have to rush this as I still have maths homework undone and its due the next morning, so I apolgise if anything sounds too fast or quick. Its my first smut anyway, be gentle! ^^u 

( To be Kim Kibum's affair, when the male had a wife that could tend to his every needs at the large mansion at Seoul. )

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kibum
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