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Fic: KRY x EunHae

Title:Ding Dong The Little One Is Dead
Summary:Kyuhyun's been discharged from the hospital..but who knew death still lurked behind the corner? However, with EunHae around...its no surprise.
Pairing: None really unless you really want them to be there. *cough* Eunhae *cough*
Warning:Bible Thumping Eunhyuk x Alien Obsessed Donghae x Mischievous Kyuhyun + An Evil Yesung = KRY/EunHae Fun!
A/N:I'm not trying to make fun of Kyuhyun's accident so i hope no one takes it the wrong way if there are any die hard Kyuhyun fans out there sorry! ^-^ but i hope you read it all the way through before you start to hate me! *crosses fingers* sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes and any comments are loved very much!

Kyuhyun licked his index finger and turned the page to his magazine. He had been cooped up in his dorm room for what seemed like weeks. Ever since the car accident, everyone was cautious. Courteous. Awkward. Almost as if touching him could snap him in half. Just like that, a broken twig on the ground. Now, don’t get it wrong. Kyuhyun wasn’t complaining. In fact he liked the extra attention, everyone coming to check on him, bringing him snacks, juice, and even Sungmin had offered his “favorite stuffed animal” to keep Kyuhyun company. Kyuhyun was touched that they all cared so much.

Looking up from his magazine to stare thoughtfully at the tiny pink bear, covered in glitter with hair bows tied mercilessly on the thing’s cubed ears, Kyuhyun smirked. He knew right well that this stuffed toy was not Sungmin’s favorite. But who could blame him. Kyuhyun knew no matter whom it was, that Sungmin would never give up his Bunny.

Kyuhyun returned to his magazine, he scanned the page, didn’t see anything interesting and licked his finger again.

Only when he had begun to read an article about the process of brewing coffee did he truly block out his surroundings. The distant sound of the TV humming in the next room. Eeteuk laughing that crazy high-pitched giggle.
As Kyuhyun’s eyes ran over the magazine article, his bedroom door silently cracked open.

Two huddled shapes, on their hands and knees silently crawled over to either side of Kyuhyun’s bed. As one of them jammed his knee down onto a misplaced shoe, Kyuhyun suddenly coughed, smothering the intruder’s curse word.
Kyuhyun ripped his eyes from the magazine and scanned his room. Nothing seemed out of place, and no one was barging in through the door to see if he had passed out or choked to death, like they seemed to do every now and then. But Kyuhyun swore he had heard something. He shrugged and returned to his magazine, kicking his feet out from underneath the covers.

What the hell. Didn’t Ryeowook have the air conditioner on? It’s flipping hot.

Last time Kyuhyun had complained about the heat, Ryeowook told him no. A simple no. If there was one person who still didn’t give Kyuhyun his way, it was Ryeowook. Ryeowook claimed the heat was good for his cherries.
HELLO! Didn’t he realize they were in the refrigerator! The cold refrigerator! But that was the last time Kyuhyun had complained. Simply because Ryeowook had started to pout. No one knew but sometimes his pout could be worse than Sungmin’s. (Hard to believe I know.)

As Kyuhyun tried to find his place in the article, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A tiny glimpse of someone’s head was peeking over at him from the side of the bed. Just as he was about to scream, he felt a quick pair of hands grab his face, as another grabbed his legs. He felt the weight of somebody holding him down, as he tried to squirm away. The intruder (or intruders) had rammed his palm into his eye, making Kyuhyun squint and cry out. But then Kyuhyun heard it. A faint giggle that sounded strangely familiar. He ripped open his eyes to see two owlish faces staring up at him.

Hyukjae was sprawled across Kyuhyun’s legs and holding onto them for dear life. Donghae was an inch away from his nose with a broad smile etched across his handsome face.

“Hi,” Donghae giggled.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!” The second after, no the tenth of a second after Kyuhyun raised his voice he immediately regretted it. He felt blood lurch its way into his throat and felt a dreadful pain sting his side then spread throughout his whole body.

Kyuhyun started hacking his lungs out, literally. The sudden jolt of his body threw Hyukjae and Donghae off the bed and made them stumble to the floor, both wide-eyed with fear and staring at Kyuhyun.

“Look! Look what you did,” Hyukjae cried, overcoming the shock, as he pointed to Donghae.
Donghae looked around bewildered to make sure Hyukjae was actually pointing to him.
“Me? ME? You frieken jumped on his legs!”

Donghae stuttered, thinking of a good comeback.
Hyukjae and Donghae were standing to the side of Kyuhyun’s bed. In their heated battle they barely paid attention to the little one, thrashing and moaning around behind them.

“WELL YOU WENT ALONG WITH IT!” Donghae raised his voice just as loud.
“You said I had to!”

