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Title: The Story on How One YunHo and One DongHae Ended Up Together (Also Known As The Time When Everyone Got Drunk and YunHae Began)
Pairings: YunHoxDonghae, JaeJoongxHeeChul, ChangMinxKibum, JunSuxSiwon, YooChunxSungMin, mention of HyukJaexDreamSu
Rating: Light R I guess
Summary: Title says it all I guess...
Author's Note: Thought it should post it here since it has Super Junior members. Sorry if them seem out of character. It's really late where I'm at and I haven't gone to bed yet.

YunHo sat on the couch with his eyes shut. This is exactly what he needed. Relaxation and the thought that the next day there was nothing scheduled from the band until that night. A long sigh escaped from his lips as he melted farther into the couch.

His relaxation was ruined the moment he heard the doorbell ring. He groaned as he picked himself off the couch. Slowly walking to the front door, YunHo was going to chew out whom ever it was ruining his time to relax. Swinging, the door open he came face to face with HeeChul. HeeChul of Super Junior was standing right in front of him with a frown on his face.

“YunHo, who’s at the door?” JaeJoong asked as he walked over. HeeChul pushed YunHo out of his way as he stormed over to JaeJoong. That’s when YunHo noticed the five others behind him. DongHae, SungMin, Siwon, HyukJae, and Kibum stood in the hallway.

“HeeChul wanted to see JaeJoong because he was upset. Apparently he caught hold of the recent fan service of you two.” DongHae informed him. YunHo nodded his head in understanding as he let the others in. He didn’t have to look over to know that HeeChul had JaeJoong pressed against the wall in a passionate kiss.

“Is Su here?” HyukJae asked as he walked in. YunHo nodded his head as the SuJu member went hunting for his best friend. Siwon followed after him, but not without nodding at YunHo in acknowledgement.

SungMin chuckled at the two as he followed behind the two. Kibum was the only one that stayed behind with DongHae and YunHo. Both knew that he was looking out for ChangMin.

“He’s in his workroom Kibum. Why don’t you go see him?” YunHo told Kibum. A nod was given to him before Kibum ran off towards the workroom of ChangMin and JunSu.  

DongHae shook his head as they walked by HeeChul and JaeJoong. HeeChul was attacking JaeJoong’s neck with his mouth. YunHo’s noticed the way JaeJoong looked apologetically at the two as they walked by. The apologetic look was soon replaced with one of complete pleasure. It kind of reminded YunHo of the look that the rest of the members had on when they thought of their lovers. But this one was there because of HeeChul’s sexual advances.

“How long do you think it will be until they start going at it right there on the wall?” DongHae asked quietly. Looking back, YunHo smirked at his friend before answering,

“By the looks of it really soon. I don’t think HeeChul will let Jae go until he has proven to him that they are better then JaeHo.” DongHae wrapped an arm around his friend as he agreed.

“JunSu! HyukJae! Get back here!” Siwon’s voice yelled. JunSu and HyukJae ran by laughing like prepubescent monkeys. YunHo looked curiously looked followed the two to see why Siwon was yelling at them.  

Upon entering the living room, both saw that JunSu and HyukJae were huddled over a piece of paper. Siwon stood nearby frowning at the two. YunHo scooted closer to see what the two were so giddy about. He looked at the two curiously the moment he saw what it was.

“You two found fanfiction? Why are you so giddy over that?” YunHo asked as he stepped back.

“It’s not just any fanfiction YunHo!” HyukJae exclaimed. JunSu nodded his head in agreement as he held up the piece of paper.

“It’s fanfiction written by us! Siwon wants to take it away from us because what we wrote about him!” JunSu exclaimed happily. He held the paper still so that YunHo could read it.

“Siwon stared at out the window with a blank expression. All that he was clad in was his favorite pair boxers, which were white with little read, hears on them. He could remember when he got them as a gag present from his lover JunSu. “Ahhh what to do?” Siwon asked himself as he took a step away from the window.” YunHo read out loud the first paragraph out loud. “What’s wrong with that?” He asked as he looked up at the person it revolved around.

