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Foursome's are fun :P

Title: Foursome's are fun
Pairing: Kyumin & Eunhae
Genre: Humour/ crack?
Rating: MA?
Form: One-shot

[A/N: I was bored again :) ]

Sungmin happily folded the pink flower-printed paper into aeroplanes whilst humming a random tune quietly. He reached for the box filled with an assortment of decorations and grabbed the red glitter glue pen and drew a perfect love heart. Looking inside the box, he reached for the silver glitter container when the light suddenly turned off.

" Huh? Who's there? " Sungmin asked blinking in the darkness. Thinking carefully about what was going on, he clearly remembered all the other members going out to do their normal everyday things. He watched as a shadow darted from behind the tv to behind the couch and then disappear again.

" Are you a ghost? " Sungmin asked, slightly frightened. He shivered as he felt someone or something breathe against the back of his neck. Sniffing the air suspiciously his frown instantly turned into an easy smile as he recognized the scent. The peach shampoo he had always loved. He smiled again as he felt soft lips press against his own. As they broke apart slowly, Sungmin giggled.

" Kyuhyun! What are you doing? " Sungmin asked. Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Sungmin and rested his head on the older boy's back.

" I think we're home alone Min.." Kyuhyun whispered into Sungmin's ear. Sungmin giggled at the thought that popped into his head then spoke softly.

" Why are we whispering? " Sungmin asked. Kyuhyun let go then jumped up to turn on the lights. As Sungmin saw what Kyuhyun was wearing he giggled again.

" Are you trying to be a ninja again? " Sungmin said eyeing Kyuhyun's choice of black clothes. Kyuhyun nodded and winked at Sungmin. Sitting down beside Sungmin he reached for the pink aeroplane and smiled at Sungmin.

" Make me one please ~ " Kyuhyun said holding the plane in the air and swishing it around.

" Hold on! I want to put silver glitter on that one. " Sungmin said taking the plane. As Sungmin happily resumed folding planes, Kyuhyun wrinkled his nose in disgust.

" Ugh..what is that smell? " Kyuhyun said holding his nose with his fingers.

" Oh yuck Kyuhyun~ Did you do a ninja fart? " Sungmin said giggling again. Kyuhyun playfully hit Sungmin on the arm and shook his head.

" Actually..I farted " Sungmin said smiling.

" Er..that's nice to know " Kyuhyun said biting his lip to prevent from laughing.

" What?! It's natural. Be proud~ We're guys. We can do it all the time and laugh. So laugh. I know you want to. " Sungmin said as he finished decorating the second plane.

" You'll always be my princess Minnie..and no I won't laugh. " Kyuhyun said giving Sungmin a quick kiss on the cheek.

" Let's play now~ " Sungmin said holding the plane out for Kyuhyun whilst swirling his own in the air. They ran around in circles playing with the planes and making aeroplane sounds when they heard a thud.

" What was that? " Kyuhyun asked listening carefully. Not a sound was heard. Sungmin shrugged and dropped the plane on the floor.

" CRASH! My plane died. Let's play detectives now and see what that thud was." Sungmin said. Kyuhyun nodded and crashed his own plane. Both dropped onto the floor and crawled like how the soldiers train for the army. ( lol don't know what it's called ) They crawled past several rooms and peeked in each to find them empty.

" Oh! Let's check Eunhyuk's room " Kyuhyun said pointing to the last room. Sungmin nodded and crawled forward. Both stopped outside the door when they heard two voices.

Kyumin listening from outside the door ( cute ^^ )

" Put it in now .. "

" No you put yours in "

" Hold mine then.."

" It's loose.."

" Your loose "

" How can I be loose? I'm tight "

" Ow.. it hurts "

" How? Oh.. "

" Hold onto my shoulder and push "

" I'm pushing .."

" Use that to help "

" Oh my god.. that's so much better "

" We should do this all the time "

" Use that to cover it "

" Why cover it? "

" People could see it "

" Why not? "

" It's personal "

" Hey , your's is harder than mine "

" Mine's not hard yet but will be when we're done with it "

" Oh my god..so hard "

Sungmin opened his mouth in disbelief and Kyuhyun's eyes widened at every sentence. Suddenly Kyuhyun smirked and stood up quietly. Turning the handle he felt Sungmin tug on his pants and looked down at the pink boy on the floor.

" What are you doing?! " Sungmin hissed. Kyuhyun merely winked and opened the door. Both boys gaped at what they saw.

" Oh my god.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO THOSE MATTRESSES?! " Sungmin screamed as he saw the destruction. Kyuhyun was surpised yet amused and walked forward to examine the mess.

" We're building an alien communication fort! " Donghae chirped from the other side of one of the mattresses. Eunhyuk was leaning on the bed holding the mattress tightly.

" Why may I ask are you stabbing nails into the mattress? " Kyuhyun asked staring at all the random nails hammered into the mattress.

