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03 January 2010 @ 10:50 pm
Scarlet Night series update  

Scarlet Night Series (Drama; PG13; pairings TBA)
Another school year has come for the students of private school Shim Jang Academy, or SJA. Secluded in the beautiful landscape of South Korea's country side, only students with ridiculously high grades or ridiculously rich parents attend this prestigious high school.

Due to health problems the previous year, one student is the only one of his year to have to return to SJA and repeat his senior year. He returns to campus after six months of being gone and he's faced with new changes and new faces.

As he has to readjust to school life, things take a turn for the worse as his health problems return. He dealt with his health once, so surely he can do it again? This time, however, he can't find the light at the end of the tunnel and his fate is looking bleaker with each passing day. He'll have to find strength in his friends and trust a love for someone he least expected. Can he do so before time runs out?

chars: Kyuhyun, Taeyeon(SNSD), Sungmin, Eeteuk, Hankyung, Heechul, Zhou Mi (after this chapter, more chars will be making appearances & what not, I just wrote this since I didn't say what pairings there were..)

[Phase 1: The Setting Sun] [Phase 2: Consequences of Knowledge] [Phase 3: Crystal Confidences]
Phase Four: Sympathy for the Devil
words: 4750
preview: “I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough,”

Coming soon, Phase 5: To Stay by His Side

Zhou Mi blinked; he was staring at that damn desk again. Turning back to his desk, he began to organize through his notes, deciding to think ahead to his next class. However, he couldn’t concentrate. All he could think about was Kyuhyun. When Zhou Mi straightened, he was horrified to realize that his hands had been trembling that entire time.


Against all of his better judgement, against all of his reliable instincts, Zhou Mi began to walk out of the classroom. He was moving fast, determined and with one goal in sight. He had never been weak before, had never been so confused before. Since coming to SJA, since meeting Kyuhyun, his world of black and white had suddenly turned into shades of grey and he couldn’t understand any of it. All he could understand, all that he knew, came down to one thing:


What he felt was more than just protectiveness.

Hope you enjoy the newest update. After the next update, the pairings will be released (finally). School starts tomorrow, so you know what that means: less updating. ^__^;;

Many thanks to my readers =)
xrosepetalsx on January 4th, 2010 07:08 am (UTC)
Just wanted to comment here that I've been following your fic and I'm really excited to read more of it. It's really intriguing and you write really well. School = Less updates D: But I really can't wait for more <333
Cheonsaquickable on January 4th, 2010 12:36 pm (UTC)
yeah.. school really brings everyone down T_T LOL.
Anyway, thanks for reading my fic & I truly appreciate the comment ^__^
Hope I don't disappoint!