“Farther down…” Siwon muttered. DongHae took the chance to skim down the paper quickly before he found what Siwon didn’t like. He burst into laughter. Tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

“Oh my gosh! You two actually wrote that?” DongHae asked as he grabbed the piece of paper.

“We did! It’s PWP, but heck it works!” HyukJae said. He used a hand motion to urge DongHae to read it out loud.

“Wait! Don’t! We must get everyone in here to hear it!” JunSu exclaimed as he jumped up to get the others. Shouts from HeeChul, JaeJoong, and JunSu filled the air.

“JunSu, can’t you see were in the middle of something?” yelled HeeChul.

“Well I didn’t need to see you two almost butt naked having sex against the wall!” JunSu yelled back. “Anyways, get dressed and get into the living room! I want you two to hear something!” YunHo turned to DongHae and they smiled at each other.

“That didn’t take long. Su’s probably traumatized now though.” YunHo informed. DongHae nodded his head as HeeChul and JaeJoong walked into the room. Both of them looked like a tornado hit. JaeJoong’s hair stuck up in pieces as if someone tugged on it. HeeChul’s shirt was on inside out and backwards.

JunSu walked into the room shaking his head. Behind him Kibum and ChangMin followed looking like the same as HeeChul and JaeJoong. Their faces bright red from embarrassment.

“ Gosh is our apartment the “Hey I’m horny lets have sex now!” apartment?” JunSu asked as he sat down next HyukJae. Everyone’s attention turned to DongHae, who held the piece of paper in his hands.

“Okay I did not write this. The author’s are our very own HyukJae and JunSu.” DongHae started out. He smiled at YunHo before turning to the piece of paper to read,

“Siwon stared at out the window with a blank expression. All that he was clad in was his favorite pair boxers, which were white with little read, hears on them. He could remember when he got them as a gag present from his lover JunSu.

“What to do?” Siwon asked himself as he took a step away from the window. It was clear night out and what he really wanted that moment was to be able to see his boyfriend. Sadly JunSu was away doing some sort of thing for DBSK. A knock on the door was heard before it was thrown open.

“Siwon! Come play with me!” HyukJae exclaimed as he ran in and pounced onto Siwon’s half naked body. Both froze at the contact. “Why are you half naked!” yelled HyukJae as he quickly put 10 feet between them. He pointed his finger at him accusingly.

“Your in my room! I'm allowed to be half naked!” Siwon yelled. HyukJae froze as he noticed what Siwon was wearing. A smirk spread out across his lips as he slowly backed out of the room. “JunSu! Siwon is wearing the underwear you got him! By the looks of it he’s wore them a lot!” HyukJae yelled out running down the hall.

Siwon followed him in shock. JunSu could NOT hear that! He thought that he had thrown them out ages ago. Running as fast as he could, Siwon slid across the tiled floor in his socks until he came to a complete stop. He froze once he noticed 17 pairs of eyes on him.


Of all days, the DBSK members had to visit on the day he came running out wearing the boxers JunSu gave him once upon a time ago. With a grand sliding in across the tile floor in his socks entrance.

“Hey!” JunSu exclaimed as he pointed at the boxers Siwon was wearing. “Those are the ones I got you! I thought you said you threw them out! You actually kept them and used them! Look there’s a hole on the leg!”

Turning around Siwon marched back to his room. His secret was out. JunSu knew that he had kept the boxers and used them. He heard someone following him and knew that it was JunSu.

“What do you want JunSu?” Siwon asked in an agitated tone. He felt JunSu’s hands grab onto the waistband of his boxers. Hot breath brushed against his cheek as he tugged him closer.

“I’m glad you kept them. It makes me think that you think of me while wearing them.” JunSu muttered. His lips captured Siwon’s in a sweet kiss as his hand slipped inside of the boxers. Siwon groaned against JunSu’s lips as they kissed passionately.


