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Title: Home [ch. 3]
Author: Goron Kid
Pairing(s): HeeBum, KiHae
Rating: Definitely NC-17 this chapter. Lots of sexual content.


He's touching you again, waking you up from a fitful sleep with cold fingers stroking your inner thighs. You shudder; you forgot that it was possible to wake up to a nightmare. It's dark, but you can make out his silhouette hovering above you. His slim figure writhes like a snake as he strokes you, and he leans in close enough for you to feel his warm breath in your ear. He's whispering things to you, but you're shutting out the words. You squeeze your eyes shut, counting in English in your head to take you far, far away from Kim Heechul. Two fingers trace the outline of your lips, and you obediently part them so he can slip the fingers inside your warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmm," he purrs. "You're gonna feel so good, Kibum-ah." You fail to suppress your gag reflex as his fingers slide too far back and tickle your throat. This earns you a punch to the left temple. You want to clench your teeth in pain, but doing so would make you bite Heechul's fingers. You shiver at the thought of what punishment that would warrant. He's shifting his weight now, sliding back and sitting between your legs, bending down to play with your limp dick. You turn your head away, ashamed. He's touching you, and you can't help the fact that your body is enjoying it while your mind is screaming "wrong, wrong, wrong!"

"Wrong," you groan in English. Heechul doesn't know that word yet. He continues to stimulate your hardening cock. Bending down, he licks at it eagerly, and you bite back a moan. This is not supposed to feel good, and you hate that it does. He's sucking on it now, but you don't want to cum- you don't want to give him that satisfaction. You hear him breathing hard through his nose, and your hand lifts involuntarily a few inches off the bed before you stop yourself- you were about to place that hand on the back of his head to push it down farther. Fuck, how can I even think that way? You don't want to give him the idea that you enjoy this, but you also don't want it to continue any longer than it has to. You decide to let go early, body quivering, filling Heechul's mouth with your reluctant seed. He keeps sucking on you, even to the point where it's starting to get painful. You know he loves the taste of you and that he won't let a drop of you go to waste. You heave a relieved sigh as he finally pulls off of you, licking his lips. Your head falls back to your pillow.

"I'm not done yet." With that, a finger enters you, and you wince, letting out a small cry. His finger is slicked with your spit from earlier, but it's barely lubricated enough. You rip your pillow out from under your head and cover your face with it, hissing and groaning into the suffocating fabric. Another finger joins the first, stretching your tight entrance painfully. You lift up your pillow and gasp for air, and you hear a chuckle followed by a soft moan. He's jacking himself off while fingering you, and you know what comes next. You close your eyes again, wishing it away, wishing it all away.

Thud. A punch to your chest knocks the wind out of you, causing you to wheeze and double over.

"Spread your legs, bitch," growls Heechul. Shakily, you part your legs, still wheezing and trying to fill your lungs. His fingers slide out of you, and he grips your ribcage with slender hands. You brace yourself for his straining cock, but as always, no matter how hard you try to ready yourself, it's still a painful shock when he enters you. Your mouth opens in a silent scream, your face contorting in pain. You feel him shudder and hear him moan.

"So tight, babe," he mutters, thrusting all the way in. Your head hits the headboard of the bed due to the sheer force of his first thrust. You take yourself away by counting in English again, this time every star that flashes before your eyes. You think of all the stars in the sky, and you figure there must be enough to count until this is over. The thought gives you hope until Heechul brings you back into reality with a sloppy kiss. He isn't going to last long tonight, and you know this because he's already starting to whimper and his thrusts are irregular. By now, the burning sensation is starting to fade, and after a few minutes, you hear him hiss, "aish!" His warmth pools inside of you, and you despise how unclean you are after each encounter with him. He crumples on top of you, panting on your chest as he softens inside you.

"Kibum-ah," he pants, extending his tongue to lick your nipple. You shiver at the feeling. He knows all too well how to take control of your body and make you lose it. Now that's he's had his fun and is finished with you for the night, he pulls himself out of you and presses his lips to yours. His tongue parts your lips, and you meet it with your own, just the way he likes it. He pulls away, and you can see the flash of his smile, even in the darkness.

