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Perpetuality | Kangin/Leeteuk | PG | Angst/fluff
Looking at you, is the only thing I can do

A/N: A songfic based on Namolla Family's Only look at you. I suggest you listen to the song while reading it. The song's full of rainbows and unicorns^^ overload of fluffness

I just give my love to one; you


In the busy crowd, in the sea of people, in the hustle bustle of a metropolitan city 

Even if I can’t find you

ironically, my eyes have a second sense. As if we have telepathy.

I only see one; you

"There you are!" you smile once you see the familiar face you see everyday, holding out a hand, and I reach it without hesitant, smiling back as I always do whenever I see you.
Even today there isn’t much time
From now on I’ll love you
Watching someone cooking is boring, but watching YOU cooking is something I can't describe why I end up staring. You ask me "Why are you looking at me like that?" and shrugging is the only answer, followed with a stupid smile. "Come on, help your hyung here!" and that's all it takes for me to get off the couch that Shindong told me to do so, hours ago. "It's not like you can sit there and do nothing forever!" you say, but truthfully, I can.
Watching, loving
Here and there, wherever


"Seriously, why do you keep staring at Leeteuk Hyung? It's freking me out!" Heechul never bothered me with his comments, but to answer his question, obviously
You really are pretty to me


The phone kept ringing with messages from Taeyeon telling that "Chinchin radio starts in 20 minutes, so get you butt here!" and ignoring those messages has been a habit, especially when you're involved.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have Chinchin right now?"

Today, for a day, I’ll only look at you though I’m busy
"Just wanted to see you hyung!" grabbing you hands, and you didn't flinch, but your expression is the type that I don't like to see often.
"You can see me later, go to Chinchin, before you cause another problem." and obeying you is another habit that grew. I nod, assuring you I'll behave, and to get rid of that worry on your face.
I bent down, planting a soft kiss on you cheek, and your eyes look elsewhere. "People are watching!" you say, but since when did people matters?
My breath skips and I’m happy
Love’s melody

"What's our concept for the fourth album?"

Precisely our story


"My dear hyung, you have to drag me along in variety shows!"
"And why is that, my dear Kangin?"

You and me make beautiful things beautiful

and your high-pitch laughter drives me crazy!

how did I like you?
We're different. Like Yin and Yang, like heaven and hell, like angel and devil, like Korean's Number 1 Racoon and Korean's Number 1 MC Idol. We're the total opposite when it comes to appearence and personality. A contrast that is visible and true.
But none of that is taken into deliberation.

I like you, you like me

and that's all that matters


I want to say I love you
"Heechul said you wanted to tell me something?" you say, and damn that boy/girl looking homosapien, but I'll deal with Heechul later. Right now, you're in front of me.
I shake my head, and as if you understood, you mutter "Heechul" under your breathe and leave. I look at your walking figure and sigh to myself.
Saranghae, saranghae, saranghaeyo!
A mixture of drink and drive, results to a blurry memory that I tend to forget. The soberness slowly coming, and I gained full conciousness when I was at the doorstep, outside the dorm. Ringing the doorbell, I couldn't actually think straight, and I couldn't stop the judder of my heartbeat. Once you open the door, half awake, rubbing your right eye, with a "You're home" out of your mouth, you could sense something went wrong, maybe because I didn't step inside, maybe because of the tears coming from under my eyelids, or maybe because I look utterly pathetic.
Secretively, you held me in your arms
Just tell me, tell me you love me

"It's gonna be alright!" you try soothing me with words, and I hold you tighter. Every second of the day, I want you, I yearn for you, I need you. But now is the time I need you the most, and you're here.

Be beside me
Just hear me

Even though I hate summer, I love the beach. 
Even though I hate winter, I love the snow. 
Even though I hate autumn, I love the falling leaves,.
Even though I hate spring, I love the blooming flowers,
and even though I hate the world,
I love only you!
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