JunSu pushed Siwon against the wall ravaging his mouth with his own in the process.

Click. Click.

Siwon feels JunSu pulling his boxers down. Cool air brushed against his body.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Siwon tore his mouth away to find out where that annoying clicking noise was coming from. He looked over to see HyukJae trying hard not to cackle like made while going camera happy.

“HYUKJAE! STOP TAKING PICTURES!” Siwon yelled he tried to hid his body with his hands. JunSu-“ DongHae set the story down on his lap indicating that he was done.

“What? That’s it? What happens next?” JaeJoong exclaimed. He jumped to his feet with HeeChul beside him.

“That’s when Siwon caught us. He saw that it was about him then started to read over our shoulders. Once he read what we had written he freaked out.” HyukJae told everyone.

“We hightailed out there.” JunSu added as he took the piece of paper.

“You two were writing about ME! Do you know that you two can post that up on the Internet and everyone will be able to read it?” Siwon exclaimed as he pointed at the two.

“We were just going to keep it for our own entertainment. Don’t you trust me anymore Siwonnie?” JunSu asked as he pouted. Tears gathered up in his eyes as he stared at his boyfriend. Siwon pulled JunSu up onto his feet and kissed him good and hard.

“Of course I do. It’s just that I don’t want that being spread out across the internet where the fans can get a hold of it.” Siwon muttered. JunSu smiled at him as he nodded his head.

“We’re here! And we brought alcohol! What did we meet?” YooChun said loudly as he walked into the room. He carried two bags that held alcohol. SungMin stood beside him holding two bags of alcohol also.

“The best fanfic ever about Siwon that was written by JunSu and HyukJae!” HeeChul exclaimed as his arms snaked around JaeJoong’s waist. He set his chin on top of his shoulder.

“Plus JunSu ran in on HeeChul and JaeJoong having sex in the hall. Then he went to their workroom where ChangMin and Kibum were going at it too!” YunHo added.

“Damn! I always miss the good stuff.” YooChun muttered to himself as he set his two bags onto the counter. SungMin kissed him quickly on the lips as he set his bags next to YooChun’s.


Five hours and all four bags worth of empty alcohol bottles later, HyukJae layed passed out on the floor with an empty bottle of vodka curled up in his fingers. He was dreaming of causing mischief for Siwon with his dream JunSu. HeeChul and JaeJoong were somewhere fucking each other silly like drunken idiots. Probably back into the hall where they were doing it earlier. Kibum and ChangMin were cuddled up in one another’s arms squished up on the couch dead asleep. YooChun and SungMin were in the bathroom at the same time. YunHo and DongHae knew that they were showering with one another in there.

“Dong…Hae…” YunHo muttered as he leaned against DongHae. He erupted into unstoppable giggles as he thought of something. “We have soooooooo much sexual tension between us, but we’ve done nothing about it. How come we don’t get together and have a YunHae pairing? I mean we have JaeChul, KiMin, SungChun, JunWon, and heck even HyukJae has his dream Su. Lets make a YunHae or DongHo pairing!”

“Yunnie…. You’re so… right! In fact! Lets start it now!” DongHae exclaimed as he giggled at nothing for no apparent reason. He pulled YunHo against his body before kissing him senseless.

“Oh… DongHae… I think your bigger then me!”


“Like that DongHae? But I swear your much bigger then me!”

“Will you… just… shut up about… size? Were the…. same.”



“Uhhhh….. Yun…ho…..”


Groans echoed throughout the apartment they all had hangovers from hell. The only two that were asleep were two very naked and exposed bodies that belonged to DongHae and YunHo.

“About time huh?” SungMin asked as he leaned against YooChun. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

I'll be adding small things with this. It'll tell tales of how the others got together too. All will be oneshots that will be like mini prologues to this one.
Tags: pairing: donghae/yunho, pairing: heechul/jaejoong, pairing: kibum/changmin, pairing: siwon/other, pairing: sungmin/other, with: dbsg
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