"Goodnight," he whispers, satisfied. You're choking back tears- you thought you'd make it through without crying this time.

"Goodnight," you croak, but he's gone before he can hear it.


Donghae isn't stupid. At first, you thought he might be- he always seemed to you like the naive, happy-go-lucky type that didn't pick up on subtle cues- but when you saw him staring at you from across the kitchen table, his eyes deep and confused and sad, you knew. You knew that he knew. Hell, everyone else knew, but they weren't about to stir things up and stop what was happening to you. That would be suicide. Heechul would pull the plug; break up Super Junior. He had the power to do that. He was clever, that Heechul. He knew the ins and outs of the business and knew just how to make someone's life as painful and unsuccessful as possible. The others knew this, and they feared him for it. Donghae was the only one that wasn't afraid. Maybe he was stupid after all.

"Kibum." You jump slightly, not expecting him to speak. He's still looking at you with those fucking woeful eyes, and you wish he would stop. You rest your chin in your palm, trying to look uninterested and casual.

"Yes?" you answer. You can't bear looking at his face any longer, so you pretend to be fascinated by a knot on the wooden table, picking at it with your fingers.

"Are you alright?" Donghae whispers, even though there's no one in the kitchen to hear their conversation. Your finger slips and a splinter lodges itself under your nail. You recoil in pain, spitting out cursewords. Donghae jumps up and stumbles clumsily to your side.

"Are you okay? That must hurt," he says, wincing. You pull out the splinter with your teeth and spit it on the table.

"No, it doesn't," you assure him. He suddenly grabs your wrist, looking at you with pleading eyes.

"Kibum, don't lie to me anymore," he blurts out. He was never very elegant with his words. You stare at each other for a long time. He wants a response, but you're not sure what to say to him. You're well aware of what he wants to hear, but that is quite a different thing than what you're allowed to say. Donghae squeezes your wrist gently but anxiously, desperate to hear you tell him what Heechul hyung does to you that makes you wander around aimlessly with a distant look on your face and a limping walk. He wants to confirm his suspicions.

You know he knows.

You slip your wrist out of his small hand, stepping away. He's too close to you right now for you to think. You see his face fall in disappointment, but you don't let it bother you.

"Don't worry about me, hyung," you say, patting him awkwardly on the shoulder. Hyukjae appears in the doorway, leaning on the wooden frame. He sees you reassuring Donghae and knows in an instant what this is all about. Cheeks pink, he starts to walk away. You motion for him to come back. "Yah! Hyukjae!" He pauses in midstep, looking over his shoulder back at you. You look back at Donghae, who looks like he's about to cry. You give him a cheerful smile.

"Why don't you go play with Hyukjae hyung? I'm sure you two can come up with something to do, hmm?" Hyukjae catches on, coming into the kitchen to collect Donghae.

"Yeah!" he says, grinning at the sullen boy. "We can make a fort in our room, how 'bout that?" Donghae's face lights up.

"Awesome!" he shouts, his once-sad eyes now gleaming with excitement. "Let's go!" He takes Hyukjae by the hand, and they barrel through the hallway to their room. Hyukjae glances quickly over his shoulder at you, and you mouth the words "thank you" to him. He starts to nod, but Donghae is already dragging him into their room to find some fort material. You chuckle at the boy- so childish with his emotions. You admire that childlike quality he has about him, but not enough to want to get close to him- not that you could with Heechul around. As if hearing his name in your thoughts, Heechul enters the kitchen, stalking towards you with a slow, confident stride. You stand your ground; a risky move, but Heechul doesn't seem to notice. He leans close to you and whispers in your ear.

"You better not squeal," he purrs, reaching up under your shirt and grazing your chest with his nails. "Wouldn't want them to know about... us." You turn your head away from him.

"I know," you say, a little too defiantly for Heechul's taste. A slap to your face puts you back in line. He takes a step back, scowling at you.

"You think you can sass your hyung, do you? I didn't think you had the balls-" he gives your crotch a painful squeeze, "-to do it." You hiss at the uncomfortable pressure, but you know better than to talk back.

