Rain Jajeong-Sae (jajeongsae) wrote in miracle______,
Rain Jajeong-Sae

My Hero, My Rival,.. My Brother [2/?]

Title: My Hero, My Rival,.. My Brother
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: HanHae
Rating: R (Overall)
Warnings:  Angst, character Abuse, drug Abuse, Language, violence, Incest
Summary: Donghae has only known the life of his drug loving abusive brother, Hankyung. He spends every moment of every day, trying to be a good brother to him but only gets pushed to the side and tormented. He tries never the less to be the brother that he wants to be and Hankyung deserves but.....the older doesn't have plans to let him.

Previous Chapters
Part 1

[ I live, where my brother wants to kill me. I live to help him find a better reason in life....he lives to indulge his pleasures. Were equals but rivals...]
Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae
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