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A fairy? Me? No Way! Chapter 1

title: A Fairy? Me? No Way! Chapter !
pairing: Yewook? More to come
rating: Pg- Might be higher later
A/N: First Post! First fanfic..... No confidence :( Should I continue?
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy, I don’t know?
Summary: Kim Ryeowook always knew he was not normal for his age. Despite this knowledge, he had never really known how odd he really was until he had shrunk down to 6 inches. Though, that’s getting ahead of the story.

Ryeowook opened one eye to glance at his exceedingly loud alarm clock. 6:45 am. Ryeowook groaned and tried to go back to sleep and remember his ever so lovely a dream about flying, and wondered why he had set his alarm clock so early in the morning in the first place. After 5 more minutes of shut eye, Ryeowook bolted straight up in bed, remembering that it was, in fact, his turn to cook breakfast. “Shootshootshootshoot!” He mumbled as he threw off his covers, and flailed into his too-big school uniform. Why can’t they ever make me a uniform small enough? He cursed as he tripped over the leg of his pants and ended up face planting onto his bedroom floor. As he recovered himself and finished buttoning up his shirt, rolling up the sleeves a few times, he went over quick breakfast options in his head. Cereal? Urg. Toast? Not enough. Bagel, ick. Pancakes? No we had them yesterday. Eggs, PERFECT! He hopped off the last stair, launched himself into downstairs kitchen, and started pulling out the ingredients to make veggie omelets. As he poured oil in the frying and set the heat on the stove, he wondered why he was cooking breakfast anyway. He was a 16-year-old male; he should barely be able to make toast. And yet, he thought, here I am. As Ryeowook expertly flipped the omelet, he thought back on the day this had all started.

Ryeowook, his mom had cooed at him. You are old enough to pick an extra-curricular activity. You have two choices. Cooking, or Karate? While his mother had said this, she had gestured emphatically at her cookbooks and pulling faces as she had said karate. To be perfectly honest, who was the 10-year-old Ryeowook to deny his mother of the joy cooking would obviously bring her? Plus, he was a shrimp, barely reaching a height of 4 feet 6 inches on his good days. There was no way he was going to Karate class to be beat up by kids who were at least a good 4 or 5 inches taller than him. He was as thin as a twig, and he knew that the kids going to karate classes with their dads would be twice his width. Ryeowook knew the only obvious choice here, and that would be mother-son cooking classes. This choice had led him on the winding road of the many classes he had been coerced into by his mom, starting with Cleaning 101, and ending with Sewing for Saints. Yes, Ryeowook was now the perfect housewife, and still regretting his choices ever since.

Seriously, he mused as he seasoned the second batch of eggs in the frying pan, I think that’s where it went wrong. That’s why I never grew properly. That is why I’m 5 feet tall. That’s why I get beaten up at school for being so small! I BLAME YOU, MOM! I. BLAME. YOU! And genetics. Of course, Ryeowook was certainly grateful for these lessons, because if he had never taken them he would never get a decent meal, or have his laundry done in a timely manner. His mother was a writer, and though she had been about the cooking lessons, she never seemed to get it quite right. The only thing that ever resulted from her cooking was a dirty and messy kitchen. In fact, the only reason Ryeowook ever allowed her in HIS kitchen to make breakfast every other morning, was because she had signed a contract with Ryeowook never to enter the kitchen on any other occasion. This contract was drawn up after his mom had blown up the oven. For the second time. In a row.

He left the steaming omelets on the table after he finished eating breakfast and making his parents and his own respective lunches, (Seriously, his mother couldn’t make even a sandwich without something going horribly wrong. And Ryewook was too nervous about what would happen if he let his father cook at all) and was out the door and walking the pathway to school before his parents had gotten out of bed at their normal time of 7:35. He didn’t see the glimmering gold dust he had left behind, nor the slight point his ears had developed.

“Ryeowook. RYEOWOOK!” Ryeowook looked up from his notebook, startled, and at his best friend Sunny. She was kneeling right beside his head, her ponytail swishing from side to side. Sunny had become his friend in the 5th grade, when she proudly exclaimed that short people should stick together. Ryeowook liked her immediately, and had been her friend ever since. Of course, that still did not stop her from annoying the heck out of him. Ryeowook stuck out his tongue at her, then quickly looked around the classroom, and whispered, “Sunny! Shhhh! You know I don’t like drawing attention!” Sunny rolled her eyes, but quickly agreed to his request. After all, she was the one who had had to drag him off to the nurse’s when he fainted every time he was introduced to someone new. In a softer voice, she said, “ It’s lunch time, and you didn’t even notice. I am here to remind you to eat, Wookie! Jeez, You are such a space-case when writing! I bet you didn’t even take notes! Mr. Lee is going to kill you!”