"I'm sorry, Heechul," you whisper, defeated. He smirks, letting go of your crotch.

"You better be." He licks along a vein in your throat, causing your eyelids to flutter slightly. "I don't want to see you talking to him anymore," he adds, the words gliding along your neck with his tongue.

"D-Donghae?" you ask, making sure you understand him correctly. He sinks his teeth into your shoulder.

"I hate that name," he growls, your sensitive flesh between his teeth. He crunches down harder, and you feel your legs weaken slightly from the pain. You falter, holding on to the table to keep your balance.

"Hyung, please," you plead, and he gives you mercy, letting go of your shoulder. You rub it tentatively with your fingers, smearing the blood he's drawn onto your shirt. Looking down at the tile floor, you submit to him. "I won't speak to him," you tell him. He seems satisfied.

"That's my boy," he croons, pulling your hips together and wrapping his arms around your waist. You don't turn your head away as he kisses you deeply, as much as you want to. Heechul gets what Heechul wants, and what he wants now is you. A small part of you relishes the attention you get from him; he always sticks up for you in front of the others, taking your side in arguments and making sure you don't get teased or picked on. Shindong learned the hard way that you're off-limits to pranks- Heechul went ballistic when he put itching powder in your favorite beanie, and you're not quite sure what Heechul did to punish him, but you know that he wouldn't come out of his room for two days, even to eat. Ever since then, he hasn't been able to look you or Heechul in the eye. Indeed, Heechul does whatever it takes to protect you, at the cost of your personal freedom.

You wonder if it's worth it.


You decide to stay awake and wait for him tonight.

It's too frightening when he wakes you up by touching you- there's always those first few seconds where you're not fully awake and you know what's happening to you, but you can't move. It's starting to become too much for you these days. Heechul's been subtly complaining to you that he doesn't like the fact that you haven't been lasting as long with him lately and that you better do something about it. Wriggling out of your pajama bottoms, you start to stroke your dick softly. It's against the rules to touch yourself when Heechul's not with you, but you know that you last longer the second time around, so you figure that if you jack off before getting with Heechul tonight, you'll be able to satisfy him by having more stamina. You sigh and close your eyes, thinking of an erotic scene to get you going. Tonight, it's Donghae. You think of the time you and the guys went skinny dipping together in the pool at a hotel when you were on tour.

Everyone is having a good time in the pool, playing silly kid games and splashing around. Sungmin found some floaty noodles and is hoarding them all to himself, whacking people in the head with them occasionally. You're sitting on the steps in the shallow end, staring at Donghae as he swims, his smooth, toned ass cheeks clenching as he kicks his way across the pool. You're mortified to look down at yourself in the water and find that the sight of him had given you an erection. Embarrassed, you make some sort of lame-ass excuse to leave the pool early, wrapping a towel around your waist and bolting inside before anyone can notice your arousal. Taking refuge in a locker room, you drop your towel on a bench and examine your erection. You breathe a sigh of relief as you discover it's beginning to soften. It's late at night- it had to be around midnight- so the showers are empty. You turn one on and step into the spray of the nearly scalding water, just how you like it. Before you can begin to rinse the chlorine out of your hair, you hear someone calling your name from the other side of the locker room.

"Kibum?" You freeze as Donghae rounds the corner and spots you, a grin on his face. "There you are! You disappeared, buddy!" he laughs, giving you a brotherly smack on the back. His hand brushes your bare ass lightly on the way down, and to this day, you still don't know if that was intentional. You feel your cock stir at the contact, and you pray silently that Donghae won't notice the fact that you're getting a boner again. He turns on the shower next to you, stepping into the spray briefly before leaping back out again.

"Aish, too hot," he curses, turning down the temperature. Indeed, it's getting a little hot in the shower room. You close your eyes and dip your head into the flow of water, scrubbing your scalp with your fingernails and trying to take your mind off of the fact that Lee Donghae is right next to you, buck naked. Your peace of mind is shattered when you hear a throaty moan from Donghae.

