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You Are The Moon - KiHae - 1/1

you are the moon
romance, fluff; pg; kihae
3011 words
kibum wonders what donghae's voice sounds like.
notes: x-posted at kihae_love. mods, i posted something yesterday, but the time might be conflicted because although it's two separate days in my timezone, it might be the same day in others. in my timezone, i posted at around 10:14 PM yesterday (1/17/10) PST. delete this post if it is so, and i'll just repost again at a more appropriate time. :)

( What Kibum doesn’t expect is for Donghae to be on his computer, and for him to give Kibum a smile that screams ‘I-know-something-and-I-like-it’, which naturally makes Kibum raise an eyebrow. )
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum
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