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V-Day.: Chapter 8

Title: V-Day.
Length: Chaptered; 8/??
Pairings: Friendship! *koffkoff* Just, ah... squint. *squints*… Yunho + (Jaejoong + even more prettiness)= expectations ^^. I am sorry I just made that into a math equation, and sorry I’m still typing this XD
Rating: PG. Crack, crack, crack ^^
Warnings: Female emotional rampages and the madness that too many attractive boys in one place at one time can bring >=]
Genre: Comedy/Crack
A/N: For this fic, let's pretend SME isn't the devil. I know it's difficult, but imagination is the key to (in)sanity, after all!
Summary: Hero Jaejoong wakes up one morning to find himself a woman for no apparent reason, or so he thinks. He- She's convinced it's all Heechul's fault. Heechul, quite frankly, doesn't care. And Yesung is… Yesung… he… well, he has nice hair. =]

Find the previous chapters HERE.


Chapter 8: One Rule, Xiah- Don’t Panic!

~~**~~ Normally I post with an extra part too, but um... college starts next week and I'm afraid I won't keep up pace with this story so wait for it, okay? It won't disappoint. It's my favorite part of the story, I think XD ~~**~~
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