"Ohh... so good," he moans. You snap your head towards him with your eyes wide, almost afraid to see what's causing him to groan so loudly. He's panting heavily and washing his chest. "This water feels so good," he sighs. You gulp loudly before nodding.

"I-it's nice," you agree. You don't dare sneak a glance at his lean, naked body for fear that your cock would rocket upwards into the land of no return. You can see out of the corner of your eye, however, that he's peeking at you occasionally, eyes darting up and down your body. You glance down at your groin and see that you're beginning to harden again. Not wanting Donghae to notice (though he probably has already), you angle yourself so that your back is facing him. You hear him chuckle, and you look over your shoulder at him.

"Oops," he mumbles sheepishly, looking downward. You follow his gaze and your jaw falls slack. He's got a straining erection all of a sudden, and he's not even attempting to hide it. You clear your throat, trying to think of something to say. You settle on "it happens."

"Yeah," he says quickly, glancing back and forth between both of your erections, "it happens." Your cheeks are heating up, and you know it's not from the shower. Donghae is lathering himself up with soap, spreading foam across his supple skin, downward, downward, downward...

"I have to go," you say, dashing quickly out of the shower and grabbing your towel and clothes.

"But Kibum-" Donghae starts, but you're gone in a flash. He turns off your shower, which you neglected to do in your haste.

You're pumping your cock rapidly now, inching ever closer to release now that the images of a nude Donghae have swollen your member immensely. You lift your hips off the bed, grunting quietly yet urgently as you use your free hand to gently massage your balls. You picture Donghae's erect cock bobbing in the water of the shower again, and his luscious buttocks... you see yourself kneading them in your strong hands, parting them and positively impaling him with your pulsing member... The mental image sends you over the edge, and you groan in euphoria as you shoot your load onto your bare chest. Panting heavily, you let your hips fall back onto the bed, feeling the damp sweat stain beneath you cool your lower back. You take a few minutes to let your pounding heart adjust back to its normal rhythm before lifting yourself off the bed and stumbling towards the bathroom to clean yourself off. You run a shower and close the curtain behind you. The water is refreshing, and you breathe out a heavy sigh as you wash your chest and belly clean. Another erection is slowly starting to form between your legs- you always get hard when taking a shower because of your memory of showering with Donghae.

"Kibum." You jump at the voice, nearly slipping in the shower. You see a slim silhouette from behind the shower curtain, which is quickly ripped aside to reveal a naked Heechul, his cock already fully erect and waiting for you. He steps into the shower and shoves you against the wall, silencing your pained cry with a kiss. He swallows your moan at the sensation of your erections rubbing together and pulls you down with him to the shower floor.

"Turn around," he commands, and you obey him, facing the wall and crouching between his legs. He's seated against the wall of the shower and gripping your ass firmly. He lowers you down onto his awaiting cock, and you whimper as he enters you slowly with no lubrication. You feel like you're being ripped apart inside as he begins thrusting hard and fast into you while pulling your head back by your soaked black hair to give him access to your neck. He sucks on it like he's drawing your very life force out and feeding on it. The water is starting to feel boiling hot; Heechul must have turned it up on his way in. He sneaks a hand between your legs to jack you off, and you thrust upward involuntarily into his hand. You feel him smirk against your neck.

"You like that, don't you?" he says before gasping loudly. He's going to finish soon.

"No," you mumble, using every ounce of self-control you possess to keep from arching your back and thrusting back against him. I hate this, you remind yourself. He's just using me. He doesn't love me. He tangles his fingers in your hair and gives one more powerful thrust before letting go. You feel him shaking beneath you as he rides out his orgasm. Still inside you, he continues to jack you off.

"Come for me," he pants, and you follow his order, shooting spurts of white, sticky liquid onto his hand. Your head is spinning. You look down at the shower floor and see swirls of white and red- semen and blood. The sight of blood has always made you lightheaded, and the choking steam of the shower is not helping. Spots cross your field of vision, and you collapse back against Heechul's chest before falling into darkness.
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum, pairing: heechul/kibum

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