" I read aliens use nails as satellite dishes so we're creating our own. If you hit a spot where there are nails, it's so hard. " Donghae said. Eunhyuk grinned at the two boys and continued to watch Donghae ruin the mattresses.

" Hold on.. who's mattress is this one? " Sungmin asked pointing to the most wrecked mattress.

" That's Eeteuk and Kangin's. " Eunhyuk answered.

" Did you guys even ask?! " Kyuhyun whispered, scared of the sight of an angry Kangin.

" Yeah. I asked Eeteuk, can I use his mattress and he said go ahead. Now if you guys won't mind, will you help me put these together? " Donghae asked leaning down. This little movement caused his shirt to move up showing off his bare skin. Kyuhyun and Sungmin stared at it then at eachother. The younger boy's eyes lit up and he smiled mischievously. As Eunhyuk and Donghae waited for Sungmin and Kyuhyun to help, Kyuhyun whispered something in Sungmin's ear.

" Omo..that sounds good..really good " Sungmin whispered back. Both boys smiled and crossed their arms.

" Guys..why aren't you helping us? " Donghae said.

" I'll be right back.. " Kyuhyun said darting from the room. Sungmin continued to think as he devised a plan. Kyuhyun returned with a cd and placed it on a shelf. As Kyuhyun joined Sungmin again he spoke up.

" You guys are building it right but your missing a few important things..." Kyuhyun said stroking his chin thoughtfully.

" What is it? " Donghae said looking at the mattresses.

" I read that if you want to properly communicate you have to be completely naked because it's a sign of respect to them. If not, they'll ignore you. Also there's got to be this song playing. Which I have. " Kyuhyun said. Sungmin turned to hide his giggles and quickly plastered a serious expression on and turned back.

" Really?! That sort of makes sense. Okay..EVERYONE GET NAKED NOW! IT HAS TO WORK! " Donghae screamed. Sungmin closed the door and began to take off his shirt. Soon all boys were almost completely naked when Eunhyuk spoke.

" Do we have to take off our boxers? " Eunhyuk asked, turning red.

" Yeah! We're all guys anyway and plus it's a sign of respect~ " Sungmin piped up, smiling at Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk nodded. He always listened to Sungmin. Soon all boys were naked and Kyuhyun was walking to the cd player. He placed in the cd and pressed play.

" What song is it? " Eunhyuk asked. All boys waited until they heard..


( lol..haha don't know if anyone knows this song..it's pretty old)

" Oooh! I love this song~ " Donghae said. They sat on the other side of the upright mattress in a circle and waited. They waited for 5 minutes.

" I can't hear any aliens. " Donghae whispered.

" Oh! How could I forget. You have to turn on your antenna.." Kyuhyun said smirking. Sungmin could barely suppress his giggles now. He was biting on his hand hard enough to draw blood.

" Antenna? What antenna? " Eunhyuk asked confused. ( don't know how to spell it )

" That antenna " Sungmin said pointing to Eunhyuk's lower body. Eunhyuk and Donghae looked down at their own and blushed.

" How do we turn it on? " Donghae asked.

" We'll show you.. " Sungmin said. Sungmin began to slowly stroke Kyuhyun's " antenna " which left Kyuhyun moaning softly. Kyuhyun's hands tangled in Sungmin's hair and he began to kiss Sungmin on the neck and lips. After several minutes of groping, Eunhyuk and Donghae were still watching with fascination. As things began to get heated up, both Donghae and Eunhyuk were horny. Very horny.

" Want to try now? " Sungmin asked. Donghae and Eunhyuk nodded almost immediately causing both Kyuhyun and Sungmin to laugh. The song was definately working. Sungmin took care of Eunhyuk whilst Kyuhyun took care of Donghae. Soon all boys were on the bed panting and groaning as they " communicated ". As each collapsed, exhausted they all smiled at eachother. Their naked bodies covered by a fluffy blanket.

" That was fun .." Donghae whispered. Sungmin wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and smiled.

" Who's gonna change the sheets? " Eunhyuk asked. They all stared down at the sticky mess in several places on the bedsheets.

" You! " Donghae, Kyuhyun and Sungmin all said at the same time.

" Why me?! " Eunhyuk asked.

" You made the most mess. " Sungmin said drawing hearts on Eunhyuk's torso and giggling at the same time.

" Let's sleep for abit. The others won't be home for at least an hour .." Kyuhyun said. The others agreed. Minutes later, Eunhyuk and Donghae had drifted off to join the aliens and Sungmin was patting Kyuhyun's hair.

" That was a great idea.. " Sungmin whispered. Kyuhyun laughed softly then kissed Sungmin on the lips and closed his eyes. This new found hobby of " communicating with aliens " was definately worth it. Soon, all boys, naked boys had left to alien world.

[ A/N: lol..that was crappy but yeah. I'm working very hard on my kyumin and kyubum fic at the moment so yeah :) hope you liked it ..even a little bit.. bye girlies~ ]

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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