Donghae looked appalled. Never had he made Hyukjae do anything. Honestly.

“You were the one who said you didn’t believe Kyuhyun was really hurt! YOU SAID HE WAS FAKING IT!” Donghae spat.

Hyukjae puffed out his chest and stared at his friend, but before Donghae could say anything, Hyukjae clasped a hand to his mouth. Donghae looked at him strangely and turned to see what he was looking at.

And then he clasped his hand over his mouth too.

They both had not heard Kyuhyun stop abruptly. Stop his thrashing of the covers. Stop his pitiful wheezing.

Now he just lay there. His head face down in the pillows. One of his pink and green striped socks barely hanging onto his foot.

Hyukjae looked from the bed to Donghae, and back to the bed, his hand still clasped over his mouth.

Donghae let out a silent yelp and moved closer to the bed.

He extended his hand to poke Kyuhyun, but Hyukjae knocked him away.

“Don’t do that!” He harshly whispered.
“But…but I think he’s…dead.” Donghae spoke with a chill in his throat. Almost like Death was in the room with him. Mocking him and Hyukjae.

And then the terrible realization settled itself in both of the boys’ minds. They turned to look at each other, horror stricken.
And in one raspy whisper they faced each other and declared in unison,
“We killed him!”

Hyukjae started to panic; he fanned himself and started pacing the room.
Donghae looked closely towards Kyuhyun, and when he didn’t see the boy’s chest rise he stepped farther away from the bed.

“This is bad…this is so bad…what will we do? We’ll have to leave Super Junior! We’ll have to leave the country! They’ll arrest us!!” Hyukjae was stammering on, tears clearly evident in his eyes. His voice suddenly broke, “And worse, GOD WILL NEVER FORGIVE US!”

Donghae took a hold of his shoulders and shook him back to his senses.
“Get a hold of yourself!” He ordered.
Hyukjae merely blinked.

“Now, I say the first thing we do…” Donghae paused thinking of a plan quickly before any of the others found them.

2 minutes and thirteen seconds later.

Donghae and Hyukjae strolled back into the living room. Sungmin and Shindong had been playing video games on the floor, while Siwon (hugging on Hankyung), Eeteuk, and of course Hankyung were sitting on the couch watching.

“Where have you guys been?” Eeteuk called over in his motherly tone when he recognized the looks Donghae and Hyukjae were wearing.

The same look they wore when Heechul came screaming like a chicken with its head cut off, when these two troublemakers shaved his eyebrows off.

“No-No where Hyung. Why would you think we would have been somewhere? Everything is perfectly fine.” Hyukjae smiled awkwardly.

Eeteuk looked at them skeptically but didn’t say anything.

Donghae nudged Hyukjae in the ribs, when Eeteuk turned back around to watch the rest of the video game match.
“Real smooth,” Donghae whispered.
Hyukjae rolled his eyes.
“Um, Teukkie Hyung?” Donghae called for the leader’s attention

“Mhm?” Eeteuk eyed them both suspiciously. If he was going to have to become an expert on penciling in eyebrows again, heads would roll!

Donghae cleared his throat as Hyukjae twiddled his thumbs.
“Um. We were thinking…I mean no…we weren’t thinking…well I mean of course we were thinking…obviously…everyone thinks,” Hyukjae roughly jabbed Donghae in the ribs.

“HaveyouGiven Kyuhyun hismedicine? Yet?” Donghae jumbled his words like they were fire on his tongue.

Eeteuk was taken aback. Never had the boys showed much appreciation in the actual medical needs of the little one. Of course they cared, gave him coloring books and fun stuff to do, but Eeteuk had the impression it would be up to him to administer Kyuhyun’s medicine.

“Actually, I was just about to go do that. Thanks for reminding me!” Eeteuk shot them a dimpled smile, clearly oblivious to Hyukjae and Donghae’s plan.

“WE’LL HELP!” Donghae yelled a little too excited.

And when Eeteuk agreed they followed him into the back room, leaving the others mesmerized by the TV.

“And I suppose that was real smooth too?” Hyukjae whispered to Donghae as they followed Eeteuk to Kyuhyun’s room.
“Just shut up. I can’t believe you made me do this!”
“ME? You’re the one who came up the plan!”
Eeteuk shot them a bizarre glance over his shoulder and Hyukjae and Donghae quickly smiled as if all was well.

As they reached Kyuhyun’s bedroom door, (since their hallway seems to be like a mile long) Donghae and Hyukjae both drew their breath. Eeteuk pushed on the doorknob and walked through first.

Donghae and Hyukjae stood frozen, waiting for the deafening loud scream they sure would come any moment….any moment now….now?
Donghae looked to Hyukjae and Hyukjae looked to Donghae. They both peeked around the doorframe.