Sunny, who had taken up her usual space sitting on Ryeowook’s desk, snatched his notebook and started reading. Ryeowook pouted. “Come on. You know I’m no good at English. It doesn’t even matter if I take notes or not! Give me back my notebook.” Sunny reluctantly gave back the leather bound book. She sulked one last time when she saw Ryeowook put it away within the confines of his schoolbag. “You know, Wookie” she whined, “I wish you let me read it more. It’s really good, like professional grade material. It’s just all about flying. Maybe you should broaden your horizons. Unless you write about stuff other than flying in there.” Sunny made a grab for Ryeowook's bag, but Ryeowook had pulled it out of reach, used to her antics. “No, Sunny. It’s private. Plus, it’s not like writing this stuff will get me anywhere. And it doesn’t really mean anything, besides the fact that I have too many dreams about flying.” Sunny raised an eyebrow at this, as she had heard all about Ryeowooks strange dreams before. “Really Wook, you should go see a psychiatrist about those dreams of yours. You get them way too much.”

Suddenly, Sunny scrunched her face up and leaned into his face. Not used to her face being so close to his, Ryeowook had whipped his face back, and asked, “What? Do I have something on my face?” “No Wookie,” Sunny replied slowly, “Its just that, you look like you’re glittering. Like you spilled sparkles all over your hair and face or something. And- OMIGOD! Are your ears POINTY?” Ryeowook laughed and said, “Maybe I’m not the one who should be seeing the Psychiatrist, Sunny!” Sunny’s response was to take his had, violently drag him out of the his seat- much to the amusement of his on looking classmates (and to the embarrassment of Ryeowook) finishing up their lunches-and out the door towards the boys bathroom.

“In.” She commanded, while pushing Ryeowook into the boy’s bathroom. “You are going crazy.” Ryeowook called as he begrudgingly stepped into the bathroom. “Maybe, but I know something definitely wacky is going on with your ears!” She called back. Ryeowook sighed, and then looked in the mirror. He had enough time to see that his face, skin, and hair actually were glittering, and that his ears were as pointy as his pencil. Then he fainted.

Ryeowook woke up to the giant faces of his parents looming over him. First, he noted that they looked worried. Then he noticed that they somehow were much larger than when he had last seen them. Almost giant sized. He coughed a bit, and then choked out, “Mom, Dad. I’m oka-“ Ryeowook paused mid sentence when he realized that his voice was strangely high-pitched, and most definitely not the proper volume that it should be. It was after he had come to terms with the fact that he had not suddenly turned into a girl that he looked at his surroundings. He was in a bed. But this bed was much larger than what he was used to. It actually dwarfed him so much that he could barely see the sides or the end of the bed. He was patting the bed around him, wondering why it was so soft and why he didn’t have a pillow, when it hit him. He was on his pillow. This was his pillow, not a bed. He looked down at his hands. His arms were the size of matchsticks. He glanced back up at his parents with a horrified look on his face as realization dawned upon him. “I SHRUNK!” He shrieked in his chipmunk voice. “I FREAKING SHRUNK?!?!”
“Now, Ryeowook, settle down. It’s okay. Stop freaking out, it’s perfectly normal.” His mom recited tiredly. She had been repeating this mantra for an hour, trying to calm him down from his major freak after Ryeowook had discovered out that his already tiny body had decreased to a mere 6 inches. “SETTLE DOWN? What am I supposed to do! I’m MINI-ME! Worse than that, how am I supposed to go to school? What about Sunny? I can’t face her like this! I mean, I was short before but now I’m tiny! I’m like the male version of Thumbelina!” Ryeowook had begun sobbing now, and had maneuvered his way off the pillow with great effort, and on to a standing position on the bed. Through his tears, he noticed his parents exchange a look, leaving him suspicious. “What do you mean when you say this is normal? You know something, don’t you?” Ryeowook accused, wiping his tears away. His parents exchanged another look, a little guiltier than before, and nodded. “Well, you see,” His father began as his mom left Ryeowook’s sight line, “Your mother and I-“ His stopped, then sighed. “You see, when we met-. Aww Screw it!” His father exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration, surprising Ryeowook as his father was usually as mild-mannered as Ryeowook himself, and said, “You’re a pixie. And a fairy. And kind of a human, too. Enjoy.”

