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Play With me

Title: Play with Me
Characters:Donghae, Kyhuyn, Yesung (only alittle)
Type: Drabble
Rating: PG
Summary: Donghae wants someone to play with him

Donghae wondered around the apartment looking for someone to play with him. Normally he would just go and bother Eunhyuk but he was out of town on vacation with his family. Most of the members weren’t there either. Kangin, Kibum, and Heechul were off filming a drama. HanKyung was visiting his family in China and Leeteuk was nowhere to be found. Finding that there was no one in his apartment he made his way downstairs to the 11th floor apartment. Entering the apartment he could hear the guitar coming from Sungmin’s room (Donghae knew better not to bother Sungmin when he was playing his guitar). He then walked past Yesung’s room.
“Oh hi Hyung” said the singer creeply sitting in the middle of the room holding one of his turtles.
“Hey” Donghae responded, there was no way that he was going to ask him to play with him. Fishy was not in the mood for Yesung’s constant face touching. Donghae walked to the next room over which was Kyuhyun’s room. The youngest was sitting on at his computer playing a game. Kyuhyun didn’t even look up from the screen when Fishy walked into the room.
“Kyunnie play with me!!!!!!!!” the older one demanded shaking Kyu’s shoulder.
“Come on play with me!!!”
“God Donghae aren’t you suppose to be the older one?” Kyuhyun responded sighing as he paused his game.
“I am the older one you should listen to your elders so Play With Me!”
“Yaaay ^_^”
“I wish Eunhyuk was back” Kyuhyun said before Donghae forced him to play with him the rest of the day

Author's Note: yeah i know that this isn't the best in the world but i was bored and felt that i should write a SuJu fic
Tags: subject: donghae, subject: kyuhyun, subject: yesung
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