J. Armstrong (genisaurion) wrote in miracle______,
J. Armstrong

Saving Private Kibum, and then some (oneshot)

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Title: Saving Private Kibum, and then some
Pairing: Donghae-centric. Pairings left and right.
Rating: R, for vaguely descriptive sexual situations
Genre: Comedic romance. As in, there's humor, smut, and angst, with a rather random plot. And yes, all in the same story.
Word Count: 10,414.
Summary: Cheating on a boyfriend is difficult when he happens to be telepathic, but then he has to go off getting abducted by aliens too. And if Donghae doesn't think things can get any worse, there's always Eunhyuk's persuasive attempts to get into his pants... or into his bed, whichever's easier.

Fic here
Tags: pairing: various, subject: donghae
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