Ryeowook stared at his dad, and the started sobbing again. “ Do you think this is a joke, Dad? What the heck does that mean? What do you mean I’m a fairy?” His dad rubbed his face and then started over again. “Ok. What I mean is that, I’m half fairy, half human. Your mom his half pixie, half human. You, in turn, got the entire pixie and fairy traits passed down to you, which all of the sudden decided to make their appearance known now, due to you finally reaching puberty. You are slightly human because your mom and I were not full pixie and fairy.” Ryeowook’s dad paused there and looked at his son, making sure he was absorbing all of this new information. After confirming that Ryeowook was listening to him, though mostly in disbelief, he continued. “You get the pointy ears, good looks, and pixie dust from your mother. Your natural fear of meeting new people and being the center of attention, as well as your shy gentle temperament and soon you will get your wings, all inherited from me. All in all, being tiny is not forever and you can go back to normal, you will leave pixie dust all over the place, and your ears will be pointy at all times. You also can fly, as soon as your wings grow in.” The part where Ryeowook’s dad had described the traits passed down from his dad too him had sounded overtly gloating, and Ryeowook nearly laughed at the preening expression on his dad’s face before thinking about what his dad had actually said.

Ryeowook’s dad took a big breath, and glanced back at his son. Ryeowook processed that information for a good 30 seconds before blurting out, “You have got to be kidding me.” “‘Fraid not, son." “But Dad!” Ryeowook sputtered, “How will I go to school? How do I go back to my original size? Why am I in this ridiculous green one-piece and hat?”

Ryeowook had looked down at his body as he was ranting and finally noticed the piece of Kelly-green fabric embracing his thin body, and the felt cap placed oh so jauntily on his head. “Oh, those are your default clothes. Your clothes, unless magically charmed to do so, do not shrink with you. In other words, if you have no other pieces of smaller clothing, those prevent you from showing up naked. They come in handy, trust me.” His mother had stepped back in the room with an armful assorted Items Ryeowook couldn’t quite make out. “It looks like a dress.” His mom ignored him and started pulling out tiny object form the middle of the pile. “Can you talk into this, honey, because honestly you sound like a tea-kettle whistling and we can barely hear you.” Ryeowook reluctantly grabbed for the megaphone and turned it on. “Better?” He screamed into the megaphone. His mother winced. “Yes, but you don’t need to scream.” “Okay. Now what about school? It’s not like I can waltz into my classroom the size of an action figure!” His dad sniggered. When Ryeowook gave him a glare that could rival his mother’s, his dad replied in defense, “No offense son, but you are more like a doll than an action figure. You do not have the muscles to be Super Man, that’s for sure.” His mom stepped in at that point, and cuffed his dad on the back of the head. After rubbing his head a bit, his dad pouted and fell silent. Making sure there were not going to be any more interruptions, she said, “We knew this was going to happen sometime after your 16th birthday, so we have already enrolled you in SM Academy for Fantastical Creatures.” “What?” Ryeowook said into the little plastic megaphone his mother had given him. “It’s a school that you can learn in with other magical creatures such as yourself, and keep other humans from knowing you exist. We are supposed to only be real in fairy-tales and folklore, and there is a secrecy code you have to follow as a magical creature. This school will teach you about that." his mom finished and went back to sorting through the mysterious pile on his now ginormous bed.

After a few moments of silence, his mother looked up suddenly, and quipped, "Oh, and to get yourself back to normal, just think tall.” Ryeowook blinked at the new information, and rolled his eyes. “Think tall? That’s it?” His mother gave him her evil eye at his sarcasm, before continuing her sorting through the pile of what Ryeowook realized to be miniatures. Ryeowook sighed and reluctantly ‘thought tall’. To his surprise, in a poof of gold dust, he had quickly regained his original height though his position standing on his bed had thrown him off balance and onto the floor. Ryeowook winced in pain, and then screamed, “WHY AM I STILL IN THE GREEN DRESS?”
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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