“Ah. How is our little one today?” Eeteuk beamed as he sat on the bed stroking Kyuhyun’s hair. Yes. Kyuhyun. The alive and well (besides the whole thing of being in a car accident and being bed ridden for the next few months) boy, whom Donghae and Hyukjae killed just a few minutes ago.

Hyukjae wiped at his eyes while Donghae’s mouth hit the floor.

There he was. Lying in bed like they had left him. Purposefully they had repositioned Kyuhyun to be propped up on his pillows, with the magazine in his hand. Their plan was to accompany Eeteuk to the room; so all blame could be passed off of them since they would have been there when someone discovered the body. Perfect plan. Absolutely full proof. So why wasn’t Kyuhyun dead?!

“I’m doing ok today. My throat feels a little dry.”

Hyukjae and Donghae both gasped. Like seeing Kyuhyun’s eyes moving about and his hands falling casually onto Eeteuk’s thigh weren’t enough to prove he was alive, but hearing him speak made it all the more real.

“YOU’RE ALIVE!” Donghae finally yelled, clambering into the room and jumping over Eeteuk to hug Kyuhyun.
“I knew it! I knew it!” Hyukjae yelled as he pushed Eeteuk off of the bed and sat swiftly where the leader had just been.
Kyuhyun merely blinked and smiled.
“Why what ever are you talking about?” He asked casually.
“Yah! What’s all this about?” Eeteuk called from the floor as he rubbed his backside.
“Kyuhyun died! We saw it happen!!” Donghae prodded as he grabbed Kyuhyun’s head and examined it closely as if it held the answer to how the boy survived.
“This is a miracle! Now God can’t be mad at me!” Hyukjae shouted and suddenly looked up the ceiling, like heaven was just beyond the roof of their dorm rooms shining on him.
“Knock it off you two! You heard Kyuhyun. He doesn’t feel well today!” Eeteuk yelled as he stood and pushed the two crazy eyed boys off of the bed.
“No! Listen! Kyuhyun, tell him! Tell him that you went to the other side and God was there! But he said,” Hyukjae changed his voice into a heavy manly whisper, “It’s not your time,”
“NO! You saw the aliens didn’t you?! That’s what saved you! I knew they liked me! They must have saved you for me! Did they do any experiments?” Donghae had darted onto the bed again and was lifting up Kyuhyun’s shirt when Eeteuk swatted him away.
“Alright! That’s enough! I don’t know who gave you guys sugar, but they are dead!” Eeteuk roared.
“Now get out! Before I call Yesung in here!”

Donghae and Hyukjae had started to protest, but on his name they quickly stopped.

Yesung’s coffee machine had been broken for a whole week. Simply because Donghae had smashed it to smithereens with the toaster. Obviously it was an evil alien device. It was making noises and everything. Obviously evil.

Yesung and Donghae were prohibited from being within 15 feet of each other. And since Hyukjae was always with Donghae, Eeteuk and Kangin made the rule for both boys.

But Donghae couldn’t help himself. Before Eeteuk slammed the door in his face, he looked under Eeteuk’s arm and asked Kyuhyun if he really didn’t know what was going on.
Kyuhyun frowned for a second but then smirked.
“I’m sorry Hyung, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Donghae frowned and nodded. Him and Hyukjae shuffled out into the hallway.
“Well at least now we won’t be on death row!” Hyukjae exclaimed excitingly as he slipped his arm over Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae perked at this thought too.
“You might not be on death row. But who says you won’t be dead?” A low raspy whisper came from the dark of the hallway. Donghae and Hyukjae stopped frozen in their tracks. They turned on their heel to see an evil looking coffee drained Yesung staring at their backs.
“RUN!” Donghae screeched as he ran blindly down the hall.

Back in Kyuhyun’s room…

Kyuhyun was reading his magazine again, and smiled at the sound of chaos engulfing the hallway. Eeteuk had just left, finished administering the medicine, and walked straight into a leaping Yesung who had latched onto a terrified Hyukjae.
“GET BACK HERE LEE DONGHAE!” A ravenous voice called out. It seemed to have filled the whole entire apartment.

Kyuhyun giggled to himself.
Did Donghae and Hyukjae really think they could sneak up on him?
Yesung had been watching them the entire time. Who really cared about Eeteuk and Kangin’s fake restraining order. Yesung sure didn’t that’s for sure.

Now if Ryeowook would only do his share and turn on the frieken air conditioning!
Kyuhyun thought bitterly as he turned the page from the coffee article, to one on the proper way to pick cherries. What a coincidence.

Kyuhyun smiled to himself and began to read.

After all K.R.Y really should stick together. Air conditioning or not.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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